40 spring-inspired baby names

Spring baby on the way? Why not consider a name that nods to this happy season of newness, light and buds in bloom…

There are some beautiful baby names which are perfect for this time of year, focusing on fresh dawns and hope-filled futures. Take a look at some of our favourites, with origin and meaning included.

40 gorgeous boys and girls spring baby names
  • April: A spring month, thought to be taken from the Latin word “aperire” meaning to open (as in the buds and flowers of the season)
  • Aries: The first zodiac sign of spring (21 March to 19 April)
  • Atherton: English origin, meaning “a town by a spring”
  • Attwell: English origin, meaning “lives by the spring”
  • Aviv: Hebrew origin, meaning “barley ripening”
  • Aviva: Hebrew origin, “springtime”, “dewy” or “fresh”
  • Birch: English origin meaning “bright” or “shining”
  • Bláthnat: (pronounced blaw-nath) Irish origin meaning “little flower”
  • Blossom: English origin, meaning “to bloom”
  • Bluebell: English origin, then name of a popular spring flower
  • Bunny: English origin, meaning “little rabbit”
  • Cedar: Latin origin, a cedar tree, which represents strength, resiliency and longevity

  • Cherry: French origin meaning “dear”; in Japan cherry blossoms symbolise good fortune and new beginnings
  • Chloe: Greek origin meaning “young green shoot”
  • Daffodil: Dutch origin “asphodel” meaning “plant of the lily kind”. Represents rebirth and new beginnings
  • Dawn: Old English origin meaning “daybreak”
  • Denver: French/Old English origin meaning “green valley”
  • Easter: Old English origin meaning “goddess of fertility”
  • Haruki: Japanese origin meaning “spring child”
  • Iris: Greek origin meaning “rainbow”
  • June: Latin origin meaning “young”
  • Juniper: Latin origin meaning “evergreen”
  • Leif: Scandinavian origin meaning “descendant”, “heir” or “beloved” 
  • Maia: Greek origin meaning “great” or “mother”

  • Meadow: American origin meaning “field of grass”
  • Neo: Greek origin meaning “new”
  • Nova: Latin origin meaning “new”
  • Oona: Irish origin meaning “lamb”
  • Owen: Irish origin meaning “yew tree” or “youth”
  • Pascal: French origin meaning “Easter child”
  • Peter: Greek origin meaning “rock” or “stone”, also the name given to one of the most famous rabbits in the world, Peter, from the Beatrix Potter books
  • Posey: English origin meaning “bunch of flowers”
  • Primrose: English origin meaning “first rose”
  • Rae: Hebrew origin, shortened from Rachel meaning “ewe”
  • Rain: Old English/German origin meaning “abundance from above”
  • Renata: Italian origin meaning “reborn”

  • Robin: Old Germanic origin meaning “bright”
  • Signe: Scandinavian origin meaning “new victory”
  • Violet: Latin origin meaning “purple flower”
  • Xavier: Arabic origin meaning “new house” or “bright”

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