Pregnant at Christmas: Cocktail Dresses & Mocktail Recipes

Ah Christmas – It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Unfortunately, it’s also the most boozy. A scary prospect if you’re newly pregnant & not ready to share the news!

Not to worry though – we’ve got a few top tipple avoidance tactics to share as well as some delicious festive mocktail recipes to replace those Christmas classics.


Fake Drinking Tips for Preggos at Parties

1. Order when no one is listening. A soda & lime can be easily dressed up as a gin & tonic or a vodka and orange can become… well… just orange. Make friends with the bartender & ask for it in a fancy glass & the two of you can pull this one off all evening.

2. Always be holding a drink. This one is great for avoiding any friendly refills.

3. Use your partner. If he’s at the party too, he can help you pull off the classic switcheroo – choose identical drinks and subtly switch glasses each time his starts to go down. This works best once everyone else is a few drinks in – they’ll be too tipsy to notice!

4. Beer in a can. If you’re usually a beer drinker, choose one that comes in a can or dark coloured bottle, then discreetly excuse yourself to the bathroom, dump the beer & refill with water.

5. Develop a mysterious tannin allergy. If you’re usually a wine drinker, this one can be tricky to fake. Avoid the issue altogether by claiming that out of nowhere wine has started giving you a terrible headache after just one glass. If you’re feeling sneaky, you could even pass off one of your hospital appointments as an allergy test!

6. If all else fails – be the designated driver!


Christmas Mocktail Recipes


Mock Champagne

Stunning maternity fashion perfect for holiday parties

Get the Look: Black Lace Detail Maternity Tunic

It wouldn’t be a celebration without a few bubbles! With this delicious mock champagne recipe, you’ll be able to toast the occasion in style.

Get the recipe from Des on her blog Oh So Delicioso


Mock Mulled Wine

Stunning red maternity dress - perfect for Christmas parties

Get the Look: Claret Red Knot Front Maternity Dress

The ultimate winter warmer, there’s nothing quite like cosying up by the fire with something hot and perfectly spiced. Try this delicious mulled grape juice – it’s the perfect pregnancy-friendly alternative.

Get the recipe from Jane on her blog LIttle Sugar Snaps


Eggnog Alternative – Chai Frappe

Stunning sparkling maternity dress - perfect for party season

Get the Look: Shimmer V Back Maternity Dress

What with raw eggs, potentially unpasteurized milk and a healthy dose of bourbon, it’s best to steer clear of eggnog this year. Instead, why not treat yourself to a decaf chai Frappuccino – it’s just as indulgently sweet, cool & creamy with none of the risky ingredients!

Get the recipe from Wendy on her blog Around my Family Table


Whatever you’re drinking this party season, make the most of it with the perfect holiday maternity dresses!

Sarah Roemer Stuns in Seraphine Maternity Clothes at a Glamorous Film Premier

Stunning actress Sarah Roemer simply glowed this week in a full Seraphine LUXE ensemble at a glamorous LA film premier. The star looked almost ethereal in the stylish ensemble, as proud husband Chad Michael Murray laid a protective hand over her bump.



Sarah chose our Champagne Cut Out Lace Maternity Dress, a feminine style with a chic open back. The dress showed off her shape perfectly, and she topped off the look with our Occasion Maternity Coat in a beautiful Champagne boucle weave.

The stylish LUXE Collection ensemble works wonderfully together – each piece bringing out the best in the other. We think it would be the perfect outfit for a smart spring event or formal party.


Sarah Roemer wears a lace maternity dress - get the look


And Sarah isn’t the only stylish celebrity mama to love our chic lace maternity dresses! Gorgeous actress & blogger Eva Amurri Martino looked equally incredible in the same style at her baby shower, before her son Major was born.



Sarah and Chad, already parents to their 19 month old son, are expecting baby number 2 later this year, and the word is, it’s a girl!

We love Sarah’s style and can’t wait to see how she develops her look through her final months of pregnancy.

Maternity Style with Nathalie Bernadotte of Kensington Mums

Nathalie Bernadotte is a partner and event manager at Kensington Mums – a local London network aiming to provide support and to help mums make connections and forge friendships. Nathalie has a lively 2 year old Leonardo and a brand new baby daughter Sienna – she opens up about maternity style & becoming a mother of two.


1)      First, congratulations on welcoming your beautiful new daughter! How are you finding life as a mum of two?

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Two months in and I still can’t believe I’m a mum of two… the joy is hard to describe!

Its not easy as my son is going through the terrible twos at the moment so many tantrums to handle and In all honesty, I had forgotten how tough it is to wake up several times per night breastfeeding. But again, I can’t and don’t want to complain – it was always my dream to be a mum so becoming a mum of two; what a blessing!!!!

My son adores his little sister and cannot wait for her to be a little older and play. It’s a special bond and I am so happy to have been able to give this to them.



2)   We love your maternity style! Can you sum it up in 3 words?

Thank you! hmmm, shall we call it ‘The Seraphine Style‘? 3 words, that’s tough but I’d probably go with ‘practical‘, ‘comfortable‘ and ‘me‘.


3)   How did you style your bump? Are you more of a fitted kind of girl, or did you like to keep things loose and flowing?

I surprised myself during pregnancy – I normally wear loose & comfy clothes but during pregnancy I enjoyed showing off the bump with more tight & fitted outfits.

On one specific occasion, my 30th birthday, I wore the Seraphine Claret Lace Maternity Cocktail Dress which I LOVE! All my friends were very surprised to see me in such a tight ‘sexy’ dress – I don’t think I would have ever dared without the bump.

