Grey is the New Black: Meet The Shade of the Decade

Grey is the New Black

From Apple Macs and iPhones to interior design and the fashion elite; it’s safe to say that grey is most definitely the new black!

Taking a look back into the fashion trends of the past, every decade tends to have a clearly definable signature shade: black and white for the 60’s, earthy browns and yellows for the 70’s, electric blue and neons for the 80’s and black and grey for the 90’s. The first decade of the new millennium got a little confused with an ‘anything goes’ attitude to colour, but here and now in 2014 grey is undoubtedly the chicest shade.

See the Seraphine styles loved by celebs


Loved by fashion icons, models and designers alike; this fabulously ubiquitous shade is just as likely to be spotted behind the scenes and out on the streets at fashion week as strutting down the runways. Soft, luxurious and never showy; Grey has become the ultimate expression of understated chic. The new neutral; grey is a fashion designer’s dream as it flatters every skin tone, and is guaranteed to bring out the best in any other colour you pair it with. Whether it’s black and white, rich jewel tones, bright neons or pastels; you won’t go wrong if you pair it with grey.

And this is not just a fashion phenomenon – grey is dominating modern design. From sleek Apple technology in silver to deep smokey walls splashed over the pages of glossy interior design mags and even the notorious top selling book of the decade so far – 50 Shades of Grey!

Almost without our noticing it, grey has made a stealthy transition from a nondescript kind of non-colour symbolising all things dull, drab and boring, to a true fashion shade coveted by the most stylish people on the planet.  Here at Seraphine we can’t get enough of this gorgeous grey trend – you only have to take a quick look through our collections to find maternity styles in every shade from the lightest cloud to the deepest inky slate. Here are a few of our favourites:

The grey skinny jeans

The monochrome crosshatch maternity dress

The wool & cashmere coat

The wool & cashmere wrap cardigan

The snood nursing jumper

The long line jumper

Now that grey has got your attention, how will you incorporate this chicest of all shades into your maternity style?



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