10 things to remember when you become a second-time mum

Content creator Corinne Hately-Richards shares her thoughts on welcoming baby number two

When Corinne and River Hately-Richards met in London back in 2015, they loved seeing the world together. In February 2021 they welcomed baby Mila into their lives and continued to travel, documenting their trips – with the aim of helping other parents have the confidence to adventure with kids in tow.

Now they’re expecting baby number two and here, Corinne shares her top tips for getting ready for your second child.

I feel like there is a lot going on in my head as I prepare to become a mum for the second time. I wanted to jot down a few things to remember as I enter into motherhood again.

Corinne Hately-Richards

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Second-time mums, remember…

  1. Ultimately, the extra work of raising multiple children will be worth it

I’m not under any illusion that transitioning from one to two won’t come with its challenges. Some I’m prepared for, some I can’t possibly foresee, but I know that, no matter what – it’ll be worth every single second. 

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2. You’ll be better prepared for labour this time around

 When I was pregnant with Mila, I was induced at 40 weeks + 3 days. In hindsight I feel it was too early to have been induced: she wasn’t ready yet, but I was living overseas where the maternity care varies from the UK.

Plus I feel when you’re pregnant with your first, you’re at the mercy of the midwives more. This time around, as long as baby is OK, I will be happy to wait a little longer until she is ready to come. I want to listen to my body and trust my natural instincts. 

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3. Choose devices with two in mind, eg, a baby carrier for indoor use, or a hands-free breast pump

I didn’t babywear lots with Mila. I had a carrier, but it was more for outside use when we went for walks etc. However, I feel I may come to rely on one more with the next so I can have my hands free in general to play / cook / look after Mila, too. 

4. Involve your older child 

The age gap between Mila and our newest addition will be just over three years. A huge perk of having a three-year-old is that she’s always happy and eager to help. She helps me with cooking, cleaning and laundry, so I’m definitely going to utilise her interest and get her to help lots with her little sister.

5. Get out the first-born baby clothes 

When we left Dubai we sold a lot of the big baby items, but I kept lots of Mila’s first clothes, a) because I couldn’t bear to part with them and b) in case we ever had a second baby.

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6. Remember the hard times will pass

When you’re a first time mum, you naturally worry about most things to do with your baby and stress over the various stages, unsure what’s wrong or how long it will last. This time around I know everything is just a phase and the time will pass.

I want to give Mila time to adjust, and on days when things perhaps aren’t going as smoothly as hoped, to pick my battles. Parenting is SO much easier when you’re not having to say NO all the time. 

Corinne Hately-Richards

7. Prioritise one-on-one time with each child

This is something I’m very conscious of. My bond with Mila is so special to me and I want to keep some one-on-one time for us to go on a baby chino date, shopping or to play at the park. Double plus: I will get one-on-one time with Mila and River will get the same with baby.

8. Enjoy the help 

When I had Mila we lived in Dubai and it was Covid times. I didn’t have the physical support of family or a huge network of friends to rely on. This time around we are back in the UK, close to my mum and family and River’s are only a short plane ride away. Mila is also enrolled in a forest nursery for a couple of days a week which will allow me dedicated time to bond with my newborn little love.

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9. Love will be multiplied, not divided 

This is something I’ve been told over and over. I really can’t imagine life with two little ones although I realise it’s about to happen. When it does I know the love I have for Mila will only multiply for her and her little sister. 

10. Be open to your new baby’s needs

Just because your first born did things one way doesn’t make it wrong / right for your new baby to do it differently. Likewise, just because you may have struggled with certain things (breastfeeding, naps, colic etc) with your first, doesn’t mean that will happen again with your second. Every baby is different.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your insightful tips for second-time moms! Your advice is practical, empathetic, and filled with genuine understanding of the challenges and joys of motherhood. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience to help other moms navigate this beautiful journey with confidence and grace.

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