Make a Splash: Find the Maternity Swimsuit to Suit Your Style

Summer is just around the corner & we are dreaming of sunshine, swimming pools & lazing on the beach.

Here are a few of our favourite maternity swimsuits to get you in the mood for fun in the sun!


Nautical Style

Nautical maternity swimwear by Seraphine

Get the look: Navy Blue Maternity Swimsuit, Nautical Maternity Bikini, Nautical Maternity Tankini


Navy blue, nautical stripes & cool marine-inspired details, there’s nothing quite like nautical chic at the beach.

And the bonus: Those trendy nautical stripes are guaranteed to flatter a blossoming bump!


Tropical Vibes

Tropical maternity swimwear by Seraphine

Get the look: Palm Print Maternity Tankini, Coral Maternity Swimsuit, Teal Maternity Tankini


Whether you’re jetting off somewhere exotic this summer, or enjoying the sun a little closer to home, these tropical-inspired swimsuits are guaranteed to help you feel fantastic.


Retro Chic

Retro maternity swimwear by Seraphine

Get the Look: Red Polka Dot Maternity Tankini, Navy Polka Dot Maternity Bikini, Black Maternity Swimsuit


When it comes to retro style, the classic black one-piece is always a glamorous option.

Or if you’re feeling like something a little more playful – we are all about these polka dots!


Click to see our full maternity swimwear collection online.

Which trend are you trying out this summer mama?

Jetting Off Somewhere Nice? Discover our Top 5 Babymoon Must-Haves

Is your wardrobe babymoon-ready?

These are the 5 essential pieces guaranteed to take you from beach to bistro to evening out in style.


1. The Kaftan

Shop the Look: Ivory Maternity Kaftan

Whether you slip it on over your swimsuit or layer it over a camisole & shorts to explore, our elegant maternity kaftan is a babymoon essential.


2. The Essential Maxi Dress

Shop the Look: Crochet Top Maternity Maxi Dress


A day to night wardrobe winner, be sure to pack one of our chic maternity maxi dresses for your sunny babymoon break.

Transitioning seamlessly from beach strolls to evenings out, the perfect maxi is a must-have.


3. The Chic Cotton Dress

Shop the look: Embroidered Off the Shoulder Maternity Dress


Offering amazing comfort & head-turning style, our little off the shoulder dress is another style that you can dress down for the daytime or style up for the evening – a huge advantage when packing space is limited!

Featuring statement sleeves and feminine embroidery, this dress is utterly on trend.


4. The Flattering Swimsuit

Shop the Look: Coral Print Cutout Maternity Swimsuit


Make sure to pack a super-cute swimsuit – what’s a babymoon without a relaxing dip in the pool or a paddle in the sea!

All of our swimwear is designed with your curves in mind – they offer a comfy, flattering fit through every stage.


5. The Cute Denim Shorts

Shop the Look: Tencel Chambray Denim Maternity Shorts


And last but certainly not least, a stylish pair of shorts will be a life-saver when you need an easy daytime outfit.

They’re comfy enough to wear all day & perfect for soaking up the sun.


Whether you’re jetting off somewhere exotic, or staycationing close to home, with these 5 key pieces you’ll be sure to holiday in style.

Traveling with Baby: Meet Karen Edwards, The Travel Mad Mum

Karen Edwards is the blogging mama behind the Travel Mad Mum blog. She lives with her husband and their daughter Esme, and is expecting a new addition to the family this summer. In the 8 years she has been travelling, Karen has visited over 60 countries, and little Esme has visited over 20! In her blog Travel Mad Mum, Karen documents her growing family’s adventures and offers tips for traveling with baby & while pregnant.


1)      First off we have to say, your blog Travel Mad Mum is such an inspiration! Can you tell us a little about it? Where did the idea come from?

I was on maternity leave and had already left the UK. We spent a few months in NZ. We soon realised it was quite unusual to travel during maternity leave so I thought the blog would be a good way to document our ten month journey. It was initially set up to keep our family and friend in the loop on our movements. I never anticipated it would gather such a large audience.


A post shared by TRAVEL MAD MUM (@travelmadmum) on


2)      Little Esmé is one very well-travelled toddler! Do you know if she has a favourite destination so far? What about you? What’s been your best trip as a family of 3?

Its hard to say where her favourite destination is but she loved Bermuda and more recently Portugal.

