Online Prenatal Pilates Class with Shapes Studio Founder Paola Langella

Here at Seraphine, we are thrilled to be working with Paola Langella, Founder of online Pilates studio, Shapes. Paola is offering a free taster Prenatal Pilates class exclusively for Seraphine customers!

With winter drawing in & many of us locked down once again, now could be the perfect time to explore online fitness options. Take the free 20 minute class & read on to find out a bit more about Paola & her Pilates philosophy below.

Free Online Prenatal Pilates Class (20 Minutes)

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Meet Pilates Instructor Paola Langella

Paola Langella - Pilates Instructor & Founder of Shapes Studio

1) Tell us a Little About Your Background – How Did You Get into Pilates?

My background is in dance. I studied Ballet for 10 years in Italy before moving to London.

I discovered the healing powers of Pilates after suffering a serious neck injury caused by a fall when my dance partner slipped. As part of my rehabilitation, my doctor suggested I explore the Pilates technique to strengthen the muscles of the neck and shoulder area. After a few sessions I felt much better, and once I understood the whole concept of Pilates (alignment, control, breathing), I was hooked.

I believe Pilates is a miracle for the body and I felt called to share this amazing technique with the world. After becoming a certified instructor in 2014 I taught for well-known studios in London as well as working with osteopaths to help rehabilitate their clients.

For the last two years I have taught clients one-to-one in my private studio in Notting Hill. And last year I launched, an online studio that helps people achieve their best shape physically and mentally, wherever they are in the world.

2) Is it Safe to Practice Pilates During Pregnancy?

Pregnant mum at Prenatal Pilates Class

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Prenatal Pilates can provide a safe workout for women in all stages of pregnancy. A few of the exercises are modified in order to ensure safe and comfortable movements for both mother and child, with emphasis on strengthening the back, exercising the pelvic floor, and increasing flexibility.

Of course, every body is different, and the repetitions and positions differ according to the individual’s stamina, stage of pregnancy, and bone structure.

Shapes Studio offers a Prenatal Pilates Package for £20 per month, which provides access to the prenatal videos as well as access to the Nutrition and Lifestyle Categories with tips to achieve a balanced lifestyle, managing stress, and improving diet.

3) And What About For Post-Pregnancy?

Rosie Wicks wearing Seraphine maternity activewear

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After receiving the green light from your doctor to start exercising, Pilates is great for postnatal women as it provides a gentle, but effective workout. As well as stabilising and working all the small muscles of the body, postnatal Pilates focuses on reactivating the pelvic floor using the Pilates breathing and controlled exercises.

Certain positions will be avoided initially, and care needs to be taken to avoid overworking the back. Pilates helps rebuild stamina and can help to alleviate stress. The body will recover quickly if the workouts are consistent.

4) As a Qualified Nutritionist, Do You Have Any Tips For Pregnant Women?

Pregnant mum and 2 daughters eating fruit

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To prenatal women, I would say that establishing your baby’s gut microbiome starts before birth. A balanced microbiome can help build a strong foundation for your baby’s own gut health.

A few of the best ways to improve gut health are regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and enjoying a balanced diet, rich in vitamins, minerals, and fermented foods.

A probiotic supplement can also help, though you should consult with your doctor to confirm what type and dosage of probiotic (if any) is best for you.

5) Any Final Words of Wisdom?

Paola Langella - Prenatal Pilates Instructor & Founder of Shapes Studio

I believe consistency is key. If you can find five minutes to spare each day, use them for exercise. If you’re consistent, you will gradually set your standards higher and before you know it, you’ll be exercising for 20-30 minutes daily.

Also, health is not just about diet and exercise. A healthy lifestyle needs to be achieved by both the food we eat and the other ways in which we nourish ourselves, like a good exercise routine, a job we love, fulfilling relationships, a spiritual practice, financial security, exploring new things that stimulate our brain, joy, creativity, home cooking.

It is important, for prenatal women in particular, to have a balanced lifestyle during this amazing journey in order to make healthier food choices for yourself and your baby.

