How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower & Other Socially Distant Alternatives

In-person parties might be out right now, but you & your beautiful bump still deserve to be celebrated! While we’re all maintaining our social distance, why not think about throwing a virtual baby shower?

We’ve covered all the basics in our how-to guide.

Watch the Video

Choose your Platform & Invite your Guests

First you need to decide the best platform to host your virtual baby shower. There are plenty of options out there – Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts… the usual suspects.

We think Zoom is great – it’s user-friendly with minimal set-up (great for older relatives), and the free version allows you to invite up to 100 guests for up to 40 minutes.

Of course, you can always start a new call when the timer runs out, and the natural pause provides a great opportunity for a bathroom break!

Another helpful way to use that 40-minute limit is to divide up your guests, almost like a seating plan. Video calls can become chaotic with too many people involved, so by breaking up the party into smaller, more manageable groups – 1 for friends & 1 for family, for example – you’ll enjoy more quality time with everyone.

Pick your Baby Shower Dress

Pink maternity dress for your Virtual Baby Shower

Get the Look: Blush Pink Midi Wrap Maternity Dress

One great way to cultivate that special occasion feeling is to choose a special outfit! Ditch the leggings & loungewear for the day & put on your best maternity party dress. You’ll be the centre of attention after all, so you’ll want to look & feel your best.

Check out our gorgeous range of maternity dresses online & treat yourself!

Virtual Baby Shower Games, Décor & Food

pregnant mum and daughter celebrating a virtual baby shower

Get the Look: Deep Blue Beaded Maternity Cocktail Dress

One big advantage of a virtual baby shower is that it involves much less prep work for the hosts. In terms of decorations, you only need to think about 1 area of your home – the bit the camera will be pointing at! This is great because you can make a really big impact with minimal resources.

Catering is also much easier – everyone provides their own! Though we think it’s a nice idea to set a theme for the snacks to make things feel a little more cohesive – how about ‘Bring Your Own Afternoon Tea’ or ‘Take out of your choice’.

When it comes to games & entertainment, trivia, quizzes & scavenger hunts work well online – why not ask all your guests to send over a baby picture of themselves in advance & play a virtual round of guess the baby!

How to Handle Gifts at a Virtual Baby Shower

Pregnant mum, daughter and balloons at a virtual baby shower

Get the Look: Navy Blue Midi Wrap Maternity Dress

Of course, one of the focal points of the party is usually opening up the gifts & cooing over the impossibly tiny baby clothes. There are two ways around this, and which you choose largely depends on how organised you & your guests can be.

Option 1: You ask your guests to send gifts in advance so you can open them up on camera

Option 2: Your guests reveal their gifts on camera & send them on to you after the party

For gifting inspiration, check out our gorgeous collection of baby shower gifts online now.

Added Extras & Alternatives

Get the Look: Navy Blue Dot Maternity & Nursing Dress

Of course, you may not feel up to hosting a full video call party right now, and that is completely ok! There are plenty of other ways to mark the occasion.

A small celebration at home with just your immediate family will be every bit as special. If your other half is handy with a camera, you could arrange a pregnancy photoshoot at home. And if any of your friends & family live locally, why not organise a drive by & socially distant gift drop off!

Another idea is to ask your would-be guests to send a short message of advice or encouragement for you & a wish for baby’s future. This could either be online or by post, which you could gather into a keep-sake scrap book. Or you could even ask them to record it as a video & ask a clever friend to edit them together.

How to Plan a Baby Shower – by Twenty Three Layers CEO Jessica Boskoff

If you are in charge of planning the perfect baby shower for yourself, a friend or a family member, it can be very exciting. Welcoming a new baby into the world is something to celebrate. As a host, you might feel overwhelmed – especially if you aren’t sure how to plan a baby shower.

Getting help from an experienced event planner like Twenty Three Layers can take the stress away from your baby shower. Here are some tips to help you to make certain that the special day will be smooth and successful.