My favourite destination as a family is most definitely Bali. We hope to spend some time there in the not too distant future and maybe even put Esme into school for a while. It has such vast geography for a small space and we just love the way of life.


A post shared by TRAVEL MAD MUM (@travelmadmum) on


Get Karen Edwards’ Look: buy the Green Knot Front Maternity Dress


3)      Congratulations on expecting baby number 2! What are your top tips for travelling while pregnant?

Wow what a good question, I have so many. I wrote this a to z guide to travel during pregnancy.


A post shared by TRAVEL MAD MUM (@travelmadmum) on

Get Karen Edwards’ Look: Buy the Off the Shoulder Black Maternity Dress


4)      What about traveling with baby? How did you manage when Esmé was tiny?

Traveling with baby is much easier than travelling with a toddler. There is a common misconception that you have to bring so many things for a baby. We managed with just one bag between three of us for the most extensive part of our ten month trip.

When they are not so mobile it’s less tiresome than when they are running around full of energy. Some may argue a baby is not going to remember the experience. For us, we feel it has shaped her personality and made her an extremely sociable little girl.


A post shared by TRAVEL MAD MUM (@travelmadmum) on

Get Karen Edwards’ Look: Buy the Halter Neck Maternity Swimsuit


5)      Do you already have baby’s first trip lined up, or will you be taking it easy for a while?

Yes of course, we are off to Canada late August. We are leaving for another family gap year. Baby will be around 8 to 10 weeks old. I am really hoping his passport comes on time. We have an extensive year of travel planned. Starting in Canada and hopefully finishing at the tip of South America. The next biggest hurdle, after the birth of course is going to be getting our house rented out.


A post shared by TRAVEL MAD MUM (@travelmadmum) on


6)      How do you handle long haul flights? Do you have any must-have products in your hand luggage for traveling with baby?

Yes my must have product is a Plane Pal. An inflatable pillow that fills the leg room space in front of Esme’s seat. It creates a flat surface and essentially a bed in an economy seat so she can lie down or stretch out mid-flight. It has been a game changer for long haul flights with her.


A post shared by TRAVEL MAD MUM (@travelmadmum) on


7)      What about maternity clothes? What are your must-haves for dressing a bump abroad – especially in a hot climate?

Being a minimalist when it comes to packing, I need something versatile that doesn’t crease when packed and can be dressed up or down. The Seraphine knot front dress collection ticks all the boxes for me and of course it comes in lots of colours to suit everyone’s taste.


A post shared by TRAVEL MAD MUM (@travelmadmum) on


8)      Do you have any favourites from the Seraphine collection?

I love the Seraphine maternity swimwear collection. I have got great use out of my swimming costume. It’s actually quite difficult to find maternity swimsuits that don’t make you feel frumpy so it was a great find. Many of my pregnant friends and followers ask where my Seraphine halter neck swimsuit is from.


A post shared by TRAVEL MAD MUM (@travelmadmum) on


9)      What is your idea of happiness?

Being in a new place where all three of us are enjoying exploring and experiencing a different adventure.


For more from Karen Edwards and to find out more about traveling with baby, check out her blog at and follow her on Instagram @travelmadmum


Sensory Deprivation Tank & Seraphine Maternity Swimwear with The Sass

Ever thought about trying a sensory deprivation tank? No?… Us neither. But after this, we just might have to give it a go! Watch the video and check out the amazing benefits of float tanks for pregnancy with top beauty Vloggers Susan Yara & Sharzad Kiadeh – AKA The SASS!



Both ladies were pregnant during filming, and have since welcomed their beautiful baby boys – Cyrus and Nikash, and they both rocked Seraphine maternity swimwear in the video. Susan looked super cute in our Nautical Braided Maternity Bikini, and Sharzad opted for our ultra-chic Black Halter Neck Maternity Swimsuit.


Sharzad Kiadeh & Susan Yara wear Seraphine maternity bathing suits


And this isn’t the first time the girls have looked stunning in Seraphine maternity clothes. Susan wore several Seraphine maternity dresses throughout her pregnancy – our favourite has to be this shot of her in our signature knotted dress.



And Sharzad was a big fan of Seraphine throughout her last pregnancy too. She even chose one of our cute maternity dresses for her baby shower!



For more from the girls, follow them on Instagram @susanyara @sharzadkiadeh.