Join Shapes Studio

Paola Langella - Pilates Instructor & Shapes Studio Founder

The most popular user category on Shapes is the full annual membership, which provides access to all the classes – Dynamic, Cardio, Prenatal, and stretching.

I include a complementary 45-minute Health Consultation for all new Shapes members, so we can pinpoint areas you want to work on and help you achieve a flying start.

Foodie Mama Daphne Oz On Pregnancy Smoothies & Comfy Maternity Clothes

Stunning mama Daphne Oz has been opening up about the things she’s loving through her third pregnancy – morning smoothies & comfy maternity clothes are top of her list!


Daphne Oz wears a white cotton maternity dress by Seraphine, styled with a biker jacket

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Professional foodie & US TV presenter Daphne looked stunning in one of our chic cotton maternity dresses on set for her cover shoot with Fit Pregnancy. She teamed the dress with a biker jacket & tousled hair to bring a rock chic edge to her look.


A post shared by D A P H N E O Z (@daphneoz) on

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Daphne is currently expecting baby number 3 – a little sister for 3 year old Philomena & 2 year old Jovan – and she can’t get enough of comfy maternity clothes. She described her current ideal outfit: “cozy sweater + sneakers + leggings up to my boobs – what did we do before these??”

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Daphne Oz Shares Her Top Pregnancy Tips


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Daphne shared what she’s been loving about her 3rd pregnancy:

“I happen to be one of those weirdos who loves being pregnant. Right now I’m feeling all those kicks and that’s my all-time favourite feeling in the world, because you really are connecting with this special person growing inside of you – it’s an incredibly magical time.”


A post shared by D A P H N E O Z (@daphneoz) on


Until recently, Daphne co-hosted US cooking show The Chew, as well as authoring several fantastic lifestyle & cookbooks, including her latest – The Happy Cook. With the arrival of baby number three, Daphne is planning to take a step back – she’s certainly earned a break!

See more from Daphne on Instagram @daphneoz


New Year’s Resolutions: New Year, New Beginnings, New You!

Making New Year’s resolutions is a great way to start the year with a positive attitude & some new goals to strive for. But with a beautiful new baby on the way, this year’s resolutions are sure to look a little different from last year’s. You’re already headed for a dry January, and you certainly won’t want to be losing any weight!

Here are a few of our favourite resolutions for mamas-to-be…


Resolution 1: Take More Pictures

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This one’s a no-brainer. Pregnancy is such a special time in your life, and it’ll be over before you know it (even if it may not always feel that way)! Organising a pregnancy photo shoot is the perfect way to make some memories. Treat yourself to some beautiful new maternity clothes, get dressed up, do your hair & makeup, and capture your gorgeous new curves on camera. Of course once your little bundle of joy arrives , you won’t be needing any encouragement to get the camera out!


Resolution 2: Get Active

Staying active through pregnancy is a great way to help prepare your body for the physical demands of labour & caring for a newborn. Whether you decide to hit the gym, join a pregnancy yoga class or get out for a gentle jog, a little exercise is guaranteed to boost your mood and your energy levels. Check out our selection of stylish maternity sportswear & yoga gear.


Resolution 3: Eat Well

You’re eating for two now – and with a baby on board, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re getting your 5 a day along with plenty of pregnancy-friendly vitamins, minerals & nutrients.

For more info, check out our post on healthy pregnancy eating habits


Resolution 4: Get Nesting

Babies come with plenty of stuff, so now is the time to harness those nesting instincts and have a good spring clean before he or she arrives. Take the opportunity to de-clutter, tidy and organise your home – you’ll have plenty on your plate once baby is born, so seize the moment & do it now while you have the time.


More Me-Time

Last but certainly not least, make sure that you take some time out for yourself to relax, recharge & indulge in things that make you happy.  Whether it’s a trip to the spa, a lazy weekend brunch or even just a  quiet afternoon to yourself, that brief moment will work wonders for your mood & your energy levels.


Whatever your resolutions, we wish you a healthy, happy New Year mamas!

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