Meet the Top 5 Baby Naming Trends for 2021

Are you welcoming a new addition this year? Looking for a little baby naming inspiration?

From travel & adventure to superheroes myths & magic, we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the top baby name trends for 2021.

Travel Inspired Baby Names

New mother kisses her newborn baby, wrapped in a Seraphine blanket.

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With travel plans scuppered for so many last year, some parents are wishing big adventures for their little ones.

Inspired by everything from maps & compass points to geographical highlights & dream destinations, we’re expecting great things from Atlas & Everest.







Powerful Baby Names

New mama holds her baby in the air. Strong baby names

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This last year has understandably left many of us feeling a little powerless, so we absolutely love this emerging trend for strong, powerful names.

From superheroes & mythology to magic & everything in between… US comedian Nick Cannon named his daughter, born in December 2020, Powerful Queen!







Cottagecore Baby Names

Baby naming trends: mother with her new baby

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Cottagecore is a cultural trend that’s been steadily gaining traction over the past decade, all about longing for an idealised rural lifestyle.

But in 2020 the idea really exploded as many of us turned to slow-living & nostalgic pastimes in lockdown – everything from baking & crochet to planting & tending vegetable gardens!







TV & Music

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For many of us, music, TV & movies played a more important role than usual last year, many are turning to hit TV shows like Normal People & Bridgerton for naming inspiration.

Popular baby name site Nameberry even identified singer songwriter Billie Eilish as a trend all of her own – her full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell – plenty of material to choose from there!







Bonus Trend: Valentine’s Day

Mama & Mini Valentine's Day

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For anyone expecting their new little love to arrive around Valentine’s Day, our bonus trend is one for you!








Happy baby naming mamas!

Meet the Top 5 Baby Name Trends for 2020

Are you naming a baby this year? Looking for a little naming inspiration?

From the roaring 20s to 90s nostalgia & everything in between, we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the top baby name trends for 2020.

1) The Roaring 20s

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Dust off your Charleston skills ladies, we are officially back in the 20s! As we enter the 2020s many parents are looking back to the glitz & glamour of the jazz age for a touch of vintage baby-naming inspiration.

Names we love:


2) Muted Shades

newborn baby - baby name trends

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When it comes to colour names, the last decade was all about bold bright shades like Scarlet, Violet, Saffron & Blue. But 2020 is ushering in a new age of softer pastel hues.

The name Grey, in particular, has been climbing up the charts & can work for both boys & girls.

Names we love:


3) 90s Nostalgia

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Of course, not everyone’s looking as far back as the 1920s for naming ideas. One of this year’s top baby name trends is a little more recent!

Many of those becoming parents this year were kids or teenagers in the 90s & some are choosing nostalgic 90s inspired names.

Names we love:


4) Baking Boom

new born baby in a blanket - baby name trends

According to the SSA (Social Security Administration), Baker is one of the fastest climbing baby names in the US at the moment. And Baker is just the cherry on the cake when it comes to the blossoming baking baby name trend…

Names we love:


5) Pop Culture

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Of course, pop culture has always had a big impact on baby name trends & 2020 is no exception!

From Star Wars & Game of Thrones to popstars like Billie Eilish & Ariana Grande and even the newest member of the royal family – Baby Archie!

Names we love:


Happy name choosing mama!

Autumn Baby Names: 10 Gorgeous Names for Autumn Babies

If your little one is set to arrive in the next month or so, it might be time to start narrowing down the list of names.

With chilly misty mornings that burn off into golden sunny afternoons – Autumn is without a doubt one of the most beautiful seasons. Here are our top 10 autumn-inspired baby names…


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Feminine but not floral, Hazel is a romantic nature name that comes from the hazel tree.

Symbolising protection & wisdom, Hazel sits suspended somewhere between soft and strong.


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An ancient Anglo-Saxon name that feels fresh & modern thanks to a recent rise in popularity, Archer is a strong name meaning bowman.

Traditionally a boy’s name, we love it for little girls too!


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Of course, no list of autumn baby names would be complete without the season herself!

Conjuring up golden leaves and harvest abundance, Autumn is warm & giving with the heart & soul of a poet.


Newborn baby with Seraphine cable knit nursign shawl

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From Greek mythology, Gaia is a girl’s name meaning earth mother.

Short & sweet, but incredibly powerful, this is a strong choice with green ecological connotations. The perfect name for your little eco-warrior.


