Belts, Bags and Ballet Pumps – Sort Your Seasonal Accessories

Sort your Seasonal Accessories

We don’t know about you, but here at Seraphine we believe that the right accessories have the power to lift your outfit, boost your mood and ensure that today will be a good day!

Now is the time to indulge in belts, bags and beautiful ballet pumps in every shade under the sun to complete your playful seasonal ensembles. Right now the top trends are all about having fun and mixing and matching statement accessories in bright colours and patterns, so don’t hold back!


Ballet Pumps

Shop stylish studded loafers

Seraphine Founder Cecile modeling her favourite ShoeTherapy Styles

When it comes to seasonal shoes, you simply can’t beat a good pair of ballet pumps for an all round, all season comfort and style winner. When flip flops are falling off, sandals are rubbing in all the wrong places and heels are simply not an option, your brilliant ballet pumps have always got your back!

Shop the Black Studded Loafers

And in the case of our stylish ShoeTherapy flats, they literally have “got your back”! These clever little shoes are ergonomically designed to improve your posture, boost your circulation and ease pregnancy back ache!

Shop the Red Ballet Pumps

Seraphine founder and creative director Cecile developed the range along with acclaimed French orthopoedist Doctor Jean Douhaire during her second pregnancy, filling a gap in the market for fashion focused orthopoedic shoes. Now expectant mums everywhere swear by them!  Cecile’s ShoeTherapy favourites are the Red Ballerina Pumps and the Studded Loafers!


Being able to offer a fashionable looking shoe that has real health benefits is very exciting. The creation of ShoeTherapy meant a lot for me, as I myself have experienced the discomfort of back ache and how incapacitating it can be.

–  Cecile Reinaud



Shop Colourful Maternity Belts

During pregnancy you could be forgiven for assuming that your stylish fashion belts will be taking a back seat until well after baby arrives. But we beg to differ! You can still rock all the same stylish belt trends as before, you’ll just be wearing them a little higher than usual.

As your bump begins to grow, the slimmest part of your body – the bit you want to highlight with a belt – will migrate northwards from your natural waist to your empire line. So in actual fact, a well placed maternity belt in a contrasting colour can be a surprisingly slimming finishing touch to make your outfit pop!

All of our maternity belts are designed to be extra adjustable so they will grow with your changing curves. Our Leather Skinny Maternity Belts in sexy red or cheeky yellow provide the perfect flash of colour, and are extra long, including plenty of size settings.  And our Elasticated Leather Maternity Belts in soft mint green or black are made in 100% elasticated leather – going even further towards the ultimate flexible fit to see you fashionably through your pregnancy!




Shop Baby Changing Bags

Having a baby is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a brand new bag! You’re going to need to invest in a baby changing bag anyway, and wouldn’t you know it; tote bags are a huge trend this season – style win!

Remember; just because it’s a changing bag, doesn’t mean it has to be ‘mumsie’ –  just check out our selection of fashion forward Storksak changing bags loved by stylish celeb mums like Angelina Jolie! These are designed to look just like your regular designer handbags, and allow you to cart about all of your baby bits in style! Or if you’re after something a little more playful, why not try one of our gorgeous Pink Lining changing bags. They’re cute, colourful and put a super stylish spin on the more traditional baby changing bag styles.


So get out there and enjoy the sun this weekend and make sure that you and your bump are accessorised to the max!



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