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true colours

Have you ever wondered why it is that you feel incredible in some colours, while others simply wash you out? It all has to do with understanding your colour season: Unlock the secret of your season & you’ll never have to suffer an unflattering shade again!

Back in the 80’s a psychologist called Carole Jackson revolutionised the way we think about colours in fashion with her ground breaking book, Colour Me Beautiful. Based on the colouring of skin, hair & eyes, she divided the population into 4 broad groups: spring, summer, autumn & winter, and identified the most flattering shades for each.

To determine your season, first figure out whether your colouring has warm or cool undertones – a good test is to think about whether gold or silver jewellery suits you better. If it’s gold you’re warm, and if it’s silver you’re cool. Then think about the colouring of your hair & eyes, and whether they’re mostly dark or light. Put the two together & you should be able to place yourself into one of these 4 categories.


If you have warm undertones and generally light, bright hair & eyes, you are probably a spring. You will look fantastic in light springtime colours – think about spring flowers and fresh green shoots. Warm, bright tones like coral and teal green will work beautifully.

Spring celebs: Doutzen Kroes & Kate Hudson

Flattering spring styles: Tile Print Cropped Maternity TrousersCoral Eyelet Belt Maternity DressGreen Knot Front Maternity Dress


Summers have cool undertones and light colouring – you may have ash tones in your hair, which could range from mid brown to light blonde, and your eyes are typically an ocean shade. If you’re a summer, cool pastel shades will be your best friend. Think about seaside inspired ice cream colours, or any shade of the ocean –  try turquoise, soft vanilla or periwinkle blue.

Summer Celebs: Jennifer Aniston & Angelina Jolie

Flattering Summer Styles: Printed Maternity Wrap Dress, Light Wash Under Bump Maternity Skinny Jeans, Front Drape Mint Maternity Top


If you have warm undertones and dark colouring, you may be an autumn – many red heads fall under this category. You look fantastic in vibrant autumnal colours. Think about the  burnt oranges of autumn leaves and mossy greens of woodland walks.

Autumn Celebs: Isla Fisher & Alyson Hannigan

Flattering Autumn Styles: Khaki Knot Front Maternity Maxi Dress, Burgundy Maternity Shift Dress, Nautical Maternity Wrap Dress


If you have cool undertones and dark colouring, you are a winter. You can wear some of the most striking colours in the spectrum, as well as some of the most subtle. Picture stark black silhouettes against a pale winter scene. You’ll look great in bright fuchsia and canary yellow, or  soft pale blues and pinks (though preferably not all at the same time!) – oh, and you look drop dead gorgeous in black!

Winter Celebs: Coco Rocha & Kourtney Kardashian

Flattering Winter Styles: Black Side Drape Maternity Dress, Fuchsia Knot Front Maternity Dress, Tailored Navy Cropped Maternity Trousers


Of course these are only guidelines, and this is a simplified explanation – the main thing is to have fun with your fashion & to find the right shades to complement your colouring. To find out more, you can visit Colour me Beautiful and arrange a private colour consultation with the experts!



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