Meet the Top 5 Baby Naming Trends for 2021

Are you welcoming a new addition this year? Looking for a little baby naming inspiration?

From travel & adventure to superheroes myths & magic, we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the top baby name trends for 2021.

Travel Inspired Baby Names

New mother kisses her newborn baby, wrapped in a Seraphine blanket.

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With travel plans scuppered for so many last year, some parents are wishing big adventures for their little ones.

Inspired by everything from maps & compass points to geographical highlights & dream destinations, we’re expecting great things from Atlas & Everest.







Powerful Baby Names

New mama holds her baby in the air. Strong baby names

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This last year has understandably left many of us feeling a little powerless, so we absolutely love this emerging trend for strong, powerful names.

From superheroes & mythology to magic & everything in between… US comedian Nick Cannon named his daughter, born in December 2020, Powerful Queen!







Cottagecore Baby Names

Baby naming trends: mother with her new baby

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Cottagecore is a cultural trend that’s been steadily gaining traction over the past decade, all about longing for an idealised rural lifestyle.

But in 2020 the idea really exploded as many of us turned to slow-living & nostalgic pastimes in lockdown – everything from baking & crochet to planting & tending vegetable gardens!







TV & Music

Mum & baby in the Seraphine skin to skin top. Baby naming trends.

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For many of us, music, TV & movies played a more important role than usual last year, many are turning to hit TV shows like Normal People & Bridgerton for naming inspiration.

Popular baby name site Nameberry even identified singer songwriter Billie Eilish as a trend all of her own – her full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell – plenty of material to choose from there!







Bonus Trend: Valentine’s Day

Mama & Mini Valentine's Day

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For anyone expecting their new little love to arrive around Valentine’s Day, our bonus trend is one for you!








Happy baby naming mamas!

Spring Baby Names: 10 Fresh Name Ideas For Your Spring Baby

There’s something extra special about a spring baby.

If your little one is set to arrive soon, you might like to consider one of our beautiful spring baby names.

Lush, vibrant & green or delicate feminine & floral – we’ve got something for everyone.



Spring baby names - April

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A beautiful month name, April is a classic choice enjoying a bit of a revival lately.

A cool quirky option compared to her ultra-feminine sister-month May, April brings images of spring showers, bright sunshine & vibrant flowers.



Spring baby names - Lily

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Light, delicate & incredibly feminine, Lily is one of the most popular classic flower names.

It has a lovely elegant sound and symbolises purity & innocence.



Spring baby names - Bud

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A strong boy’s name of English origin, this one brings to mind grassy fields & wide open spaces.

We think it’s a stylish choice for a little explorer.



Spring baby names - Eden

A biblical name meaning paradise, Eden conjures images of lush gardens in full bloom.

It’s been steadily gaining in popularity in recent years, and while you’re still more likely to hear it for a girl, we think it’s also beautiful for a boy.



Spring baby names - Rain

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Another gorgeous unisex name, Rain or it’s slightly more sophisticated cousin Raine has a cool, bohemian vibe about it.

We love the fresh feel and think it would make a perfect middle name for a boy or a girl.



Spring baby names - Pascal

A classic French name, traditionally given to boys born around Easter or Passover.

We also love the feminine version of this name Pascale.



Spring baby names - Magnolia

Another classic floral name, Magnolia blossoms are amongst the first to appear each spring.

Offering feminine charm and a whole host of adorable nicknames – Maggie, Nola, Noa, for a start – we believe this one is set to enjoy a revival.



Spring baby names - Heath

A common shortening of Buddy but not often seen as a name in its own right, we think Bud is an adorable option for a little boy.

Bringing to mind the first buds of spring, it’s perfect for a spring baby, putting a unique nature spin on the name.



Spring baby names - sage

Another nature name that works perfectly for both boys & girls, Sage manages to feel totally fresh & modern while conveying some truly ancient meanings.

Wisdom with an earthy, herbal twist – we think it’s beautiful.



Spring baby names - Clover

A nature name with a little more spark than your classic Rose or Daisy, Clover is a lovely choice for a little girl.

Associated with good luck, it conjures up images of lush green grass & sunshine.


Whether you opt for one of these lovely Spring baby names or you have something else in mind, we wish you all the best for welcoming your new little one!

Senator Tammy Duckworth Makes History Bringing her Baby to the Senate

Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth made history recently when she became the first US senator to bring her newborn baby onto the Senate floor.

Beautiful baby Maile Pearl was just 10 days old when she made her big Senate debut, safely wrapped up with her mother in a Baby K’tan sling.


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Just the day before Maile’s historic trip, Senators had unanimously voted to overturn the baby-ban and allow infants onto the Senate floor. And before you ask, Maile was good as gold when the time came and slept through the whole thing!

Senator Duckworth had worked hard to change the rule, ensuring she’d be able to vote while caring for her newborn and hoping to set a positive example of family-friendly workplace policies to the nation.


Tammy Duckworth: Pushing Boundaries


As an Asian-American woman, an Iraq War Veteran, former Black Hawk helicopter pilot and double amputee working in politics, Tammy is no stranger to pushing boundaries and making history.

She was the first Asian-American woman elected to Congress in Illinois, the first disabled woman to be elected to the United States Congress and the first member of US Congress born in Thailand.

And after welcoming baby Maile in April she became the first sitting senator to give birth while in office.


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Here at Seraphine, we think Tammy is amazing. Her efforts to make her own working environment a more family-friendly place will pave the way to empowering generations of women to balance high-powered careers with family life.


Create a Stunning Nursery for your Little Angel with Gigi Brooks

Gigi Brooks is a luxury lifestyle brand for babies and children facilitating the design and creation of furniture, interiors and gifts from some of the world’s finest artisans and designers. Whether you are after a one-off piece of furniture, a selection of gifts or a complete room design, Gigi Brooks offers a specialist bespoke service to help you realise your vision down to the most intricate detail.

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At Gigi Brooks, our vision is to make a child’s early years truly magical and memorable. We believe that nursery and children’s furniture should be made to last a lifetime, like the way they used to be made, charming generation after generation of children. We offer exclusive pieces that cannot be found anywhere else and ensure that each and every design is completely tailored to create an interior masterpiece.


Planning your Nursery

We are always eager to advise clients on how to find their perfect look for baby’s nursery and we’re passionate about creating truly magical spaces for babies and children. We begin a nursery design by considering the essential items that will need to be included in the room, and then build the design around this.

Nursery essentials


















A baby needs somewhere to sleep, feed and be changed, so a crib, nursing chair and dresser are what we consider to be nursery essentials. Once these have been established, we then discuss with the client the designs that they have seen and liked, and the feel they want to create throughout the room.

For example, the design can be tailored to suit an ultra-modern feel, complete with sleek furnishings and minimal accessories, or alternatively to achieve a plush, regal look with everything from sumptuous silk crib skirts, intricate woodwork and luxurious crib canopies, we can suggest the ideal pieces for every design.


The Latest Trends

Up in the air





















We’ve seen some gorgeous key trends coming through this year, and we particularly love the trend for the whimsical hot air balloon accents that can be found in a number of our designs. Perfect for both boys and girls and easy to incorporate through the use of well-placed accessories, we think this is a trend that will be sticking around for a while yet.

We’ve also seen a number of clients looking for the ever-classic and sophisticated gold accented nursery, a style statement offering unbridled opulence and extravagance.


Gold nursery





















We believe it’s important to ensure a design has longevity and really works with the rest of the home. The nursery should be seen as an extension of the home because, as a parent to a newborn, there will be plenty of time spent cherishing those special memories in baby’s beautiful room.

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