First Trimester Fashion Tips: How to Hide a Baby Bump

Congratulations – you’re pregnant! You just got the biggest news of your life, but if you aren’t ready to shout it from the rooftops just yet, we are here to help.

As the world begins to open up again, we’ve put together a few top tips on how to hide a baby bump at work, out with friends and even from your nearest and dearest before you’re ready to share the news.

First Trimester Tips At Work

1st trimester maternity work wear to hide a baby bump

1) Maternity Workwear

While many of us have worked from home this past year, hiding a baby bump at work has not been a problem – it’s easy enough to angle your zoom camera high!

But as we begin to contemplate a gradual return to the office, it’s worth thinking about maternity workwear options. Anything with an empire waist will cinch you in under your bust and glide easily over your figure. Choose one of our stylish empire maternity dresses, or wear a loose fitting blouse, untucked over a comfy pair of black maternity trousers to hide your baby bump at the office.

2) Choose a Partner in Crime

Hide a baby bump at work

Covering your first trimester tracks at work can be exhausting, so we suggest letting someone at the office in on the secret. They can help you divert attention from tell-tale hospital appointments and inevitable pregnancy symptoms.

Your work bestie is the perfect candidate, though really it could be anyone you trust to keep mum about your impending mummy-hood.

3) Stock up your Snack Drawer

Make sure to have a good supply of plain snacks, mints or gum and water to sip at your desk. Anything that will help in case you come over queasy at work.


First Trimester Tips for Evenings Out

First trimester maternity fashion

4) Get Sneaky with your Drinks

If you’re not usually one to shy away from a drink, your friends may catch on if you suddenly abstain. If you’re out at a bar, try to order when no one is listening and get a virgin version of your usual – a lemonade or sparkling water can easily be dressed up as a gin & tonic.

If it’s a dinner party setting & somebody pours you a glass of wine without asking, make sure your partner gets a glass of the same & subtly switch glasses each time his starts to go down – if you’re careful, nobody will notice you’re not actually drinking.

If all else fails, claim that you’re detoxing or on antibiotics, or better yet, offer to be the designated driver!

First trimester maternity dresses

5) Draw Attention Up

Use your clothes and accessories to distract, misdirect & draw attention up towards your face, away from your budding bump. A gorgeous dress with a busy pattern or a lot of detail at the top could do the trick, or try some statement jewellery.

First Trimester Tips for Family Gatherings

First trimester fashion tips

6) Balance your Bump

Family gatherings can be tricky – especially if your mum or mother-in-law are on high-alert grandbaby-watch! Wearing shapeless baggy clothes is sure to raise suspicion, so the trick at this stage is to balance out loose tops with more fitted bottoms. Our maternity leggings or skinny jeans would be perfect for pairing with oversized A-line tops for a relaxed weekend look.

7) Layer Up

Hide a baby bump with clever layers

To really disguise your new curves, layer up with a long draped scarf or cardigan. One of our Long Line Cardigans would be the perfect cover.

8) Time for a Makeover

Been thinking about a new haircut, or experimenting with some new makeup looks? Now is the perfect time to shake up your beauty routine, so that when someone spots something different about you, you can blame it on your new look. It can also help to give you a little boost if you aren’t feeling 100% right now.

Good luck keeping your wonderful secret mamas!

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