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Another tree name, Oliver comes from the Olive tree, symbolising peace & fruitfulness.

Stylish but not nearly as popular as his sister name Olivia, Oliver conjures up rural Mediterranean scenes.


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A beautiful gem with a warm honey shade, Amber encapsulates all the golden goodness of the season.

Generous & warm-hearted – a sunny disposition is guaranteed.


Strong, ancient & green, Forrest may sound like a modern bohemian choice, but it actually has a long history with its peak around the 1890s.

This masculine nature name is typically used for boys, but we think it’s just as nice for girls!


Another classic gemstone name, Ruby is a beautiful vintage name that’s enjoying a massive resurgence right now.

Popular & rising, Ruby is elegant & feminine yet spunky & never afraid to speak her mind.


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A strong masculine name with a soft caring centre, Hunter is a great choice for a little man.

The name shot to stardom in the 80s and has remained a solid choice ever since.


New mum with newborn baby. Wearing the Seraphine 3 in 1 maternity hoodie

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The third and final tree name on our list, Laurel is a beautiful botanical name – a naturally feminine alternative for the more common Laura or Lauren.

Symbolising peace and success, we think could be a lovely option for your little lady.

Spring Baby Names: 10 Fresh Name Ideas For Your Spring Baby

There’s something extra special about a spring baby.

If your little one is set to arrive soon, you might like to consider one of our beautiful spring baby names.

Lush, vibrant & green or delicate feminine & floral – we’ve got something for everyone.



Spring baby names - April

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A beautiful month name, April is a classic choice enjoying a bit of a revival lately.

A cool quirky option compared to her ultra-feminine sister-month May, April brings images of spring showers, bright sunshine & vibrant flowers.



Spring baby names - Lily

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Light, delicate & incredibly feminine, Lily is one of the most popular classic flower names.

It has a lovely elegant sound and symbolises purity & innocence.



Spring baby names - Bud

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A strong boy’s name of English origin, this one brings to mind grassy fields & wide open spaces.

We think it’s a stylish choice for a little explorer.



Spring baby names - Eden

A biblical name meaning paradise, Eden conjures images of lush gardens in full bloom.

It’s been steadily gaining in popularity in recent years, and while you’re still more likely to hear it for a girl, we think it’s also beautiful for a boy.



Spring baby names - Rain

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Another gorgeous unisex name, Rain or it’s slightly more sophisticated cousin Raine has a cool, bohemian vibe about it.

We love the fresh feel and think it would make a perfect middle name for a boy or a girl.



Spring baby names - Pascal

A classic French name, traditionally given to boys born around Easter or Passover.

We also love the feminine version of this name Pascale.



Spring baby names - Magnolia

Another classic floral name, Magnolia blossoms are amongst the first to appear each spring.

Offering feminine charm and a whole host of adorable nicknames – Maggie, Nola, Noa, for a start – we believe this one is set to enjoy a revival.



Spring baby names - Heath

A common shortening of Buddy but not often seen as a name in its own right, we think Bud is an adorable option for a little boy.

Bringing to mind the first buds of spring, it’s perfect for a spring baby, putting a unique nature spin on the name.



Spring baby names - sage

Another nature name that works perfectly for both boys & girls, Sage manages to feel totally fresh & modern while conveying some truly ancient meanings.

Wisdom with an earthy, herbal twist – we think it’s beautiful.



Spring baby names - Clover

A nature name with a little more spark than your classic Rose or Daisy, Clover is a lovely choice for a little girl.

Associated with good luck, it conjures up images of lush green grass & sunshine.


Whether you opt for one of these lovely Spring baby names or you have something else in mind, we wish you all the best for welcoming your new little one!

Summer Baby Names: 10 Adorable Names Inspired by the Sunniest Season

If your little one is due to make their big debut in the next month or so, you may be feeling inspired to pick a name connected to their beautiful birth season.

Summer is the season of sunshine, holidays & long lazy afternoons in the garden. Here are our top 10 summer baby names…



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What better way to start our list of summer baby names than with Summer herself! This beautiful feminine name first appeared in the 70s – it’s a lovely choice if you’re looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary without going too far off-piste.



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If you’re interested in Zodiac signs & your little one is due between July 23rd and August 22nd you could be having a little Leo! Warm, big-hearted & head-strong, the name Leo comes from the Latin word for Lion. While it’s traditionally a boy’s name, we think it works beautifully for girls too!