And make sure to check out Seraphine’s stunning selection of baby shower dresses!


Choose the Right Date

How to plan a baby shower - Twenty Three Layers


Baby showers are traditionally scheduled about six to four weeks prior to when the baby is due. If that time period won’t work, a shower may also be scheduled after the baby is born.

Make certain that you plan the date well in advance so that you have time to mail the invitations to the guests around three weeks before you will hold the event.


Choose the Location

Get the Look: Woven Ditsy Floral Maternity Dress

In addition to choosing the right date, you will want to make certain that you pick an ideal location for your baby shower. You are not limited to hosting your shower in your home and may even consider hosting it outdoors.

The key is to choose a place for the shower that has comfortable places to sit for all of your guests. If you are planning an intimate party, you might consider hosting it at a restaurant.


Choose your Theme


Choosing a theme for the baby shower can assist you with the planning process. Themes aid in the organization of all of the details. If you are uncertain of the baby’s gender, you can incorporate colors that are gender-neutral.


Learn About Dietary Restrictions

A post shared by Twenty Three Layers (@23layers) on


Before you plan the menu, you should make certain to ask the expectant mother if she has any restrictions on her diet.

Some pregnant women have gestational diabetes and must limit their sugar intake and other carbohydrates. Others avoid eating certain types of foods because of pregnancy-related aversions or potential health risks.

In addition to including foods that the mother will be able to enjoy, plan to have other items so that there is a variety of options for all of the guests.


Decorate with Care

A post shared by Twenty Three Layers (@23layers) on


The best decorations for a baby shower are items that the mother-to-be will be able to use for her baby. For instance, you might decorate with baby accessories and clothes and arrange diapers together in the shape of a cake.


Plan Simple and Fun Activities

Get the Look: Broderie Anglaise Maternity & Nursing Dress


Your baby shower should include a mix of time to socialize along with a couple of simple, fun activities to fill in the time.

You can ask your guests to create small books for the baby and mother by giving them blank notecards. Ask them to write something in response to a prompt such as things that the baby might like to know about his or her mom or wishes that you have for the baby. You can then insert the notecards into a photo album to give to the mother as a keepsake.


Expect Guests to Ask for Gift Ideas

Get the Look: Baby Blue Polka Dot Maternity Dress


Be prepared for the guests to contact you before the shower to ask for gift ideas. You can ask the mother what she needs and compile a list. You can also ask her for her registry information and tell the guests where she is registered.

Or else send them the link to Séraphine’s fantastic selection of baby shower gifts – they have plenty of stylish options for mom and baby.


Have Thank You Cards Ready

How to plan a baby shower - writing thank you notes


Make certain to have thank you cards ready to send to all of the guests after the shower. You might want to give the mother addressed envelopes and blank cards at the party along with the guest list. This will save her time when she writes the notes.


Get Help from Professional Event Planners


If you happen to be in New York, Twenty Three Layers is the event planning company of choice. They are able to assist you with how to plan a baby shower from the creation of the theme to the party’s execution.

When you have help, you can be assured that your hosted baby shower will be perfect and memorable, allowing you time to relax and to enjoy yourself. Their creative team of professionals can lend their expertise to creating the event that you envision.

Baby Shower Gifts: 3 Top Tips on Choosing Presents for Mum-to-be & Baby

Looking for beautiful baby shower gifts? Then you’ve come to the right place! From adorable onesies, booties, hair bows and baby blankets to stunning accessories and must-have pieces for new mums, you’re sure to find something special at Seraphine. Read on for our 3 top tips on choosing the perfect presents for parents-to-be and their impending arrivals, and then choose from our carefully curated selection of beautiful baby shower gifts.


1. Buy Baby Clothes in Different Sizes


When it comes to choosing baby shower gifts, adorable baby clothes are a fantastic choice! But while it can be tempting to blow your budget on a cute selection of those teeny tiny newborn outfits, it’s important to remember that babies grow quickly, and will only actually fit those newborn pieces for so long.