Sensory deprivation tanks and Seraphine maternity swimsuits



The SASS visited Pause Float Studio in Marina Del Rey California, and were amazed by how utterly relaxed they felt afterwards – not to mention the silky soft feeling it gave their skin! To try it out for yourself, check online to find your nearest sensory deprivation tank spa.

Babymoon Ideas: Seraphine’s 5 Top Tips for a Relaxing Getaway

By now, everyone from your doctor to your mother will be telling you that the most important thing for you and your baby is to keep calm while expecting.

So as it turns out, a relaxing babymoon is practically prescribed!

Take a look at our top 5 babymoon ideas for a romantic trip for two before baby makes three…


1) When to Book Your Babymoon

Timing is everything! Be sure to slot in your babymoon some time through your second trimester. Morning sickness should be a distant memory, and you’ll have plenty of energy to travel.

Not to mention that this is the time when your pregnancy curves are at their cutest and will look adorable in a stylish maternity bikini!



2) The Dream Babymoon Destination

Shop Maternity Maxi Dresses

Choose your destination carefully. Pick a place you’ve always wanted to go, but maybe save the serious sight-seeing for another time – if there was ever an excuse to lie on the beach for a week, this is it!

Think carefully about your travel times as anything over 4 hours may be a struggle, and it’s also smart to steer clear of any potential for tropical diseases or deli belly. This could be the perfect opportunity to spend that beautiful week on the French Riviera.



3) Stay in Luxury

A post shared by B L O G G E R (@julia.flabat) on

Shop Julia’s stunning Ivory Maternity Kaftan – perfect for the beach!

Indulge in a luxury hotel! This is your last big blow out before baby takes over for a while, so make sure to take full advantage.

A huge comfy bed, en-suite, 24-hour room service and a spa are all prerequisites. It’s also a great idea to call ahead & let them know you are babymoon-ing… you never know who might offer an upgrade!



4) Summer Maternity Clothes

A post shared by B L O G G E R (@julia.flabat) on

Wherever you’re headed, make sure to pack the perfect maternity clothes for your glamorous babymoon getaway.

Shop cute summer maternity dresses, elegant evening wear, stunning maternity swimwear, and even sexy nighties to take away on your romantic escape.

Check out our stunning babymoon wardrobe selection for more beautiful babymoon ideas.



5) Romantic Getaway

Above all, your babymoon is the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to reconnect and strengthen your bond before this major life transition.

Now is the time to go out for a romantic meal, indulge in couples’ spa treatments and generally enjoy each other’s company. Because let’s face it, once your little addition arrives he or she is bound to steal the limelight for a while.


Beauty Tips & Tricks for Summer: 10 Beauty Hacks to Get Back your Glow

We love dreamy summer days by the sea! It’s all about sun-kissed skin, tousled hair and perfectly pedicured toes peeping out of pretty summer sandals. But all that sun, sea and sand can be tough on your natural glow. Read on for our best summer holiday beauty tips to fight the frizz, soothe the skin and get back your glow!


Maternity dresses


1) First thing’s first: Sun cream, sun cream, sun cream! You know the drill by now; opt for a high SPF with UVA & UVB protection & reapply at every opportunity. A great way to remember, is to reapply every time you have a drink – If you feel thirsty, your skin probably does too.


2) Once you’re home (or back at the hotel!) after a day in the sun, make sure to exfoliate and moisturise well. This is the best way to ensure an even, long lasting tan to compliment your stunning summer maternity dresses.


3) And because sometimes even the most diligent SPF patrollers will miss a bit, keep a stash of home-made cooling after sun in the freezer. Simply freeze aloe in an ice tray & pop out a cube or two to soothe sun burn when needed.


Maternity swimsuits


4) From dried out frizzy sun damage to colour stripping chlorine, summer can be hard on your hair. One great way to minimize chlorine damage is to wet your hair before you take the plunge. If it’s already saturated with water or a hydrating product, your hair won’t take on as much of the chemicals and chlorine from the pool – this is one of our favourite summer beauty tips!


5) The sooner you can wash your hair afterwards, the better – use a clarifying shampoo asap to banish the build-up of salt, sand and chemicals.


6) A deep conditioning treatment will give you back your natural gleam. Try mixing your favourite conditioner with equal parts of pure jojoba oil and olive oil for the ultimate re-hydrating treatment; leave it on for 20 minutes then rinse well to reveal beautiful, shiny, healthy hair.


