Summer Baby Names: 10 Adorable Names Inspired by the Sunniest Season

Summer baby names: baby wearing organic cotton baby clothes by Seraphine

If your little one is due to make their big debut in the next month or so, you may be feeling inspired to pick a name connected to their beautiful birth season.

Summer is the season of sunshine, holidays & long lazy afternoons in the garden. Here are our top 10 summer baby names…



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What better way to start our list of summer baby names than with Summer herself! This beautiful feminine name first appeared in the 70s – it’s a lovely choice if you’re looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary without going too far off-piste.



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If you’re interested in Zodiac signs & your little one is due between July 23rd and August 22nd you could be having a little Leo! Warm, big-hearted & head-strong, the name Leo comes from the Latin word for Lion. While it’s traditionally a boy’s name, we think it works beautifully for girls too!



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Fresh, feminine & happy-go-lucky – Daisy is one of the traditional English flower names enjoying a surge in popularity at the moment. Daisies open their petals to the sun each morning & close every evening at sunset.



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An evocative name that works well for girls & boys, Dune conjures up images of windswept sandy beaches. It’s a contemporary yet romantic choice that isn’t heard too often. If you’re looking for something special with just a touch of mystery, Dune could be the perfect option.



Meaning majestic, this strong Latin name is ideal for August babies! It’s originally a boy’s name, though these days you’d be just as likely to hear it for a girl.



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This powerful Persian boy’s name means ‘sun’ – what could be better for a summer baby? Cyrus the great was the founder of the Persian Empire, making it a popular choice in the Iranian community.



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A beautiful Spanish girl’s name, Marisol was originally short for ‘Maria Soledad’ (one of the names of the Virgin Mary), but we prefer the literal translation ‘sea and sun’.




Sonny or its alternative spelling Sunny is a bright, cheerful name that’s lovely for a boy or a girl. A little ray of sunshine, Sonny is the perfect choice for a summer baby.



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Another irresistibly feminine flower name, Rose is a classic choice with romantic connotations, which will never go out of style. Roses bloom throughout the summer, bringing riotous colour and perfume to gardens across the globe.



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A boy’s name of ancient classical origins, Apollo means ‘manly beauty’ and is the perfect choice for lovers of myths & legends. Apollo was the Greek & Roman god of the sun, who drove his fiery chariot across the sky each day.


Whether you love our summer baby names or have your own ideas for your little one, we wish you a lovely weekend mamas – enjoy the sun!

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