Fourth Trimester Faves – Skin to Skin, Nursing, Babywearing & More

Nothing compares to those precious fourth trimester days with your new baby – getting to know each other, learning to pick up on their cues and falling head over heels in love!

Here are our top must-haves for that special post-pregnancy phase…

1. Skin to Skin Top

Skin to skin top - fourth trimester must-have

The benefits of bonding skin to skin with your new baby simply can’t be overstated. From the moment they arrive, a simple skin to skin snuggle has the power to soothe, regulate their temperature & even boost your milk supply!

Our signature tops allow you to enjoy all the benefits of skin to skin while keeping your hands free!

Read more about the benefits of skin to skin

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2. 3 in 1 Babywearing Coat

3 in 1 babywearing coats - perfect from the first to the fourth trimester & beyond

Getting out & about with your new little one during the fourth trimester is so important, and babywearing is the perfect way to do it. A stroll around the park with your baby strapped on will help to boost your mood & ease you back into your active lifestyle.

Featuring an innovative zip-off pouch at the front, our 3 in 1 coats & hoodies are designed to provide a flexible fit through pregnancy, and then zip up over a baby carrier after baby is born.

See real mamas rocking their 3 in 1 coats

3. Post Pregnancy Support

Fourth trimester support jeans

When it comes to clothes, comfort & support are sure to be high on your priority list after welcoming baby.

Our Post Pregnancy Shaping Leggings provide the perfect level of 360° compression, optimised for the fourth trimester. And for when you want to feel a little more put together, our Post Pregnancy Shaping Jeans do the same job!

4. Nursing Clothes

Fourth trimester nursing clothes

If you plan to breastfeed, then a good collection of nursing clothes & nursing bras is a must.

Many of our maternity dresses & tops are made with discreet built-in nursing features, so you may find that you can keep wearing many of the pieces you bought for pregnancy!

5. Nursing Shawl

Nursing shawl for the fourth trimester

And last but not least, there’s nothing quite like being snuggled up with your little one in a knitted nursing shawl while you feed.

Our soft shawls are designed to keep you covered up in public & cosy at home.

Most importantly, enjoy this special time mama – the fourth trimester flies by & they grow so fast!

Myleene Klass & Baby Apollo Love the Seraphine Skin to Skin Top

There’s no better feeling as a new mum than bonding with your brand new little one skin to skin – Just ask Myleene Klass!

The TV & Radio Presenter, Musician & new mum of 3 welcomed her baby son Apollo last month and has been enjoying precious bonding time with him in our Skin to Skin Top ever since.



Shop Myleene’s Look: Slate Blue Skin to Skin Top

“What I love about this top is that you can have your hands free! Skin to skin is the most natural thing. It’s the most immediate feeling and it not only soothes baby, it’s really nice for mum too.” – Myleene Klass


About the Skin to Skin Top


We created the Skin to Skin Top to help you enjoy discreet, hands-free cuddle time with your little one. It’s perfect for receiving visitors at the hospital and the first months at home with baby.

Made in soft stretch cotton, it’s gentle on both mum & baby’s skin, while providing the perfect level of structure & support.  After placing baby inside the top against your skin, long wrap ties cross over & secure the little one in place.


Ne mum, Myleene Klass in Seraphine skin to skin


These stylish tops also double as classic wrap nursing tops.

“When it comes to the practicalities of breastfeeding, it’s very discreet. Baby’s already there and he’s supported so you don’t get that arm ache which we’re all used to as mums.” – Myleene Klass


The Skin to Skin Tops are available in black, grey or slate blue & come in a sleeveless or a ¾ sleeve version. Browse online to shop the full range.

Of course, Myleene was also a big fan of our maternity clothes throughout her pregnancy – check out her favourite styles here.

Skin to Skin Snuggles: What are the Benefits for Mum & Baby?

From that first magical moment when your newborn baby is placed skin to skin on your chest, something amazing begins to happen.

That direct close contact triggers an array of fantastic benefits for both of you, which you can tap into & enjoy whenever the mood takes you.

Who’d have thought a simple snuggle could be so powerful!

