Glamour Magazine’s Victoria Ibbetson shares her pregnancy style

Glamour magazine's Victoria Ibbetson's pregnancy style

Victoria Ibbetson is the lead tablet designer for Glamour magazine, after starting her career at Marie Claire magazine. She has worked in the extremely busy and creative art department of the country’s leading women’s magazine for 6 years, and loved every second of it. She lives in southeast London with her husband and very spoilt cat and is expecting her first baby in August.


1) Describe your pregnancy style? Has it changed from your regular style or mostly stayed the same?

For my pregnancy style I have tried to stay as true to my regular style as possible. I haven’t wanted to spend a huge amount of money on clothing but I invested early on in some skinny grey maternity jeans which I could team with my regular Breton tops and ballet shoes. These days (7+ months) in the heat of the summer I am living in maternity dresses and flat sandals, which allow me to look stylish and keep cool!


2) What is your go-to outfit? Any fashion staples?

My go to outfit is a navy blue pleated maternity dress that keeps on growing with me. It is smart enough for work or drinks in the evening but very comfy too.

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3) Fitted or flowing for your bump?

I spent the first few months drowning myself in baggy shirts until a good friend advised me to ‘embrace the bump’. Since then I have been all about showing off the bump. I have really struggled with not having a waist but I figure that I won’t look like this forever (even though sometimes it feels that way) so I might as well proudly show off those curves whilst I can!


4) What’s your favourite Seraphine piece in the collection and why?

I have struggled to find any maternity skirts so it was love at first sight when I saw the Grey Marl Maternity maxi Skirt! It is made out of the softest tshirt material and looks really fab teamed with a vest top and leather sandals. I’m going to be very sad when the baby arrives and I can’t wear this anymore!


5) Do you have any top tips to share with other pregnant mums?

Comfort is key but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look like ‘you’ anymore. I think a happy mum means a happy baby so it is really important to do some things for yourself whilst pregnant, and if that means spending some money on a few key pieces that will see you stylishly through the 9 months then there is no need to feel guilty. Build up a wardrobe of key pieces that you can mix and match with your existing clothes (baggier) and you won’t feel limited by your maternity wardrobe.

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6) What’s your favourite maternity accessory?

A big glitzy jcrew necklace! It can take some of the attention away from my ever expanding bump. I love high heels so not being able to wear them has meant that I have over compensated in the bags and jewelry departments.


7) What has been your favourite moment during pregnancy so far?

Telling my friends was a very special moment. There were a lot of tears involved. I am the first one in my group to have gone through this so seeing them being so excited and fascinated with my changing body has helped me come to terms with the fact that when I look in the mirror I look so radically different.



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