Hospital Bag Checklist: What to Pack for Mum & Baby

As your third trimester approaches, it’s time to start thinking about what to pack in your hospital bag.

Space at the hospital is limited, but you definitely don’t want to arrive only to realise that you’ve forgotten something essential.


Zabeena’s Hospital Bag Checklist


We caught up with third-time mama Seraphine model Zabeena, who shared her ultimate hospital bag checklist with us. These are the things she’ll be taking along for baby number three.

Zabeena is packing the Seraphine Tote Bag 

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Hospital Bag Must-Haves For Mum

What to pack in your hospital bag


*Your Birth Plan: You’ll want a printed copy handy to give to your midwife.

*Comfy Maternity Nightwear: A soft button-down nightie is a must – it’s ideal for labour as well as skin to skin and breastfeeding afterwards. A matching dressing gown and supportive sleep bra are also a great idea to pack.

Browse our range of maternity & nursing nightwear online.

*Slippers: Because nobody wants to get cold feet during labour!

*A Camera: Capture those first precious moments.


Packing your hospital bag


* The Wash Bag: Make sure to pack all the regular overnight essentials – Toothbrush & toothpaste, lip balm, hairbrush, ties & clips, flannel, face wash, deodorant, travel size shower gel, shampoo, conditioner & towels, tissues, wet wipes, and maternity pads.

*Some Distractions: Magazines, music, phone, iPad & chargers – don’t get caught out without juice at a crucial moment.

*Snacks & Drinks: Pack plenty for you & your partner – It may be a long wait, and nobody wants a hangry birthing partner! Isotonic drinks like Lucozade are a great way to keep your energy levels up.


Nursing Essentials for Your Hospital Bag


*Nursing Bras & Comfy Briefs: A few pairs of comfy briefs are a must for after labour. And if you plan to nurse, you’ll want to pack some comfortable nursing bras.

*Nipple Cream: To ease any soreness

*Breast Pads: An essential whether you’re nursing or not

*A Nursing Shawl: For discreet breastfeeding when visitors come to call. Our collection of stylish breastfeeding covers are a great choice and are also perfect for swaddling baby.


Baby Hospital Bag Essentials

Baby clothes to pack in your hospital bag


*Diapers: Pack plenty, and make sure to bring the right size for newborns.

*Outfits for Baby: 3 soft newborn onesies, preferably front opening ones, and a nice outfit for going home in. Check out our beautiful gift sets for newborns featuring 100% organic cotton baby clothes.

*Accessories for Baby: a hat, socks, mittens and a baby blanket are all essentials for keeping your little one cozy for the trip home.


Leaving Hospital Outfit

Hospital bag checklist - what to pack


Soft, Comfy Maternity Clothes: Your body will take time to settle back to normal, so your maternity leggings, tops and dresses will be your best friends for the first weeks & months with baby. Choose an outfit that’s soft, comfy and easy to wear. But don’t forget, you’ll be taking plenty of pictures of baby’s first few days, so make sure to choose an outfit you’ll be happy to look back on in years to come.

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