Scandi Fashion Maven Sanna Stays True to Her Style

Sanna Buckhoj

Sanna Buckhoj is a Swedish graphic designer with a passion for fashion! She lives in London with her fiancé  Martin, and runs her own business very Buckhoj. The couple are expecting their first baby in January! Sanna is determined to stick to her own personal style throughout pregnancy – and we quizzed her on how she is managing it.


1)      What inspires your personal style?

My colleagues! I share an office with three super stylish women who are all in the fashion industry, and they dress in such an inspiring way. I also read blogs that inspire me! Elin Kling is my muse.


2)      Sum up your look in 3 words.

I would say my style is: Scandinavian, clean-cut & basic (but teamed with funky accessories and fab bags!)

Sanna's pre-pregnancy style

3)      Has it been easy to adapt your style for pregnancy?

Well at the beginning i was able to use a lot of of my old clothes, but since my bump began to grow, discovering Seraphine has made it so easy to adapt my style! I just bought some new maternity denims – I love the Premium Under Bump Maternity Skinny Jeans and the Black Peplum Maternity Blazer. I team them with a cashmere sweater or a tight t-shirt.

It’s been really important for me to try to keep my style and not change it just because I’m pregnant.


4)      We are confiscating your makeup bag – you’re allowed to keep three essential cosmetics. What do you choose?

Easy: My Mineral foundation from Bare Minerals, and my eyebrow pencil & mascara from YSL. DONE!


5)      What’s your favourite Seraphine piece?

Definitely my maternity jeans. My second skin every day.

Sanna's maternity style in Seraphine

6)      What’s the funniest thing that’s happened so far this pregnancy?

Hmm… I threw up at Barclays bank while setting up my business account. Easy to seem professional… nja!


7)      Do you have a favourite non-maternity style that you’ll be wearing even after you can’t get the zip up?

My black wool coat from Filippa K. It looks fab even if I won’t be able to close it!


8)      What food can you not get enough of right now?

Sandwiches! OMG, I munch at least five a day. And apples… loads and loads of apples.


9)      What has been your favourite moment of pregnancy so far?

Our first ultrasound. When me and my fiancé got to meet our Junior for the first time he/she danced for us! Amazing to be a part of.


10)   Tell us your idea of happiness?

My idea of happiness is to enjoy your everyday life. We can all enjoy a holiday, but what goes on everyday is far more important. To love your work & have inspiring colleagues, come home to a welcoming and cosy flat and close contact with friends & family. Since I met my fiancé, of course he is now my main source of happiness – and my Junior!



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