Baby shower gifts by Seraphine


Instead of buying a set of 3 adorable outfits for 0 to 6 months, why not think about buying baby clothes in a variety of sizes that the little one can grow into later! It’s a gift that keeps on giving, as new mums will always be grateful for having a stash of clothes ready for when baby grows.


2. Don’t Forget Baby Shower Gifts for Mum

Get the Look: Off The Shoulder Black Maternity Dress

While choosing gifts for the little one is always the most fun part, it’s often the baby shower gifts for mum that are the most appreciated. Thoughtful presents aimed at making her life a little easier through those early months with her new baby will always go down well.


baby shower gifts by Seraphine


Our beautiful & practical breastfeeding covers make great gifts for baby showers – perfect for her to wear now, and an essential item if she plans to breastfeed later. Another great gift idea is a pair of our Seraphine ballet pumps, stylish flat shoes that are ergonomically designed to minimise back pain and heavy legs through pregnancy and afterwards.


3. Club together for Something More Pricey

If you really want to treat the mama-to-be to something extra special, but can’t justify going it alone, why not think about clubbing together with a few other guests to split the cost. One of our luxury changing bags or a hand engraved necklace by Merci Maman would make a beautiful baby shower gift, and if every guest made a contribution, you could have the cost covered in no time!


Best of luck choosing your baby shower gifts mamas!


Baby Shower Ideas at Seraphine: Pink & Blue for 2 Beautiful Bumps

Looking for baby shower ideas? This week at Seraphine we threw a surprise baby shower for two lovely ladies from our design team, Iryna and Jo!

Both mamas are due in March – believe it or not, they were originally given the same due date! And we thought we’d take the opportunity to wish them the best and send them off on their maternity leave in style.



Iryna is expecting a little girl – a sister for her 11 year old son, and for first-time-mum Jo the sex will be a surprise! Both ladies looked lovely in Seraphine maternity and nursing tops styled with blue maternity jeans.


Pink and blue baby shower ideas


When it came to baby shower décor and catering, a traditional pink and blue theme worked perfectly. Homemade cakes, marshmallows and pink lemonade went down a storm, while matching pink and blue balloons and table ware completed the look. It was pretty darned adorable – if we do say so ourselves!


Check out our best maternity dresses for baby showers

Blonde woman wears a pink maternity dress and a blue maternity dress

Talking to the ladies at the shower it’s clear that being pregnant and working at Seraphine certainly has its perks! Iryna said:

“It has been brilliant – it’s a really supportive atmosphere! The best thing is to have access to try on all the samples before they go on sale and to buy pieces you love with the great staff discount! I had my first son 11 years ago and remember how difficult it was to find something nice and comfortable to wear. It has been very easy to dress up the bump for work with the magnificent choice of maternity clothes Seraphine has to offer.”



If you’re planning a baby shower and are looking for a little extra inspiration, don’t miss our beautiful baby shower ideas on Pinterest!


We are so proud of our lovely mums-to-be, and wish them all the best as they get set to take some time off before their little bundles of joy make their big debuts!


Win Your Baby Shower Invites with Seraphine & Greenvelope

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With a baby on the way, you have so much to celebrate! This week on the blog we’ve teamed up with the lovely people at Greenvelope – the digital stationary experts – to offer a little inspiration to help you plan the perfect baby shower.


Read on for some great ideas, an exclusive 20% discount code and for your chance to WIN a set of eco-friendly invites courtesy of Greenvelope.


Pick Your Theme



Celebrate your little bundle of joy with a rain themed shower! From stunning rain drop table settings to hanging umbrellas and even the scent of fresh rain in the air – a shower themed shower is sure to be a party to remember!

