Pregnancy Made Me More Stylish – By Honest Mum

Pregnancy Made Me Stylish

Yes you read that right. Pregnancy, a time when my body was blossoming, helped me find my fashion mojo. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always adored clothesbags and shoes (like most women) but my love began at a early age. My Mum informed me that I actually selected my first shoes myself aged 1. 1! The shop assistants couldn’t quite believe how adament I was about wanting the shiny red T-Bars over the black, so young. This girl has always known what she likes but I do feel my first pregnancy and particularly post first baby, were real style turning points for me.

I conceived my first son Oliver in 2009 and desperately wanted to look pregnant as soon as the test showed up positive. A neat bump throughout, I didn’t properly appear ‘with baby on board’ until about 6 months gone which I found frustrating. I wanted the world to know I was growing a little person inside of me, that I was special and inpregnated and that that tube seat should be mine! Frantically, I searched maternity lines for clothes that would accentuate my bump and fondly remember rocking a wrap over ballet style maternity top from Jojo Maman Bebe with a standard Topshop skirt at 5 and a half months pregnant, proud my little bump was finally becoming visible. I soon discovered beautiful dresses from Seraphine and other online stores to flatter my growing bump and I enjoyed mixing looser designer fare with tall and maternity ranges from the high street, keeping my look ‘classic Parisian chic’ as I called it, with flattering, tight dresses and structured jacketsstriped jumpers and long skirts.

Fast forward to after the birth and despite a healthy 2 and a half stone gain, I actually put on weight post emergency C-section. I think it was the trauma of the birth and feeling rather out of my depth with my first born but my concern was surviving day to day not dieting. I did naturally start losing weight when Oliver turned 6 months and once we moved back to our hometown when he was 11 months old, I rediscovered my love of running and within months went from a Uk size 14 to an athletic size 10, smaller than my pre pregnancy 12. My confidence returned as did my desire to shop again; my style choices became bolder, more vibrant filled with colour pops as I stopped hiding away in post baby black.

Tessa black

My second pregnancy was a different story as I showed quite quickly with Alexander and naturally lost weight faster post birth which was stress-free and joyful.  Pregnancy and babies have taught me to seek out clothes which truly flatter me, be it showing off the bump or skimming my post baby shape, then back again with a new body. It’s shown me how to find pieces which work my curves and suit my frame without losing my personality or style. Now my second baby is 6 months old, I’m back into some of my pre baby clothes and will soon will ready to hit the shops again…Becoming a Mum has evolved my style and made me appreciate just how amazing our bodies really are. They created life and for that they deserve a huge high five (and Mulberry bag)!


Did pregnancy change your style?


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