Pregnant at Christmas: Cocktail Dresses & Mocktail Recipes

Maternity cocktail dresses perfect for party season

Ah Christmas – It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Unfortunately, it’s also the most boozy. A scary prospect if you’re newly pregnant & not ready to share the news!

Not to worry though – we’ve got a few top tipple avoidance tactics to share as well as some delicious festive mocktail recipes to replace those Christmas classics.


Fake Drinking Tips for Preggos at Parties

1. Order when no one is listening. A soda & lime can be easily dressed up as a gin & tonic or a vodka and orange can become… well… just orange. Make friends with the bartender & ask for it in a fancy glass & the two of you can pull this one off all evening.

2. Always be holding a drink. This one is great for avoiding any friendly refills.

3. Use your partner. If he’s at the party too, he can help you pull off the classic switcheroo – choose identical drinks and subtly switch glasses each time his starts to go down. This works best once everyone else is a few drinks in – they’ll be too tipsy to notice!

4. Beer in a can. If you’re usually a beer drinker, choose one that comes in a can or dark coloured bottle, then discreetly excuse yourself to the bathroom, dump the beer & refill with water.

5. Develop a mysterious tannin allergy. If you’re usually a wine drinker, this one can be tricky to fake. Avoid the issue altogether by claiming that out of nowhere wine has started giving you a terrible headache after just one glass. If you’re feeling sneaky, you could even pass off one of your hospital appointments as an allergy test!

6. If all else fails – be the designated driver!


Christmas Mocktail Recipes


Mock Champagne

Stunning maternity fashion perfect for holiday parties

Get the Look: Black Lace Detail Maternity Tunic

It wouldn’t be a celebration without a few bubbles! With this delicious mock champagne recipe, you’ll be able to toast the occasion in style.

Get the recipe from Des on her blog Oh So Delicioso


Mock Mulled Wine

Stunning red maternity dress - perfect for Christmas parties

Get the Look: Claret Red Knot Front Maternity Dress

The ultimate winter warmer, there’s nothing quite like cosying up by the fire with something hot and perfectly spiced. Try this delicious mulled grape juice – it’s the perfect pregnancy-friendly alternative.

Get the recipe from Jane on her blog LIttle Sugar Snaps


Eggnog Alternative – Chai Frappe

Stunning sparkling maternity dress - perfect for party season

Get the Look: Shimmer V Back Maternity Dress

What with raw eggs, potentially unpasteurized milk and a healthy dose of bourbon, it’s best to steer clear of eggnog this year. Instead, why not treat yourself to a decaf chai Frappuccino – it’s just as indulgently sweet, cool & creamy with none of the risky ingredients!

Get the recipe from Wendy on her blog Around my Family Table


Whatever you’re drinking this party season, make the most of it with the perfect holiday maternity dresses!

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