How to Plan a Baby Shower – by Twenty Three Layers CEO Jessica Boskoff

Jessica Boskoff - Twenty Three Layers CEO

If you are in charge of planning the perfect baby shower for yourself, a friend or a family member, it can be very exciting. Welcoming a new baby into the world is something to celebrate. As a host, you might feel overwhelmed – especially if you aren’t sure how to plan a baby shower.

Getting help from an experienced event planner like Twenty Three Layers can take the stress away from your baby shower. Here are some tips to help you to make certain that the special day will be smooth and successful.

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Choose the Right Date

How to plan a baby shower - Twenty Three Layers


Baby showers are traditionally scheduled about six to four weeks prior to when the baby is due. If that time period won’t work, a shower may also be scheduled after the baby is born.

Make certain that you plan the date well in advance so that you have time to mail the invitations to the guests around three weeks before you will hold the event.


Choose the Location

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In addition to choosing the right date, you will want to make certain that you pick an ideal location for your baby shower. You are not limited to hosting your shower in your home and may even consider hosting it outdoors.

The key is to choose a place for the shower that has comfortable places to sit for all of your guests. If you are planning an intimate party, you might consider hosting it at a restaurant.


Choose your Theme


Choosing a theme for the baby shower can assist you with the planning process. Themes aid in the organization of all of the details. If you are uncertain of the baby’s gender, you can incorporate colors that are gender-neutral.


Learn About Dietary Restrictions

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Before you plan the menu, you should make certain to ask the expectant mother if she has any restrictions on her diet.

Some pregnant women have gestational diabetes and must limit their sugar intake and other carbohydrates. Others avoid eating certain types of foods because of pregnancy-related aversions or potential health risks.

In addition to including foods that the mother will be able to enjoy, plan to have other items so that there is a variety of options for all of the guests.


Decorate with Care

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The best decorations for a baby shower are items that the mother-to-be will be able to use for her baby. For instance, you might decorate with baby accessories and clothes and arrange diapers together in the shape of a cake.


Plan Simple and Fun Activities

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Your baby shower should include a mix of time to socialize along with a couple of simple, fun activities to fill in the time.

You can ask your guests to create small books for the baby and mother by giving them blank notecards. Ask them to write something in response to a prompt such as things that the baby might like to know about his or her mom or wishes that you have for the baby. You can then insert the notecards into a photo album to give to the mother as a keepsake.


Expect Guests to Ask for Gift Ideas

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Be prepared for the guests to contact you before the shower to ask for gift ideas. You can ask the mother what she needs and compile a list. You can also ask her for her registry information and tell the guests where she is registered.

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Have Thank You Cards Ready

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Make certain to have thank you cards ready to send to all of the guests after the shower. You might want to give the mother addressed envelopes and blank cards at the party along with the guest list. This will save her time when she writes the notes.


Get Help from Professional Event Planners


If you happen to be in New York, Twenty Three Layers is the event planning company of choice. They are able to assist you with how to plan a baby shower from the creation of the theme to the party’s execution.

When you have help, you can be assured that your hosted baby shower will be perfect and memorable, allowing you time to relax and to enjoy yourself. Their creative team of professionals can lend their expertise to creating the event that you envision.

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