Maternity dresses


7) We all know the havoc that summer can wreak on our feet; fight dry cracked heels and rough skin with a home-made Listerine foot soak! It may sound strange, but it really can help soften up your skin. Mix 1 part Listerine mouth wash, 1 part apple cider vinegar and 2 parts warm water in a shallow bowl and soak your feet for 20 minutes.


8) After a foot soak, exfoliate and remove dead skin using a sea salt scrub. Shop bought ones are great, but home-made can be just as good; we love this sea salt and coconut oil scrub from Nicole posted on her blog Wonky Wonderful.


9) A glossy coat of your favourite summer nail varnish will put the perfect finishing touch on your home pedicure. For easy application and the ultimate smooth finish, chill your nail varnish in the fridge before you want to use it – sounds weird but it really works!

10) Once you’ve restored your natural glow, show it off with the perfect summer maternity clothes! Browse our collections & discover cute day dresses, gorgeous maternity swimwear & the stunning evening wear styles for pregnancy.



Pack Your Bags: 5 Essential Styles for Your Summer Capsule Closet

Jetting off somewhere exotic this summer? We’ve got your wardrobe covered!

Cruise effortlessly from day to night, creating new looks for each day of your holiday, without exceeding the airport baggage allowance.

Take a look at our capsule closet suggestions, and don’t miss our babymoon edit for even more ideas.


1) The Maternity Maxi Dress

Get the Look: Black Crochet Top Maternity Maxi Dress


The queen of effortless summer style – a maxi dress should always make the cut when it comes to your summer edit.

A day to night essential, a maxi dress is easy to wear and incredibly flattering and is guaranteed to slim and lengthen your silhouette.


2) The Maternity Swimsuit

Get the Look: Black Halter Neck Maternity Swimsuit


The centrepiece of your summer holiday style, the swimsuit sets the mood for the rest of your look.

Whether you’re swimming, splashing in the surf or soaking up some sun, you deserve a swimsuit that helps you to feel fantastic showing off your new curves.


3) The Little Summer Maternity Dress

Get the Look: Palm Print Wrap Maternity Dress


Another versatile style hero, our summer maternity dresses can be dressed up or down to suit daytime adventures or evenings out.

Choose one with a cute summery print that emphasises your empire waist.


4) The Easy White Blouse

Get the Look: White Flutter Sleeve Maternity Blouse


Team it with a cute pair of shorts in the sun, or with a smart pair of cigarette pants for evenings out, a little white blouse is a real style all-rounder.

Cut for an easy fit with flattering pintuck detailing to emphasise the empire waist, this one is a must for mums-to-be.


5) The Statement Cover Up

Get the Look: LOVE Denim Maternity Jacket


Last but by no means least, don’t forget to pack a stylish cover up for when the sun goes down.

This season we are obsessed with the LOVE denim jacket!


With these 5 essentials in your style arsenal, your summer capsule closet will have you ready to relax, explore & enjoy the sun, wherever the season takes you.



Maternity Swimwear: The Perfect Styles to Flatter Your New Curves

This weekend we’re dreaming of sandy beaches and crystal blue oceans, lazing by the pool and strolling in the surf. It’s starting to feel like summer & we’ve got the most glamorous maternity swimwear styles to complete the picture!

Will it be a cute bikini, a sexy one-piece or a versatile maternity tankini?…


Bare the Bump in a Maternity Bikini

Spanish celeb Adriana Abenia is stunning in our Polka Dot Adjustable Maternity Bikini – get her look!


Now is the time to embrace those beautiful pregnancy curves and a stylish maternity bikini is the perfect way to flaunt your new figure.

Loved by celebs including Jessica Alba & Adriana Abenia, our bikinis are designed with a flexible waistband, which you can wear high or low on the bump & a super supportive halter neck top. 


Choose a Classic One-Piece

Former Miss France Sylvie Tellier rocks our Black Halterneck Maternity Swimsuit – get her look!


If you’re more of a glamorous one-piece kind of a girl, there are plenty of maternity swimwear styles to choose from. Whether you opt for nautical stripes, classic black or cute and colourful, you’re sure to make a splash!


She also loves our Coral Cutout Maternity Swimsuit – get her look!


Your bump is doing all the talking at the front, so why not opt for a style with a stunning back. Our cutout maternity swimsuits offer full coverage at the front & turn to reveal a sexy rear view.


