Water Babies – Win a Relaxing Session at the Baby Spa

Win a session at the baby spa

You’re never too young to enjoy a relaxing day at the spa! This week on the blog we’re giving away 3 free sessions at the Kensington Baby Spa – read on to find out more…

As women, we tend to be very in tune with the simple, natural benefits of warm water. We all know that a hot bath will ease tension and relax your muscles after a busy day, and that a good swim is the perfect way to work out during pregnancy.

The pool will support your weight, allowing you to work your muscles and get a great cardio workout with minimal impact on your joints or bones. Click in the image to browse our chic maternity swimwear collection and feel fantastic in the pool.

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But the benefits of warm water don’t have to stop after baby has arrived! Newborn babies have a natural affinity with water: The feeling of floating calms and soothes them, and they even have an amazing innate ability to hold their breath under water.

Allowing your newborn to play and explore their abilities in water early might just mean a stress-free introduction to swimming lessons later on!

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The Baby Spa in Kensington offers the perfect calming environment to bridge the gap and ensure that your baby maintains their natural confidence in water. The brainchild of experienced hydrotherapist and swim enthusiast Laura Sevenus, The Baby Spa offers a unique floatation experience and relaxing baby massage for tots from 2 days old and throughout the first 6 months.

Baby Spa founder Laura says that sessions at the Baby Spa help little ones:

to prepare for swimming programmes both physically and emotionally, ensuring they enjoy a carefree and enjoyable journey to attaining the necessary swimming skills without cohesion or crying.

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A session at the Baby Spa beings with a 10 to 30 minute immersion in warm purified water in a neonatal pod, supported by the Bubby – a patented flotation device which enables baby  to move freely in water. When your baby is ready to come out, there will be warm, soft towels waiting, and he or she will be treated to a gentle massage. (You will also have the chance to learn professional infant massage techniques to try at home!)


This week, 3 lucky winners will receive a relaxing free session at the Kensington Baby Spa, usually worth £50!

To enter, simply share this post with your followers on Facebook or Twitter, and leave a comment to let us know you’ve done it.

The 3 winners will be chosen at random, and will be announced on Facebook on Thursday 25/09/2014.


Best of luck!

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Terms and Conditions

  • All entries must be submitted by 25/09/2014
  • To enter, share this post on Facebook or Twitter, and leave a comment to let us know you’ve done it
  • 3 winners will be chosen at random to receive 1 free session at the Kensington Baby Spa, usually worth £50 each
  • The session may be claimed between 9.00am and 5.00pm Tuesday to Friday
  • The offer does not include travel or accommodation
  • Seraphine is not responsible for anything that may occur during your visit to the Baby Spa



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9 thoughts on “Water Babies – Win a Relaxing Session at the Baby Spa”

  1. Posted on Twitter and FB,would love to win,thanks for the chance xx (on Twitter-@laurasam2,Lara Sam on FB)

  2. Love the look of this! Saw it in America and great to know there’s somewhere in London as well.

  3. Posted on Facebook. My baby is 5 and a half weeks and loves the water! I’d love to visit the Kensington spa 🙂

  4. Just posted on Facebook. After a traumatic instrumental delivery 8 weeks ago today, I would love to treat my little boy to some medicinal pampering! We were hoping for a water birth but a visit here might mean he will become a water baby after all!

  5. I just posted this on Twitter (@kataberry). I would love to win this for me & my 8 week old baby. A friend tried floatation in the US and highly recommended it

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