Meet the Top 5 Baby Name Trends for 2020

Are you naming a baby this year? Looking for a little naming inspiration?

From the roaring 20s to 90s nostalgia & everything in between, we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the top baby name trends for 2020.

1) The Roaring 20s

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Dust off your Charleston skills ladies, we are officially back in the 20s! As we enter the 2020s many parents are looking back to the glitz & glamour of the jazz age for a touch of vintage baby-naming inspiration.

Names we love:


2) Muted Shades

newborn baby - baby name trends

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When it comes to colour names, the last decade was all about bold bright shades like Scarlet, Violet, Saffron & Blue. But 2020 is ushering in a new age of softer pastel hues.

The name Grey, in particular, has been climbing up the charts & can work for both boys & girls.

Names we love:


3) 90s Nostalgia

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Of course, not everyone’s looking as far back as the 1920s for naming ideas. One of this year’s top baby name trends is a little more recent!

Many of those becoming parents this year were kids or teenagers in the 90s & some are choosing nostalgic 90s inspired names.

Names we love:


4) Baking Boom

new born baby in a blanket - baby name trends

According to the SSA (Social Security Administration), Baker is one of the fastest climbing baby names in the US at the moment. And Baker is just the cherry on the cake when it comes to the blossoming baking baby name trend…

Names we love:


5) Pop Culture

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Of course, pop culture has always had a big impact on baby name trends & 2020 is no exception!

From Star Wars & Game of Thrones to popstars like Billie Eilish & Ariana Grande and even the newest member of the royal family – Baby Archie!

Names we love:


Happy name choosing mama!

Autumn Baby Names: 10 Gorgeous Names for Autumn Babies

If your little one is set to arrive in the next month or so, it might be time to start narrowing down the list of names.

With chilly misty mornings that burn off into golden sunny afternoons – Autumn is without a doubt one of the most beautiful seasons. Here are our top 10 autumn-inspired baby names…


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Feminine but not floral, Hazel is a romantic nature name that comes from the hazel tree.

Symbolising protection & wisdom, Hazel sits suspended somewhere between soft and strong.


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An ancient Anglo-Saxon name that feels fresh & modern thanks to a recent rise in popularity, Archer is a strong name meaning bowman.

Traditionally a boy’s name, we love it for little girls too!


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Of course, no list of autumn baby names would be complete without the season herself!

Conjuring up golden leaves and harvest abundance, Autumn is warm & giving with the heart & soul of a poet.


Newborn baby with Seraphine cable knit nursign shawl

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From Greek mythology, Gaia is a girl’s name meaning earth mother.

Short & sweet, but incredibly powerful, this is a strong choice with green ecological connotations. The perfect name for your little eco-warrior.


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Another tree name, Oliver comes from the Olive tree, symbolising peace & fruitfulness.

Stylish but not nearly as popular as his sister name Olivia, Oliver conjures up rural Mediterranean scenes.


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A beautiful gem with a warm honey shade, Amber encapsulates all the golden goodness of the season.

Generous & warm-hearted – a sunny disposition is guaranteed.


Strong, ancient & green, Forrest may sound like a modern bohemian choice, but it actually has a long history with its peak around the 1890s.

This masculine nature name is typically used for boys, but we think it’s just as nice for girls!


Another classic gemstone name, Ruby is a beautiful vintage name that’s enjoying a massive resurgence right now.

Popular & rising, Ruby is elegant & feminine yet spunky & never afraid to speak her mind.


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A strong masculine name with a soft caring centre, Hunter is a great choice for a little man.

The name shot to stardom in the 80s and has remained a solid choice ever since.


New mum with newborn baby. Wearing the Seraphine 3 in 1 maternity hoodie

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The third and final tree name on our list, Laurel is a beautiful botanical name – a naturally feminine alternative for the more common Laura or Lauren.

Symbolising peace and success, we think could be a lovely option for your little lady.

Skin to Skin Snuggles: What are the Benefits for Mum & Baby?

From that first magical moment when your newborn baby is placed skin to skin on your chest, something amazing begins to happen.

That direct close contact triggers an array of fantastic benefits for both of you, which you can tap into & enjoy whenever the mood takes you.

Who’d have thought a simple snuggle could be so powerful!

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What are the benefits of skin to skin snuggles?

mum wears the grey Seraphine skin to skin top

1) Relieves stress & promotes bonding

Being born is a stressful business.

But that first hour of skin to skin contact with you is the perfect way to help your new baby calm down & get used to being out in the world.

The warmth from your skin, the familiar sound of your heartbeat & even your voice will soothe your little one.

And the magic works for you & your partner too – skin to skin contact with your baby releases oxytocin (the happy hormone) and lowers cortisol levels (the stress hormone), helping you all to bond as a family.

New mum & baby skin to skin

 2) Lowers risk of postnatal depression

According to the NHS, around 1 in 10 new mothers will experience some level of postnatal depression within a year of giving birth.

The natural increase in oxytocin & lower levels of cortisol brought on during skin to skin time can be an effective way to combat this.

Though of course, it goes without saying that if you are struggling with postnatal depression, you should get in touch with your GP or midwife as soon as possible to seek professional advice & support.

New mum wears the Seraphine skin to skin top

3) Stabilises temperature, breathing & heart rate

Did you know that your breasts will actually warm up or cool down in response to your baby’s temperature?

Mums of twins may even find that one breast warms and the other cools if your babies’ temperatures are different – mind, blown!

Meanwhile, your own breathing & heart rate will help to regulate your baby’s.

Christina wearing skin to skin top

 4) Minimises pain & reduces crying

Studies show that babies held skin to skin tend to cry less than those who are not. This makes sense if you think about a baby’s cry as a ‘separation distress call’.

They also experience less pain during necessary clinical procedures like the heel stick blood test.

As far as we’re concerned, less pain & crying can only be a good thing.

The printed Skin to Skin top


5) Boosts baby’s immune system

Not all bacteria are bad – in fact some play a very important role in protecting us from infection.

Skin to skin snuggling allows the friendly bacteria on your skin to colonise your baby’s – boosting their immune system & keeping them healthy & protected as they grow.

6) Encourages breastfeeding

If you & your baby are left in peace to enjoy skin to skin time, your baby will eventually seek out your breast by him or herself & begin to feed.

And another amazing benefit of all that oxytocin rushing around your system is that it will boost your milk supply – helping you to feed for longer.

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Who’d have thought a simple snuggle could be so powerful!

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