Maternity Tankini: The Best of Both Worlds

Pregnant woman wearing a black maternity tankini on a sun lounger

Get the Look: Black Sweetheart Maternity Tankini


The ultimate middle-ground, our maternity tankinis are cut long to cover your curves but are easily hitched up to catch some rays.


Get the Look: Red Polka Dot Maternity Tankini


Channel a touch of vintage poolside glamour in our polka dot tankinis or opt for chic block colours. whichever one you choose, you’ll feel sexy, secure and supported.



Wherever you’re heading this summer, feel 100% fabulous in your new maternity swimwear styles and have a fantastic time!



Water Babies – Win a Relaxing Session at the Baby Spa

You’re never too young to enjoy a relaxing day at the spa! This week on the blog we’re giving away 3 free sessions at the Kensington Baby Spa – read on to find out more…

As women, we tend to be very in tune with the simple, natural benefits of warm water. We all know that a hot bath will ease tension and relax your muscles after a busy day, and that a good swim is the perfect way to work out during pregnancy.

The pool will support your weight, allowing you to work your muscles and get a great cardio workout with minimal impact on your joints or bones. Click in the image to browse our chic maternity swimwear collection and feel fantastic in the pool.

Shop Seraphine Swimwear


But the benefits of warm water don’t have to stop after baby has arrived! Newborn babies have a natural affinity with water: The feeling of floating calms and soothes them, and they even have an amazing innate ability to hold their breath under water.

Allowing your newborn to play and explore their abilities in water early might just mean a stress-free introduction to swimming lessons later on!

Shop the Popular Seraphine Tankini


The Baby Spa in Kensington offers the perfect calming environment to bridge the gap and ensure that your baby maintains their natural confidence in water. The brainchild of experienced hydrotherapist and swim enthusiast Laura Sevenus, The Baby Spa offers a unique floatation experience and relaxing baby massage for tots from 2 days old and throughout the first 6 months.

Baby Spa founder Laura says that sessions at the Baby Spa help little ones:

to prepare for swimming programmes both physically and emotionally, ensuring they enjoy a carefree and enjoyable journey to attaining the necessary swimming skills without cohesion or crying.

Find out more about Baby Spa





























A session at the Baby Spa beings with a 10 to 30 minute immersion in warm purified water in a neonatal pod, supported by the Bubby – a patented flotation device which enables baby  to move freely in water. When your baby is ready to come out, there will be warm, soft towels waiting, and he or she will be treated to a gentle massage. (You will also have the chance to learn professional infant massage techniques to try at home!)


This week, 3 lucky winners will receive a relaxing free session at the Kensington Baby Spa, usually worth £50!

To enter, simply share this post with your followers on Facebook or Twitter, and leave a comment to let us know you’ve done it.

The 3 winners will be chosen at random, and will be announced on Facebook on Thursday 25/09/2014.


Best of luck!

What are the benefits of Baby Spa?











Terms and Conditions

  • All entries must be submitted by 25/09/2014
  • To enter, share this post on Facebook or Twitter, and leave a comment to let us know you’ve done it
  • 3 winners will be chosen at random to receive 1 free session at the Kensington Baby Spa, usually worth £50 each
  • The session may be claimed between 9.00am and 5.00pm Tuesday to Friday
  • The offer does not include travel or accommodation
  • Seraphine is not responsible for anything that may occur during your visit to the Baby Spa



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Maternity swimwear styles to flatter your figure this season
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Maternity Swimwear Styles to Flatter your Figure this Season

The summer season is fast approaching, and we don’t know about you, but with all the typical British weather we’ve been having this week we can’t help but dream of sunny summer holidays by the sea!

One major advantage to being pregnant is that the pressure to achieve a bikini ready beach body is well and truly off – Now is the time to embrace your blossoming curves!

If you’re jetting off on a relaxing pre-baby getaway any time soon, make sure to slip a few sensational maternity swimwear styles into your luggage for that extra spark of confidence at the beach or by the pool!


Here’s our guide to choosing maternity swimwear styles to flatter your changing figure:


Maternity Bikini

Shop Maternity Bikinis

Don’t be afraid to bare your bump at the beach! If you loved your bikinis pre-pregnancy, there’s no need to rule them out now. A stylish and perfectly fitted maternity bikini is a fantastic way to show off your blossoming pregnancy curves! Our fabulous maternity bikini comes in three stylish colours – navy blue, purple and black, with a fully supportive halter neck design. The bikini features an adjustable bump band which you can wear rolled up for extra coverage or down for a low-waist style – whichever way feels most comfortable to you!


