Discover Amazing Self-Heating Coats from New Luxury Brand Emel + Aris

Emel + Aris heated coats in London with red phone box

Seraphine founder Cécile Reinaud is passionate about entrepreneurship, and as a female entrepreneur herself, she has a special interest in encouraging and supporting other women in what can at times feel like a man’s world.

So with this in mind, Cécile is thrilled to introduce Rana Nakhal Solset: a fellow female entrepreneur who is preparing to launch her brand new British luxury label Emel + Aris – home of the self-heating coat!


Emel + Aris women's coats


A self-heating coat!” we hear your cry “Amazing! Why has nobody thought of this before?”… Well we’re just as baffled as you – but so pleased that somebody has finally seen the light and invented the ultimate in wearable tech.

And they’re ultra-stylish too! Emel + Aris is set to launch with 2 beautiful coats for women – a lightweight cotton trench and a luxurious winter wrap coat in wool and cashmere. Each will be made entirely in Europe, and equipped with innovative in-built technology allowing them to offer infrared heat to keep you cosy without sacrificing your style.


Here’s Rana Herself to Explain How it Works:


The core aim of staying stylish whatever the weather is one that we share here at Seraphine; offering fabulously fashionable maternity clothes to flatter your changing figure and keep you comfortable through pregnancy without ever compromising on style.


The beautiful Emel + Aris wrap coats would make the perfect post-pregnancy pieces – ideal for strolling around town with your beautiful new baby or running errands with the older kids.


Rana is launching her Kickstarter campaign on the 11th of March – this is your opportunity to be an early investor in this new luxury brand and to ensure that you are among the first to own one of these amazing smart coats! To stay in the know about all their latest developments, register for their newsletter at and follow them on Instagram @emel_and_aris.

Until then, why not browse our maternity coats and jackets online. You’re sure to find something equally stylish (if not quite so tech-savvy)!



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