Sensory Deprivation Tank & Seraphine Maternity Swimwear with The Sass

Sharzad Kiadeh & Susan Yara wear Seraphine maternity swimwear

Ever thought about trying a sensory deprivation tank? No?… Us neither. But after this, we just might have to give it a go! Watch the video and check out the amazing benefits of float tanks for pregnancy with top beauty Vloggers Susan Yara & Sharzad Kiadeh – AKA The SASS!



Both ladies were pregnant during filming, and have since welcomed their beautiful baby boys – Cyrus and Nikash, and they both rocked Seraphine maternity swimwear in the video. Susan looked super cute in our Nautical Braided Maternity Bikini, and Sharzad opted for our ultra-chic Black Halter Neck Maternity Swimsuit.


Sharzad Kiadeh & Susan Yara wear Seraphine maternity bathing suits


And this isn’t the first time the girls have looked stunning in Seraphine maternity clothes. Susan wore several Seraphine maternity dresses throughout her pregnancy – our favourite has to be this shot of her in our signature knotted dress.



And Sharzad was a big fan of Seraphine throughout her last pregnancy too. She even chose one of our cute maternity dresses for her baby shower!



For more from the girls, follow them on Instagram @susanyara @sharzadkiadeh.


Sensory deprivation tanks and Seraphine maternity swimsuits



The SASS visited Pause Float Studio in Marina Del Rey California, and were amazed by how utterly relaxed they felt afterwards – not to mention the silky soft feeling it gave their skin! To try it out for yourself, check online to find your nearest sensory deprivation tank spa.

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