What’s your maternity style? – Kirsty McCabe

Kirsty McCabe is a TV presenter and meteorologist who currently presents the weather on BBC Scotland. Previously she was the breakfast weather presenter for GMTV and Daybreak and prior to that she presented national and international weather forecasts across the entire range of BBC television and radio channels. She lives in London with her husband Renato and their toddler, Ethan. She is pregnant with her second child, due in May.


1. Describe your pregnancy style?

For work it’s dresses that show off the bump without being too clingy. Nothing too floaty or I just look big all over, it’s nice to try to define a hint of a figure hanging on in there… At home I live in my skinny leg over-the-bump jeans, and given our recent weather I usually layer on a vest, long-sleeved top and cardigan/wrap. I’m hoping I can move onto my maternity leggings (I do love things that come right up over the bump) and more spring-like tops soon.


2. What is your fail-safe outfit?

Again, jeans are great because you can smarten them up with a different top for evenings out. Although that doesn’t happen too often with a toddler..


3. What is your favourite piece from Seraphine?

A gorgeous navy lace dress from the Luxe collection that I wore to the Tommy’s Baby Awards in London. I got so many compliments on it and felt very glamorous, even with a big bump.


4. What is the one style tip you want to share with other pregnant women?

Invest in decent underwear – make sure your bra fits you properly and clothes will look much better. And I sometimes wear a maternity skirt from Seraphine under dresses that are a bit too clingy so they hang better and you can’t see any VPL!


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