But I must add that it also depends on the pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my son, I was due in September and wore loose tops and maternity dresses during the summer as it helped with dealing with the heat. This time round I was due in December and it was really cold so I preferred having tight warm clothes on me.



4)      Do you have a favourite piece from the Seraphine collection?

I’d say most dresses from the Luxe Collection! But the Silk and Lace Maternity Evening Gown I wore at a dinner party back in October has to be ‘the one’. I wore it in black but the Navy & Black combination is just a dream.

And I adore the ‘you + me = us‘ charity top. In fact I am wearing that today…and most days! (scroll down to see the picture!)



5)      How do you feel that being involved with Kensington Mums has helped you through pregnancy and as a mother?

I first joined Kensington Mums in 2013 as an expecting mum. I was the first in my close group of friends here to become pregnant. So meeting other mums-to-be was invaluable. It also helped me mingle with girls who, just like me, don’t have a family support system in London and have to go through pregnancy and motherhood with little support.

Kensington Mums helped me build confidence and make many new friends along the way – many of which I am sure will be good friends for a very long time.

Since becoming a partner in this business, it has been of great help in introducing me to many mummy related brands, companies and other mum-preneurs, which I would have never known about without working at Kensington Mums.



6)      Do you have any beauty or styling tips to share with other expectant mums?

Don’t lose yourself, look after yourself during pregnancy.

I know it can be a very challenging time in our lives and not being in control of our bodies can be extremely frustrating but it’s your body and it’s the same body you will have after giving birth so look after it. Rest when you need, exercise when you can and nurture it everyday.


7)   We are confiscating your makeup bag – you’re allowed to keep three essential cosmetics. What do you choose?

This is a tough one as I’m not big on makeup (mostly because I’m not very good at it) so it would have to be… concealer, mascara and lip balm/gloss (I’m obsessed with lip balms)


8)      If you could have one super power, what would it be & how would you use it?

Before becoming a mum I wouldn’t count this as a super power but now…. it would have to be PATIENCE and I would use it at all times with my little ones.



9)      Who are your heroes? Can you share your top 3 inspirational women?

I’m not sure I have any heroes or can name 3 individual inspirational women. I admire many women.

I have a lot of respect for single mums out there. I think that doing the job I do as mum can be extremely challenging and I am lucky and blessed to have my husband by my side to help me and don’t know what I’d do without him, so to know that there are women out there who do it all alone is just incredible.

I find most of my friends inspirational. They are ordinary people who can at times struggle through everyday challenges, but just get on with it. That to me is inspiring.

Women inspire me.


10)   What was the best piece of advice you received when you were pregnant?

Sleep when your baby sleeps! I completely ignored this advice the first time round and now that I understand it and want to put it into action, it’s impossible because when baby sleeps, 2 year old wants to play.


To find out more follow @KensingtonMums on Instagram and check out their website

All images by Kensington Mums



Bronze for Breastfeeding at the Mother and Baby Awards

It was a great night all round for Seraphine at the Mother and Baby Awards yesterday evening, as we took home the bronze award in the best breastfeeding bra, top or accessory category!

Our gorgeous Grey Nursing Shawl was put through its paces by a panel of real mums, and they loved it!


Award Winning Grey Nursing Shawl


The Nursing Shawl

Made in a luxurious blend of natural bamboo fibre, wool and cotton, our shawl is light, drapes beautifully over your curves and is incredibly soft and gentle on sensitive skin. The bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, and even possesses antibacterial properties – perfect for you and your new born!

The perfect marriage of style and function, this soft grey shawl is also available in brown, and can be worn as a shawl, wrap or scarf, used as a discreet cover-up for breastfeeding, or even to swaddle your baby in – for inspiration on ways to wear this award winning style, click here!


Navy Lace Maternity Cocktail Dress





















It was great to see our nursing shawl up on the big screen, but it wasn’t the only Seraphine piece gracing the stage last night! One of the other award winners was pregnant and looked very glamorous in our Navy Lace Maternity Cocktail Dress! This elegant maternity cocktail dress is part of our LUXE collection, and it was a perfect style choice for the glitzy award ceremony!



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Hello! Magazine and editors sparkle in Seraphine!

Two of the most glamorous women in fashion and lifestyle journalism sparkled in Seraphine at the British Society of Magazine Editors Awards this week!

The ceremony was held in the opulent Grand Ballroom at the London Hilton Hotel, and naturally the luxurious surroundings and glitzy occasion called for a pair of very glamorous maternity cocktail dresses!

Here at Seraphine, we stock a wide range of maternity dresses, from simple shift day dresses, through to lavish maternity cocktail dresses and evening gowns in our LUXE collection. editor Natasha McNamara was nominated for the Consumer Web Editor of the Year Award, and looked stunning in our Black Lace and Sapphire Maternity Cocktail Dress.

The glamorous maternity cocktail dress (pictured left) is made with exquisite black stretch lace, laid over a vibrant sapphire blue dress in silky soft stretch jersey, and tied at the empire line with a black sash in pure silk. Natasha styled the striking maternity dress perfectly with some black maternity tights and a pair of simple gold pendants.

Hello! Magazine editor Rosie Nixon (who has guest blogged for us in the past) was nominated for the Women’s Brand of the Year Award, looked incredibly chic in our edgy Navy Shoulder Lace Maternity Shift Dress.

This flattering navy shift dress is stylishly ruched at the sides, and swathes the shoulders in intricate floral black lace to achieve a stunning contrast.

This gorgeous navy blue maternity cocktail dress was a great choice for Rosie, as it worked so well with her skin tone and glossy blonde hair.


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