Pregnancy Style, Second Time Around – by Stylist Charlotte Kewley

Charlotte Kewley is a stylist, writer and Contributing Fashion Editor at Mother & Baby magazine. Mum to Isabella, 18 months, she is 5 months pregnant with her second child. She talks us through her thoughts on second pregnancy style…


First time around I admit I tried to avoid maternity wear for as long as possible. It felt like giving in to start wearing it. I did the whole elastic band through the buttonholes of your jeans trick for a while but it just wasn’t comfortable. Then people suggested that you could just buy regular clothes a size or two bigger. Not true in most cases. Unless you have a seamstress on speed-dial. Maternity wear is cut to fit your size but also accommodate a bump. Normal clothes aren’t. Fact.



After I’d come around to the idea that I did now have a bump (and perhaps a few extra pounds too) and as a stylist with an addiction to shopping that wasn’t prepared to disappear for nine months I shopped around, discovered Seraphine and a few other favourites and now I truly love all of my maternity clothes from my first pregnancy. Some even more than my pre-pregnancy regulars. So I was super excited to be able to wear them again – and add to my collection – dressing a bump is more of a challenge than dressing a pre-pregnancy body but as a stylist there’s some fun in that! During my first pregnancy I bought a lot of basics that I still have, so this time I’m adding in more fun and fashion pieces. Plus accessories. And more red lipstick.


You definitely show quicker second time around. At 23 weeks I’m already bigger than I was at 29 with Isabella. But I don’t mind. It means I get more wear out of my mat buys and to be honest there’s no option so it’s best to embrace your new shape.

Charlotte Kewley Maternity Style

During your first pregnancy you learn how to adapt to a new body shape and spend much of your time experimenting with what works. Or just examining your new body in the mirror trying to figure it all out. Second time you’re more aware of and confident in your new curves and already know how to dress them.


A lot of people really have no idea where to buy maternity clothes so find it hard to stick to their personal style. They’re limited in options so it’s easy to feel uncomfortable, unattractive or just ‘not like you’. My best advice would be to shop online.  There are so many cool maternity pieces available when you actually look for every shape and style, there’s really no need to alter your personal style. And ordering online means you can try everything on in the comfort of your own home and style it up with your own accessories.


Charlotte’s Pregnancy Style Must-Haves

I’m lucky that because of the work I do I’ve had the opportunity to try and test a lot of maternity styles and shapes and am therefore a bit of an expert on the best buys!

Here are the Seraphine must-haves I recommend for second (or first) time pregnancy style…



1) White Cotton Maternity Dress

2) Polka Dot Button Down Maternity Blouse

3) Stretch Denim Maternity Jump Suit

My favourite new-in piece. I’m a big fan of maternity jumpsuits and dungarees. One stop dressing.

4) Black Empire Twist Maternity Dress

5) Breton Cotton Blend Maternity & Nursing Jumper

It’s SO important to think about what will work for nursing (if that’s what you plan on doing). I breastfed Isabella but ran out of clothing options after two days, so had to do an emergency online shop for easy-access tops and dresses. Plan ahead and order some cool but comfortable pieces that will be easy to wear and feed in for the first few weeks before you gain confidence and are happy to whip them out wherever!

6) Faux Leather Panel Maternity Leggings

These have been my go-to maternity pants this time around. Dress up with a tailored coat or at the weekend with trainers and a cashmere sweater.


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