Winter Skin: Protect Your Glow with Fabulous Natural Face Masks!

All Natural Face Masks

With the colder weather set to take hold, right now is the perfect time to treat your skin to a hydrating face mask! The colder temperatures, wind and rain will tend to dry out your skin, and those pesky pregnancy hormones will have your skin behaving in all kinds of strange and unexpected ways, so finding 15 minutes to lay back and relax with a face mask can be really beneficial!


DIY Masks to Make Yourself

Pampering yourself with a relaxing facial doesn’t have to cost the earth – in fact it doesn’t have to cost anything at all! You don’t even have to change out of your comfy maternity pyjamas, as you can make fantastic face masks out of things you probably already have in your kitchen. And the best part is: you made it yourself so you know that it’s all natural, with no nasty chemicals.


Avocado face mask

For Oily Blemish-Prone Skin

We love these do-it-yourself facials from – they have something for everyone and a recipe for every skin type! But our favourite for blemish-prone skin has got to be the Lift & Tighten mask, made with fresh lemon juice and plain yoghurt – simple, natural and incredibly effective!


For Dry Skin

As the weather turns colder, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your skin is well hydrated. This replenishing avocado and honey mask we found on has only two ingredients, and looks to us like the perfect little hydrating pick-me-up!


For All Skin Types

The cooling cucumber mask from this list of natural recipes by Wellnessmama is designed to cool and calm your skin. Plug in your ipod, and lay back with this cooling mask to unwind at the end of a busy day.


Natural Masks to Buy

Natural face masks by Sephora and Lush

If you’d rather leave the messy bit to the professionals, there are plenty of places you can go to find all natural face masks that cut out the nasty additives and will be gentle on your skin. LUSH  is good for more than just bath bombs… they have a fantastic range of face masks which are all natural, organic and environmentally friendly.


For a really deep cleanse, we love the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask from the Body Shop. The naturally negatively charged ions in the clay act like a magnet to draw out all the impurities from your pores – a very clever cleanser!


And for a bit of fun, why not try a natural fibre face mask from Sephora. With no messy application, you simply place the fibre mask over your face, lay back and let it absorb!


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