Mother’s Day “This or That?” reveals one standout result

Mother’s Day is soon in the UK (Sunday 10 March), so we were keen to catch up with our lovely social community of mums to find out what they’re looking forward to on this special day with a quick-fire “This or That?” quiz. Which would you have gone for?

Our recent Instagram “This or That?” quiz – where two similar options are pitched against each other and you have to choose your favourite – led to fairly even results all round about what our mums would like to receive, except for one question that tipped the balance more than the rest…

Classic gifts

The split was close, with 52% saying they’d love a piece of jewellery, compared with 48% who said they’d appreciate a handmade gift over new bling.

The ultimate treat perhaps for new parents everywhere – a lie-in (yes please!) took 47% of the vote when it was pitched against breakfast in bed (53%). Though the second option here is kind of a like a lie-in with but snacks included, so we’re not too surprised by this one!

Foodie treats

Cake came in slightly less popular than a bunch of flowers (47% versus 53%). Admittedly we didn’t specify flavour. Would mentioning chocolate, lemon or a creamy red velvet have tipped the balance?

A homemade meal (55%) was a little more tempting than heading out for a fancy dinner (45%), which makes us think our mums live with some seriously decent chefs. Plus: what’s not to love about cosy indoor vibes and not having to travel for your supper?

The winner is…

There was just one “This or That?” which had a clear winner. When we we asked our mums if they’d rather have a family walk or some time to themselves, almost 3/4s opted for the walk with loved ones (68%) over the “me” time (32%): revealing that (for those we polled at least) there really is nothing like spending this special day with the ones who make us “mum”❤️ Ahhhhh!

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