Post Pregnancy Belly Fat Blasting Foods: Our Top Ten

There’s no avoiding it – getting your figure back after pregnancy takes time. But there are a few clever tips and tricks you can use to speed things along! Here are our top 10 post pregnancy belly fat blasting foods to fight the bloat and slim your silhouette:


1) Camomile Tea – As well as having a stellar calming influence, camomile tea will work wonders when it comes to blitzing that post pregnancy belly bloat.

Try it – A cup before bed each evening will help you to drift off, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be fitting back into those skinny jeans before you know it.


2) Spinach – A great source of vitamins & minerals with virtually no calories: spinach is also packed with fibre, which will flush out any nasty toxins and whittle down your waistline.



3) Salmon – Not only is it delicious, this oily fish is high in protein and rich in essential fatty acids like Omega 3s which will help your body to burn off fat.

Try it – Nothing beats an indulgent Sunday morning breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs!


4) Pineapple – Containing the essential enzyme Bromelain, pineapple aids the break-down of proteins in the gut to help you combat bloating and slim your figure.


5) Fennel Seeds – With a sweet liquorice flavour and a whole host of bloat banishing properties, fennel seeds are a must-have digestion aiding ingredient for your kitchen cupboard.

Try it – Munch on a handful after meals to freshen your breath and aid digestion.


6) Avocado – This super tasty superfood is having a Vogue moment right now – and rightly so! Its good fats will fill you up for hours, and its high potassium levels will reduce water retention and bloating.



7) Ginger – Aiding digestion and easing gas, this spicy root is the first thing many of us reach for when feeling bloated. And as an added bonus it acts as an anti-inflammatory, expanding the blood vessels, increasing your body heat and helping you to burn off fat.

Try it – Add hot water to sliced ginger and lemon for a refreshing detox drink.


8) Almonds – A handful of these clever little nuts make a great low calorie yet highly satisfying snack. Replace those mid-morning biscuits with almonds to satisfy your sweet tooth & keep you full until lunch.


9) Apple cider vinegar – Top model and mum of one Miranda Kerr swears by apple cider vinegar for a detoxing, belly fat blasting health boost. It introduces healthy bacteria into your gut, which aids digestion and eases  post pregnancy belly bloating.

Try it – Add a teaspoonful to boiled water and allow it to cool for the ultimate detox drink.


10) Watermelon – Offering high water content and plenty of potassium, a delicious slice of watermelon after a meal will help to beat the bloat.

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