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What are the benefits of skin to skin snuggles?

mum wears the grey Seraphine skin to skin top

1) Relieves stress & promotes bonding

Being born is a stressful business.

But that first hour of skin to skin contact with you is the perfect way to help your new baby calm down & get used to being out in the world.

The warmth from your skin, the familiar sound of your heartbeat & even your voice will soothe your little one.

And the magic works for you & your partner too – skin to skin contact with your baby releases oxytocin (the happy hormone) and lowers cortisol levels (the stress hormone), helping you all to bond as a family.

New mum & baby skin to skin

 2) Lowers risk of postnatal depression

According to the NHS, around 1 in 10 new mothers will experience some level of postnatal depression within a year of giving birth.

The natural increase in oxytocin & lower levels of cortisol brought on during skin to skin time can be an effective way to combat this.

Though of course, it goes without saying that if you are struggling with postnatal depression, you should get in touch with your GP or midwife as soon as possible to seek professional advice & support.

New mum wears the Seraphine skin to skin top

3) Stabilises temperature, breathing & heart rate

Did you know that your breasts will actually warm up or cool down in response to your baby’s temperature?

Mums of twins may even find that one breast warms and the other cools if your babies’ temperatures are different – mind, blown!

Meanwhile, your own breathing & heart rate will help to regulate your baby’s.

Christina wearing skin to skin top

 4) Minimises pain & reduces crying

Studies show that babies held skin to skin tend to cry less than those who are not. This makes sense if you think about a baby’s cry as a ‘separation distress call’.

They also experience less pain during necessary clinical procedures like the heel stick blood test.

As far as we’re concerned, less pain & crying can only be a good thing.

The printed Skin to Skin top


5) Boosts baby’s immune system

Not all bacteria are bad – in fact some play a very important role in protecting us from infection.

Skin to skin snuggling allows the friendly bacteria on your skin to colonise your baby’s – boosting their immune system & keeping them healthy & protected as they grow.

6) Encourages breastfeeding

If you & your baby are left in peace to enjoy skin to skin time, your baby will eventually seek out your breast by him or herself & begin to feed.

And another amazing benefit of all that oxytocin rushing around your system is that it will boost your milk supply – helping you to feed for longer.

Discover our Skin to Skin Tops – Perfect for the first year with baby

Here at Seraphine, we have developed the perfect tops to help you & your little one enjoy skin to skin time while remaining covered up & comfy.

Find out more about our Skin to Skin Tops here.

Shop the collection here

Who’d have thought a simple snuggle could be so powerful!


Have you met the new additions to our Skin to Skin collection?

We’ve added 3 gorgeous new skin to skin tops to our range, all designed to allow you & your newborn to enjoy the benefits of skin to skin time, hands-free!


The Benefits of Skin to Skin

Discover our full range of skin to skin tops online now


“Skin to skin has important functions for parent and baby throughout baby’s first year and beyond.”The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

The benefits of skin to skin contact or ‘kangaroo care’ for both mother and baby are very well documented – from regulation of temperature, breathing & heartbeat to increased oxytocin levels & milk production to simple comfort & bonding.

This is what inspired us here at Seraphine to develop this new post-maternity essential.


Meet our New Skin to Skin Tops

Seraphine's complete range of Skin to Skin Tops


Perfect for receiving visitors at the hospital and the first months at home with baby, the Skin to Skin Top is available in a ¾ sleeve version as well as our 3 new sleeveless styles in black, blue & grey.

After placing the baby inside the top against your skin, long wrap ties cross over & secure the little one in place.

Made in soft stretch cotton, it is gentle on both mum & baby’s skin, while providing the perfect level of structure & support.


New mother wears her newborn in the Seraphine Skin to skin top

Get the Look: Black Cotton Skin to Skin Top


This leaves your hands free while sitting – allowing you to enjoy maximum cuddle time without restricting your movements – you could get into a good book, catch up with your emails or it could even be something as simple as enjoying a quick snack & a drink.

The Skin to skin top keeps your hands free while seated, but it is important to note that it is not a baby carrier or sling, so you should always keep hold of baby while standing or moving around.

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