Pep Up your Pregnancy Diet & Indulge in Delicious Summer Smoothies

What could be better than a refreshing fruity smoothie on a hot summer’s day? …. How about a refreshing fruity smoothie that’s good for you AND your baby on a hot summer’s day!

During your pregnancy it’s more important than ever that you eat well and try to get as many good vitamins and nutrients into your diet as possible; so a healthy fruity smoothie is a great snack to help you get in a few of your 5 a day!

Smoothies are also fantastic if you’re suffering from any pregnancy queasiness, as liquids are much easier on your tummy.

We’ve chosen 3 of our favourite pregnancy-friendly smoothies from Fit Pregnancy, and have put together the perfect maternity outfits for you to wear while you sip on these brilliantly blended beauties!


Ginger Peach Passion


Peach pregnancy smoothie

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For mummy: Blending peaches, low fat frozen vanilla yoghurt and a zing of fresh ginger, this creamy concoction tastes heavenly and can help to ease an unsettled stomach.

For baby: With plenty of calcium, folate, and vitamin C, this will help baby develop strong bones and stay healthy.

To wear: Channel the peaches and cream colour scheme in a pair of our Coral Cropped Maternity Jeans with our White Flutter Sleeve Maternity Blouse.


Cucumber Cantaloupe Cooler


melon pregnancy smoothie

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For mummy: This marvellously refreshing minty mix will keep you cool as a cucumber…or should that be cool as a cucumber cantaloupe cooler!… even through the very hottest of heat waves!

For baby: This minty green creation offers a mega dose of vitamin C to keep baby growing healthily.

To wear: Team our Light Blue Maternity Maxi Skirt with the White Secret Support Maternity Vest to look cool and keep cool in the hot summer sun.


Banana Berry Delight


Berry pregnancy smoothie

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For mummy: Combining banana with frozen mixed berries, vanilla yoghurt and soy milk, this berry-tastic blend is smooth, creamy and indulgent.

For baby: Bananas are a great source of potassium and all those berries contain plenty of antioxidants, helping you to create a safe and healthy environment for your baby, with no nasty toxins.

To wear: Think pink for this brilliant berry blend, and opt for our vibrant Fuchsia Knot Front Maternity Dress.


So go on, make friends with your blender this summer, and whip up a few batches of pregnancy friendly smoothies to sip in the sun!



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