To wear:

Chevron Print Maternity Dress

Polka Dot Silk Maternity Dress




Got a little secret to keep? Throw a stunning gender neutral shower and keep your guests guessing! You could opt for soft muted greys and creams, or we love the idea of a bright multi-coloured themed party.

To wear:

Sage Polka Dot Knot Front Maternity Dress

Silk Polka Dot Maternity Dress




Take the celebration outside with a beautiful garden tea party. Frilly, floral and fabulously twee, a tea party shower is sure to be a hit with the girls. Set up a tea bar with a selection of your favourite tea blends & biscuits, and serve it all up in a beautiful vintage tea set.

To wear:

Floral Silk Maternity Cocktail Dress

Florrie Floral Print Dress




Your friends and family will all be dying to meet your new arrival, so why not wet the baby’s head in style with a glamorous sip and see soiree! Roll out the bling and invite your nearest and dearest to celebrate the newest addition to your family.

To wear:

Blush Lace Maternity Cocktail Dress

Silver Violet Crepe Maternity Dress


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Gorgeous Jaime King Rocks our Denim Maternity Dress

Hollywood stunner Jaime King was spotted rocking one of our cutest denim maternity dresses this week!

The pregnant star, who was first featured in Vogue at the tender age of 15, looked ultra-cool dressed down in our Dungaree Denim Maternity Dress for a sunny stroll with husband Kyle Newman. We can’t get enough of her outfit – Jaime perfected the art of retro 90’s chic; styling the denim dress with a sexy backless top, cute black brogues, a white bag & a pair of statement shades to complete the look.

Jaime wore her hair loose with minimal makeup for a natural look, which was fresh & super stylish: Impressive when you think that just the day before she was the guest of honour at the hottest baby shower in Hollywood! None other than Taylor Swift, Godmother to the baby-in-waiting, pulled out all the stops to organise a star studded shower to remember – who needs a fairy godmother when you have Taylor! The glamorous guest list included fellow fan of Seraphine maternity clothes Jessica Alba, as well as some of the most stylish stars including Gigi Hadid, Nina Dobrev, all three Haim sisters & Modern Family star Sarah Hyland to name just a few!


A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on


And Jaime isn’t the only celebrity to fall in love with our summer denim selection: Jessica Alba wore our Luxe Grey Maternity Skinny Jeans while expecting her 2nd daughter Haven, while Confessions of a Shopaholic star Isla Fisher & fashion icon Fearne Cotton both love our Ripped Skinny Maternity Jeans.


Keep up the good work Jaime – we are loving your style!



Celebrate in Style with 20% off Eco-Friendly Invites from Greenvelope

With a brand new baby on the way, you have so many reasons to celebrate! There are pregnancy announcements to send, maternity dresses for your baby shower to choose, gender reveals, birth announcements, baby’s first meet & greet and even the first birthday party to look forward to – and that’s only the first year!

With all of these party opportunities on the horizon, we think it’s high time you met Greenvelope – the coolest eco-friendly invites around. — read on for your exclusive discount code!


Greenvelope is a digital stationary company, offering a stylish eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper invitations. Their stunning paperless invites offer beautiful, fully customisable design options, along with convenient event-specific functionality, all delivered direct to your guests’ inbox – the perfect coupling of traditional design with contemporary delivery.

Baby shower

Guests will love the interactive visuals & easy RSVP function of these gorgeous digital invites, and you will have a clear conscience, safe in the knowledge that no trees were harmed in the sending of your mail!

Baby announcements

Visit Greenvelope’s site to find out more, browse their range, and to see some sample invites.

baby naming party

And just because we love you, enjoy 20% off your first order with the code: seraphine



And don’t forget, once your party is planned, the guests are invited & the RSVPs are in; it’s time to choose your maternity party dress!


If you’re throwing a baby shower, you could even drop a hint about baby’s gender with one of our beautiful maternity dresses! Choose pink for a girl, blue for a boy, or keep them guessing with stylish a gender neutral option.



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