My pregnancy travel must haves by Tatler’s Mariella Tandy

Mariella has been the Executive Retail Editor at Tatler magazine for over 4 years so knows a thing or two about shopping. Previous to this she worked at Vogue and this year saw the launch of her vintage fashion website Wardrobe  She lives in Chelsea with her boyfriend and two dogs and is presently expecting her first child. She has taken the time to share a few of her pregnancy travel essentials with us!


I travel- a lot! Lots of my recent journeys have been while pregnant and so while I squeeze in my last few trips before the ‘No Fly’ rule kicks in, here are a few pregnancy travel bits I can’t fly without.

Bralicious by Spanx the most comfortable bra you will ever own. It fastens at the front and its elasticated straps and back panel feel like a second skin, so you don’t get any strange plastic bits digging into you.  I love everything from Spanx. The Mama Spanx are great too for added support under jeans or dresses.


Pregnancy Pillow

As you get heavier throughout your pregnancy this pillow becomes a dream. Much longer than the usual snake pillows it is filled with bean bag filling and gives the best support of any one I have tried. It’s size makes it challenging to travel with for a shorter break but for a week or more it is totally worth it.


Wakaya Ginger Powder

Many women use ginger at the beginning of their pregnancy to ward off morning sickness. I have used it all the way through. Mixed with water, it boosts your immune system against the germs that may find their way through the plane’s air conditioning units.


Tata Harper Multivitamin Roll On Oil

If there is one product I can’t live without it is this. Tata Harper’s multivitamin oil is a wonder for dry plane environments. Because it is a roll on it won’t explode in your bag. I use it all over my face to keep skin hydrated.


Flight socks

I am not talking about the ones you buy from the airport, these are proper full on pharmacy grade ones. They go up to mid-thigh and come in different levels of pressure. If you don’t want swollen legs and feet these are a must.



Hydrate hydrate hydrate. It is an obvious one but I always buy the largest water bottle after check in and get the cabin crew to refill it throughout the flight. You feel so much less tired at the end.



I don’t like to wear much make up when travelling so rely on a bold lip to feel made up. The Ilia lip crayons are incredibly hydrating and provide long lasting colour.


Del Rio shoes

These shoes are just the most comfortable thing. Sort of like a hybrid between a flip flop and a shoe, they stay on and have tyres as the soles, so you won’t slip ever. I also love all of the different colour and leather options.



I always find you do lots of bending in airports or digging for your passport boarding card and phone. I like to use a smaller cross body bag that contains all of my essentials that gives me easy access to the things I need. Then I swear by the Longchamp Pliage bags for everything else. Super hard-wearing and light, they really are a pregnancy travel dream and if you don’t need them on one of your travel legs they are as light as a feather and can be squashed into even the smallest luggage.


Epsom salts

Nothing is better at the end of a long day than a bath. I always pack a little bag of Epsom salts to take the strain away from any pregnancy travel related aches and pains.


I use the Huile Tonic as a bump and body moisturiser, and a bath and shower oil. It’s scent is divine.


Seraphine skinny jeans

I never travel in anything other than jeans. The air conditioning can get so cold. I have tried MANY a pregnancy jean out there and these are the only ones that truly stay in place no matter what.



This stuff is incredible. It contains every different fruit,mineral vitamin that you could want during and after your pregnancy. You will never be undernourished or deprived of important vitamins when taking this. I decant some into a smaller bottle and take every morning.


Gowri Wrap

If back pain is really getting you down and all of those cars trains and planes are playing havoc with your back then this is great at giving extra support. Not only does it look far more pretty than some of the options out there, it comes with three different hook and eye settings so you can adjust it throughout your pregnancy.


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