Maternity One-Piece

Shop Maternity One Piece Swimsuits






















If you’re more of a glamorous one-piece swim suit kind of a girl, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. Our classic black halter neck suit is always a flattering option – simple, elegant and timeless. For all you shrinking violets who may be a little conscious of showing off your shape right away, our Multiway Swimsuits in black or purple are perfect. The skirted design keeps you and your bump nicely covered, and when you’re feeling a little braver later on, you can tie the skirt out of the way in a stylish knot at your empire line! For a sportier look, our black racer back suit is the ideal option, and our nautical striped maternity swimsuit is bang on trend for the summer.


Maternity Tankini

Shop Maternity Tankinis

One of the most popular maternity swimwear styles is the ever versatile tankinithe middle ground between the covered up one-piece and the all out bikini. Our tankinis are cut long enough to keep your curves covered, but can easily be hitched up to catch a few rays and top up your tan. Our polka dot tankinis in red or navy blue are the perfect styles to channel some vintage poolside glamour, whether you’re lazing by the pool or splashing about in the surf. Or you could opt for nautical stripes or feminine blue mosaic – which ever pattern you choose, you’ll feel secure, supported and sexy!


Maternity Kaftan

Shop Maternity Kaftans & Cover Ups

Of course no swimwear ensemble would be complete without an ultra glamorous kaftan to cover up on your way to and from the beach. Made in ultra light and floaty fabrics, a stylish kaftan will protect you from the sun and allow your skin to breathe. Our classic white mirror detail kaftan looks stunning with a tan, and our Aztec print style features cool shades of turquoise and aqua. These kaftans are simply too gorgeous to save for the beach – we bet you’ll be wearing them with skinny trousers and camisoles as ultra stylish day wear!


Wherever you’re heading this summer, feel 100% fabulous in your new swimwear styles and have a really fantastic time!


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Choose the right maternity swimwear style for you

Summer is now well and truly upon us and we don’t know about you, but we can’t stop talking about our holiday plans! We think that one major advantage of being pregnant is the fact that the pressure to have a bikini beautiful body for your summer holiday is well and truly off. There is no need to diet like a maniac, and those extra legs bums and tums classes you usually try to squeeze in before summer (ahem) are there if you want them, but really there’s no need! All you have to do is embrace your blossoming bump and revel in your new pregnancy curves!

To celebrate this fabulous fact, why not splash out on some beautifully cut maternity swimwear! Our styles are specifically designed to provide support and flatter you in all the right places. We have put together this simple guide to the best swimming costume styles so that you can find the one that makes you look and feel fantastic!

One piece

Gone are the days when the bikini was the only acceptable form of swimwear for a fashion conscious girl. The one piece swimming costume has made a triumphant return this year so if you invest in a stylish maternity one piece you will be bang on trend and feel 100% supported. Try our classic black halter neck swimming costume for a touch of vintage poolside pinup glamour as well as all the coverage and support you need.


On the other hand, a bikini can be a great choice during pregnancy. It’s great for the early stages when you won’t need much extra support, but equally fabulous for showing off your bump in the later stages of pregnancy! Lookout for a good maternity bikini with a fold over bump band to roll up or down for more or less coverage – you can adapt it to suit you! Jessica Alba took our cute purple and pink bikini away on holiday with her during her first pregnancy to relax by the pool.


A tankini provides a great versatile middle ground option with all the coverage and support of a one piece, as well as the option to roll it up to give your bump some air. You can adapt it depending on how you feel each day! Why not try our red polka dot tankini to bring some retro Riviera chic on holiday with you. Or opt for our black flared strapless tankini for a glamorous look with a handy skirt to skim over your hips.

Cover up

A nice floaty maternity kaftan is an essential for your summer holiday suitcase. Perfect for covering up on your way between the pool and the beach, it will keep you cool and is also a great way to prevent sunburn. Specifically designed to fit the pregnant figure, the flowing fabric will skim elegantly over your bump.

So whether you’re hitting the beach, relaxing by the pool, or splashing around in the paddling pool in the garden, make sure you invest in some quality maternity swimwear to keep you feeling fabulous and supported throughout your pregnancy.

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