A post for the men behind the mums – gift ideas for your pregnant superstar

Men behind the mums

Here at Seraphine, we spend a lot of time focusing on mums – as a maternity fashion label, it’s kind of our job!

But we are sometimes guilty of forgetting the men behind the mums. Those hidden support networks who carry the bags, put up with the mood swings and bring us cups of tea when it hurts to move.

We were recently tweeted by a great guy, after gift ideas for his 8 months pregnant wife who was suffering from back pain.



And it turns out, he is writing a blog about his experience of being an expectant dad! You can check it out at Bloke to be Broke.

We love mummy bloggers, and often feature guest posts from our mummy blogger friends here on our own blog, but a daddy blogger is a whole new concept for us. We had a sneaky browse through Brett’s blog and it makes great reading – it’s really refreshing to get a dad’s point of view on the whole thing!

It turns out that there are doting dads tweeting, posting, writing, pinning and sharing about being a dad all over the web! They even have their own social network – Lifeofdad.com!

Infact, this online community of dads is getting together next week in the US at the Dad 2.0 Summit to discuss the growing power and voice of dads online! You can even follow the conversation on twitter @dad2summit!


Meanwhile, for any other lovely dads-to-be looking for a nice present for a pregnant wife or girlfriend, here are our top 5 gift ideas:


1) ShoeTherapy Ballerina Pumps – to ease her back pain

2) The Ultimate Little Black Maternity Dress – for when she can’t find anything to wear

3) Navy Tote Changing Bag – to organise all her baby paraphernalia

4) Sexy Maternity Lingerie – to let her know she is still hot

5) A Stylish Scarf – just because



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One thought on “A post for the men behind the mums – gift ideas for your pregnant superstar”

  1. Thanks so much for this Seraphine. I really appreciate the support for the blog and I’m so pleased you are enjoying reading it.

    I’ll come into Hampstead this weekend! Gift time!

    Keep an eye out for my blog : bloketobebroke.blogspot.co.uk



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