Smoothie Recipes for Pregnancy: Match your Drink to Your Maternity Dress

What could be better than a delicious fruity smoothie on a hot summer’s day?… How about a delicious fruity smoothie that’s good for you AND your baby! During pregnancy it’s more important than ever to get those vital vitamins and nutrients. And a refreshing summer smoothie is a simple & tasty way to sneak a little more fresh fruit into your diet. We’ve gathered some of our favourite pregnancy-friendly smoothie recipes, and selected the perfect maternity dresses to match!


Smoothie Recipes – Tropical Sunshine

Tropical smoothie

Get the recipe from Julie at Lovely Little Kitchen

For mum: This tropical smoothie recipe mixes up sweet mango & pineapple with creamy banana, orange juice & a dash of Greek yoghurt. It’s a deliciously creamy concoction that tastes like summer in a glass.

For baby: This gives a giant hit of vitamin C with an added boost of potassium – all vital for developing baby’s healthy immune system.

To wear: Channel the creamy colour scheme in our White Lace Maternity Dress, and add a pop of colour with a chic belt.


Smoothie Recipes – Breakfast Energy

Berry smoothie

Get the recipe from Jenn at Deliciously Sprinkled

For mum: Simple and delicious; this one combines fresh orange juice with a medley of mixed berries and a generous dollop of vanilla yoghurt. It’s the perfect way to start your day.

For baby: This one provides plenty of vitamin C, and all those gorgeous berries are a fantastic source of antioxidants. This smoothie recipe will help you to create a safe and healthy environment for baby to grow – free of nasty toxins.

To wear: Match the vibrant pink in your drink to an equally fabulous shade in your dress – the Fuchsia Pink Knot Front Maternity Dress is the perfect choice!


Smoothie Recipes – Happy Digestion 

Green smoothie

Get the recipe from Angela at Oh She Glows

For mum: Combining the fresh zing of pineapple, ginger, and lemon, with creamy avocado and banana, and some parsley for balance; this smoothie is super fresh. It’s also a stomach-settling superstar – one of the best recipes we’ve found for fighting morning sickness.

For baby: This super green smoothie will bring a mega dose of vitamin C, fibre and folate to keep baby growing healthily.

To wear: Dress your bump in our stunning Emerald Green Maternity Maxi Dress to look as cool as you feel as you sip on this settling green smoothie.


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