Woman & Home Fashion Editor Lynda Bell’s Maternity Fashion Tips

Lynda Bell

My name is Lynda, I’m a fashion editor and stylist, living in London and I’ve been married for 5 years. I’ve been working as a stylist for the last 10 years and am currently happily settled as Fashion Editor at woman&home magazine. My life has moved onto the next level since I found out in August that we are expecting our first baby and I am now 21 weeks pregnant!


I wanted to share with you my plan to not lose myself or my style thanks to my expanding waistline and changing life!


My standard style is quite minimal; I like asymmetrical shapes, slim-line jeans, layering, and I love a stripy top! You can see a blog post about my style B.P (before pregnancy) here. My waistline started expanding around 13 weeks and I treated myself to a couple of loose fitted shirts like the Seraphine Sheer Grey Maternity Blouse which I’m wearing with my leather panel leggings.

Lynda Bell's maternity style in stripes

I’m really looking forward to growing a ‘real’ bump (mine still looks like I’ve just over-indulged at the weekend!) and I’ll be showing it off in fitted jersey tops and dresses… I’ve got my eye on a few already like this amazing bodycon maternity dress that Gwen Stefani wore, and the gorgeous Graphic Maternity Dress!


Over the past few weeks, I’ve picked up a couple of maternity fashion tips I’d love to share with you:


  • Buy a few bits every few months. I was pained to invest in a whole new wardrobe that didn’t feel necessary or ‘me’ so I chose to mix in my B.P clothing with slow changes. Also – intermittent additions are more exciting to get you through this challenging time! Pep up your wardrobe with something fresh every once in a while – this gives you the chance to try on your regular clothes again to see what fits, and what can be used… What didn’t suit you in month 3 might actually look great in month 6.


  • Don’t forget your signature style. I’m a magpie by nature and I love anything with embellishment and interesting details, so I’ve bookmarked this adorable Seraphine sequin cardigan which I’ll wear through maternity, nursing and beyond! I’ll wear it with my staple jeans as well as a special layer over an LBD. Adapt your maternity clothing to parallel your style – if you live in jeans, invest in some that you can enjoy with a bump!

 Lynda Bell's maternity style

  • Buy a pair of pregnancy leggings. I love this bamboo style which is hypoallergenic, and I’ll get a pair in black and grey to see me through the Winter.


  • Treat yourself. I always treat myself to a great pair of shoes or a statement bag (that doesn’t matter what size you are!). I will be tidying away my heels for lower kitten styles (thank god they are back in the shops!), loafers and cool trainers.


  • Grooming! Get a blow-dry, a manicure, wear some bright lipstick whatever makes you feel more glamorous when your changing body is out of your control.


For more from Lynda check out her blog Elle Belle Fashion, or follow her on Twitter @ellebellfashion and on Instagram @lyndabell1



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