Maternity fashion dilemma : Flat shoes as glamorous as heels?

If you religiously watched TV programmes like Sex and the City or Desperate Housewives, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the only acceptable footwear for fashionistas features a sky-high heel. However, this mindset is increasingly being challenged by women who are fed up with tottering around with the balls of their feet burning like mad – and it’s great news for your maternity fashion options when it comes to special occasions.


We don’t know about you, but we’ve spotted lots of celebrities wearing flat shoes lately and they look no less glamorous than those who have donned Louboutins – in fact, we think they look even more chic.


The most recent and probably best case in point is Keira Knightley, who wore flat shoes for her wedding to James Righton in Provence last weekend. She donned a beautiful short Chanel gown from the spring/summer 2006 range, which was very similar to a Rodarte dress she sported pre-Baftas in 2008. It was accessorised simply with a band of flowers in her hair and a sweet bolero jacket, while her feet were kept comfortable and true to her usual style in a pair of nude ballet pumps. The outfit really suited the down-to-earth ceremony and intimate party afterwards and it just goes to show that you don’t have to be dressed up to the nines to look fabulous. Sienna Miller also recently wore flat red shoes for the red carpet of a film festival to great effect.


There is even more of a reason to make sure your shoes are supportive once you become pregnant though, aside from just the fashion side of things – it’ll save your body a lot of strain and pain. Heels cause the balance of the body to be disrupted and your weight to be thrown forwards, which affects the spine, knees, calves and ankles at a time when they’re already under pressure from the baby weight, while research from the US also recently found that your feet can grow between two and ten millimetres during pregnancy.


This will make cramming your feet into stilettos even more uncomfortable, so it’s important to choose pregnancy shoes that will look after your feet while also complementing your maternity wardrobe for special occasions – and fortunately, we can help you out here at Seraphine. We have designed our own range of maternity footwear specially made for pregnant women, ShoeTherapy, which features an array of elegant and fashionable flat styles that also have ergonomically engineered soles to stimulate circulation and correct posture. There is just a tiny heel to prevent fallen arches, back and joint pain, but you won’t notice it because it is moulded into the base of the shoe so there’s no wobbliness.


Better still, they will look just as good with your maternity dresses as any heel this summer. Try colour-blocking by wearing the red ballerina with a bow alongside our gorgeous purple peplum dress, or complement our bestselling blossom printed dress with a pair of python ballerinas with suede bows.


We think you’ll be reluctant to go back to heels once you’ve tried our ballet flats – and you’ll look just as great as Keira!



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