Maternity Fashion History: Fashion Through the Ages

Maternity Fashion History

Here at Seraphine we’ve been taking a look back into our fashion history this week, dreaming of the glamorous styles of the past, and sniggering at the not so glamorous styles that are perhaps best left in the past!


The 1950’s & 60’s

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The 50’s and 60’s was a time when everyday glamour mattered – The golden age of Hollywood was at its peak, and the average woman would do the housework in a pencil skirt and pearls (or so she’d have you believe!) Two main silhouettes characterised the 50’s; the full circle skirt with nipped in waist, and the figure hugging pencil skirt also with nipped in waist, while the smock dress ruled the 60’s. But the problem here was that it was not the done thing for the pregnant body to be on show!

So what’s an expectant mother to do?

Well she could take a leaf out of the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly’s book with this impressive looking embroidered bell style coat! Despite its tent-like proportions, Grace wears it well, carrying it off beautifully with her signature blend of glamour and poise – though it’s clearly not a style for everyone, and perhaps best left in the past.

Audrey Hepburn had more success with her classic white smock dress and simple string of pearls, and star of I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball looks positively modern in her fabulous polka dot tunic with black trousers!


The 1970s & 80’s

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Fast forward to the 70’s & 80’s and fashion has become decidedly more extreme with big flares, big hair, and big shoulder pads! And unfortunately maternity fashion followed suit with big smock dresses – women were still covering up, except now the dresses were even more shapeless and came in a whole variety of garish colours and patterns!

The single most photographed pregnancy in this period was of course Princess Diana, who, much as we love her, certainly wore her fair share of brightly coloured tent dresses!



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Today thank goodness, when it comes to maternity fashion, we’ve never had things so good! Some time in the 90’s (around the time that Demi Moore bared her bump on the cover of Vanity Fair), women started to twig that actually, the pregnant body is beautiful and doesn’t necessarily have to stay hidden away. Today we have more choice than ever, and maternity clothes have never looked so stylish!

We have learned the power of a well defined empire line, and just how easy it is to hold on to your own signature style, with just a few minor adjustments to suit your new body shape! We are free to wear flowing or fitted styles and most importantly, we have the power to choose.

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Watch the clip to see Seraphine founder Cecile talking about the evolution of maternity fashion.



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