Work, Train, Strut: Victoria Beckham works out at work – so can you!

Victoria Beckham works out at work

As a mother of four, business woman, fashion designer and international style icon, it’s fair to say that Victoria Beckham has a lot on her plate; and she, like the rest of us working mums, has to balance her time between work, family, fitness and fun. So it’s no surprise that on a recent trip to the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design in London, she jumped at the chance to try out their ingenious treadmill desk – and she wasn’t about to let her towering stilettos stop her!

Victoria Beckham working out at work

But for those of us who don’t happen to have access to a custom built treadmill workstation, here are our top 3 tips for improving your fitness throughout your working day:


Before work: Walk to work & take the stairs

Pregnant women walking in Seraphine maternity clothes

It may sound obvious, but starting your day with a brisk walk into work instead of battling with fellow commuters on the train or sitting for hours in traffic is a great way to sneak in a little exercise, and will provide a fabulous boost to your energy levels that can last all day! If you live far away and can’t walk all the way in, why not try getting off the bus a stop or two early, or parking your car a couple of streets away from the office.

Hint:  A pretty pair of ballet flats or loafers will be comfy enough for the walk and super stylish for your busy day at the office, and we’re offering 15% off ShoeTherapy right now!

Once you’re at the office, why not take the stairs instead of riding up in the lift – this is the perfect way to tone up your legs and bum! Of course if you work on the 72nd floor of the Shard we’re certainly not suggesting that you climb all of those stairs, but you could always climb up a couple of flights before calling the lift to take you the rest of the way.


At work: Simple stretches at your desk



If you spend your working day sitting at a desk, you could be forgiven for thinking there’s not much scope for exercise there. But that’s not necessarily the case; lots of little movements throughout the day all add up to improve your general fitness and well being. Why not try using a smaller glass for your water so that you can get up to refill it more often, or next time you need to talk to a colleague at the other end of the office, take a walk over there to see them in person instead of picking up the phone or sending an instant message.

A few simple stretches throughout the day will also work wonders, stopping you from getting stiff and keeping your body energised. Try these super stretches from that you can do at your desk, or if you’re worried about looking silly, simply practice your pregnancy pelvic floor exercises!


After work: Evening fitness classes

Pregnancy yoga and aqua aerobics


Most gyms offer career-friendly classes that you can go along to before or after work. Why not pick a class that you like the sound of, make sure it’s pregnancy safe, and commit to going once a week. This is a great way of making sure that you fit at least one solid fitness session into your schedule, and it’s a great opportunity to wear your super soft and stretch maternity leggings! At Seraphine we love our weekly office yoga session – it’s the perfect way to unwind and de-stress together at the end of a long Tuesday afternoon! If you’re wondering how’s the best way to stay active through your pregnancy, check out these great tips!


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