Pregnancy Style Q & A – with Seraphine Model, Zabeena

zabeena's pregnancy style

Zabeena is one of our stunning Seraphine mummy models – you may recognise her from pictures on our website or from our past catalogues. Zabeena first modelled for us during her first pregnancy with her now beautiful 3 ½ year old daughter, and she is now back and 6 months pregnant with baby number two!



She recently visited us at our new Marylebone boutique to find the perfect maternity dress for a Christmas party (click here to watch the video). After her shopping trip, we caught up with her to find out how her pregnancy style has evolved the second time around, and to see if she had any tips to share with other expectant mums.


1) Describe your personal pregnancy style?

 I like to keep my pregnancy style as similar to my normal (un-pregnant) style as possible. I like to feel cool, elegant and a little bit sexy, and I don’t see why that should change just because I’m pregnant.

Maybe I can’t get away with wearing heels as much as I’d like to, but there are some great flats out there, and being pregnant over winter is ideal for boots!


2) What is your fail safe maternity outfit?

skinny jeans and a shirt or blouse with a chunky necklace


3) What is your favourite Seraphine piece?

It has to be my Seraphine skinny jeans! I have them in both grey and black.

I looked high and low for jeans that don’t look like maternity jeans, and these are incredible – no one can tell they are maternity. I even got away with wearing them after my daughter was born!

I was delighted to see they came in grey too, so this time I have another pair to play with. They are the perfect fit and length, great with flats, tucked into boots or to wear with heals, I love them.


4) Do you have any top tips to share with other pregnant mums?

Don’t be scared of sizes on labels – no one will see what size you’ve gone for and there’s nothing worse than wearing something that doesn’t quite fit in the right areas.

As our pregnant bodies change it’s all new to us, and different parts get bigger in different areas, so it’s always a good idea to have something maybe in that one size bigger which in turn makes you look slimmer and is far more flattering because it hangs nicely on you rather than clinging.


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