Tatler Editor Kate Reardon’s top tips for pregnancy & style

Tatler Editor Kate Reardon

Tatler Editor Kate Reardon has had a glittering journalism career spanning Vogue US, Tatler, Vanity Fair, launching her own website, 2 best-selling books – Top Tips for Girls & Top Tips for Life, contributing to most of the UK’s national papers as well as a regular column in The Times and a slot on GMTV, before coming back to Tatler as Editor in 2010.

Kate and her husband are expecting their first babies – twins! – together later this year, and she spoke to Seraphine to share some of her own insights and top tips in pregnancy and maternity fashion.


1) Describe your style in 3 words.

Camouflage. Comfort. And more Camouflage.


2)  Have you stayed true to your style during pregnancy?

Who on earth can? I suppose if you are one of those women who gains no weight whatsoever and just develops a cute, Big Mac-sized bump then it might be possible. I am not one of those women.

Tatler editor


3) What’s your favourite Seraphine piece and why?

I love the Black Over-Bump Bamboo Active Maternity Leggings – perfect for my increasingly lame forays to the gym and deliciously comfortable.


4) Do you have any top tips to share with pregnant mums?

Babylist – it’s the most extraordinarily brilliant company. Hysterical and increasingly bewildered and confused about what on earth a baby needs and terrified of standing sweatily in a department store just chucking money at the problem, several friends took me to one side and told me the Babylist secret. You go and see them in their calm and reassuring showroom, they bring you cups of tea, tell you exactly what you need (and what you don’t), don’t charge you a penny more for it than anyone else, deliver everything, assemble it all AND take away all the packaging.


5) What has been your favourite moment during pregnancy?

The moment I saw two pink lines on the pee stick. And the day (at the end of month 5) that I stopped feeling sick.


Photo credit: Dan Burn-Forti



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