Pregnancy Apps: Expecting in the 21st Century?… There’s An App for That!

Seraphine maternity's top pregnancy apps

We’d be lost without our smartphones these days – and not just because we’d miss our GPS! There’s an app for everything now, and motherhood, maternity & pregnancy are no exceptions. From pregnancy tracker apps to baby names, contraction timing and real time advice from other local mums – we’ve rounded up our favourite pregnancy apps to help you make the most of your nine months.


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Peanut (free – iPhone)

Peanut has got to be our favourite mum-friendly app right now – it’s like Tinder for mum friends! Clean and intuitive, it allows you to connect with other mamas in your area with similarly aged children, shared interests and even common languages. You can connect and chat with like-minded mums, sharing advice on everything from maternity clothes to local hidden gems. Peanut is all about making connections that you can take out into the real world – organising coffee dates and playdates directly in the app.


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Pregnancy Tracker Apps

Enter your due date into these clever tracking apps, and you can keep tabs on exactly how and when your baby is developing!

Sprout Pregnancy (free – iPhone & Android)

BabyBump Pregnancy (free – iPhone & Android)



Pregnancy Advice Apps

The minute you get that positive pregnancy test you’re bound to have a million and 1 questions. With these clever apps, you’ll have instant access wherever you are, to a wealth of trusted pregnancy wisdom.

What to expect (free – iPhone & Android)

My Pregnancy Today – by Baby Centre (free – iPhone & Android)



Fun Pregnancy Apps

While you’re waiting for your check up, why not have a play with some of these great baby-focused apps. You could build up your baby name list by swiping yes or no & matching names with your partner, or monitor baby’s movements with your phone.

Kicks Count (free – iPhone & Android)

Babyname (free – iPhone & Android)


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Pregnancy Apps for Labour

Started contracting, but not sure whether to go into hospital just yet? Take the hassle out of timing your contractions with an app. Simply hit start and stop as your contractions come and go, and the app will measure their duration and frequency. As an added bonus, when you get to the hospital you can hand over the phone to the midwife and they’ll have a clear idea of how you’re getting on!

Full Term (free – iPhone & Android)


Baby Apps

And not to worry – there are plenty of apps available to help you out once baby arrives!

Feed Baby  (free – iPhone & Android)

Web MD Baby (free – iPhone & Android)


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