Pregnancy Style Q&A with ELLE Commissioning Editor Hannah Swerling

Hannah Swerling's Pregnancy Style

Hannah Swerling is Commissioning Editor for ELLE Magazine. She lives in London with her husband Max and dog Blue and is expecting her first baby in March.


1. Describe your personal pregnancy style

My pregnancy style has been more casual than my regular style and not just for comfort. Pre-pregnancy, I wore a lot of high waisted skirts and trousers so it’s been an adjustment having to avoid that shape as my bump has grown. Otherwise, my staples – jeans, sweaters, leggings and simple dresses have seen me through.



2. What is your fail-safe outfit?

Black skinny jeggings (I hate that word!), a breton top and Nike Waffles


3. What is your favourite Seraphine piece?

I’ve worn the black babydoll dress throughout my pregnancy. It’s grown with me and looks stylish even when I don’t quite feel that way. The silk skirt gives it a luxe feel and the empire line shape is flattering at all stages of pregnancy.

Hannah Swerling wears a Seraphine black maternity dress 

   4. What is the one style tip you want to share with other pregnant women?


Try not to think of it as dressing as a pregnant person. It should be about sticking to your personal style with a few adjustments. That way, you can still feel like yourself which is so important when everything else seems to be changing.


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  1. I found it a great time dressing up when pregnant, especially with accessories. It just added that bit of glam to any outfit.

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