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Fresh, feminine & happy-go-lucky – Daisy is one of the traditional English flower names enjoying a surge in popularity at the moment. Daisies open their petals to the sun each morning & close every evening at sunset.



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An evocative name that works well for girls & boys, Dune conjures up images of windswept sandy beaches. It’s a contemporary yet romantic choice that isn’t heard too often. If you’re looking for something special with just a touch of mystery, Dune could be the perfect option.



Meaning majestic, this strong Latin name is ideal for August babies! It’s originally a boy’s name, though these days you’d be just as likely to hear it for a girl.



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This powerful Persian boy’s name means ‘sun’ – what could be better for a summer baby? Cyrus the great was the founder of the Persian Empire, making it a popular choice in the Iranian community.



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A beautiful Spanish girl’s name, Marisol was originally short for ‘Maria Soledad’ (one of the names of the Virgin Mary), but we prefer the literal translation ‘sea and sun’.




Sonny or its alternative spelling Sunny is a bright, cheerful name that’s lovely for a boy or a girl. A little ray of sunshine, Sonny is the perfect choice for a summer baby.



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Another irresistibly feminine flower name, Rose is a classic choice with romantic connotations, which will never go out of style. Roses bloom throughout the summer, bringing riotous colour and perfume to gardens across the globe.



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A boy’s name of ancient classical origins, Apollo means ‘manly beauty’ and is the perfect choice for lovers of myths & legends. Apollo was the Greek & Roman god of the sun, who drove his fiery chariot across the sky each day.


Whether you love our summer baby names or have your own ideas for your little one, we wish you a lovely weekend mamas – enjoy the sun!

Baby names – Guess which celeb baby name means “pig” in Punjabi?

Choosing baby names for your little ones is one of the first decisions you’ll make for your children – and it’s a big one! They will live with the names you choose now for the rest of their lives. It will be the first word they learn to spell, and the first way that they will begin to shape their own identities… so it’s worth putting a bit of time and effort into finding the right one!

Here at Seraphine our maternity dresses are our babies and each one has it’s own special name – meet Jolene, Tessa and Blossom for example – so we understand a little of what you go through.


Girl Names

Choosing baby girl names can seem daunting at first, but can also be a lot of fun – there are just so many options! Will you be thinking about nature names like Willow, Lily or Ruby?  What about literary names inspired by your favourite fictional heroines – who wouldn’t be proud to be named after the incurably curious Alice, of Wonderland fame or after Jane Austen’s devilishly witty leading lady Lizzy Bennet?


Boy Names

When choosing boy names you’ll tend to be on more stable territory, but there are still plenty of options to consider. Will you go for one of the strong traditional baby names like James, Thomas or William, or will you be thinking about more unique boy names – maybe a cultural name that reflects his heritage, or something more unusual…


Unusual Baby Names

Baby names


When it comes to unusual baby names, celebrity parents have it down to a fine art. Some of our favourite celebrity mums are fantastic sources of inspiration: Thandie Newton named her son Booker Jombe, Kate Winslet named hers Bear Blaze, Gwen Stefani’s youngest is called Apollo Bowie Flynn and we love Beyonce’s choice for Blue Ivy & can’t wait to see what she names her twins!


Royal baby names


If you are keen for your little ones to have unusual baby names – something that sets them apart from the rest of their class, make sure to run a quick check to see where your pick ranks on the latest baby name popularity polls. It wouldn’t do to find yourself inadvertently in the middle of a name fad!


Unusual baby names


And of course it’s a good idea to be careful with checking out name meanings too. Tom Cruise & Katy Holmes may well have been thinking of the Persian word for “red rose” when they named their daughter Suri, but they perhaps didn’t realise that it also means “pig” in Punjabi, “pointy nose” in Indian and “pickpocket” in Japanese!


Checking Your Baby Names

Once you have a clear idea of the names you’re leaning towards, make sure to say them out loud and write them down with your surname, and check all the ways they could be abbreviated and initialed. For example Lydia Sarah Davis is a lovely sounding name, but LSD are perhaps not the initials you’d want for your little girl!

And as a final check, it’s worth running the full name through Google – just to make sure you’re not accidentally giving your little one the same name as a notorious criminal – you can’t be too careful!


In the end, whichever name you choose will soon start to feel right – and you wouldn’t be able to imagine your little one called anything else.

Happy naming mamas!


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