Fourth Trimester Faves – Skin to Skin, Nursing, Babywearing & More

Nothing compares to those precious fourth trimester days with your new baby – getting to know each other, learning to pick up on their cues and falling head over heels in love!

Here are our top must-haves for that special post-pregnancy phase…

1. Skin to Skin Top

Skin to skin top - fourth trimester must-have

The benefits of bonding skin to skin with your new baby simply can’t be overstated. From the moment they arrive, a simple skin to skin snuggle has the power to soothe, regulate their temperature & even boost your milk supply!

Our signature tops allow you to enjoy all the benefits of skin to skin while keeping your hands free!

Read more about the benefits of skin to skin

Shop Skin to Skin Tops now

2. 3 in 1 Babywearing Coat

3 in 1 babywearing coats - perfect from the first to the fourth trimester & beyond

Getting out & about with your new little one during the fourth trimester is so important, and babywearing is the perfect way to do it. A stroll around the park with your baby strapped on will help to boost your mood & ease you back into your active lifestyle.

Featuring an innovative zip-off pouch at the front, our 3 in 1 coats & hoodies are designed to provide a flexible fit through pregnancy, and then zip up over a baby carrier after baby is born.

See real mamas rocking their 3 in 1 coats

3. Post Pregnancy Support

Fourth trimester support jeans

When it comes to clothes, comfort & support are sure to be high on your priority list after welcoming baby.

Our Post Pregnancy Shaping Leggings provide the perfect level of 360° compression, optimised for the fourth trimester. And for when you want to feel a little more put together, our Post Pregnancy Shaping Jeans do the same job!

4. Nursing Clothes

Fourth trimester nursing clothes

If you plan to breastfeed, then a good collection of nursing clothes & nursing bras is a must.

Many of our maternity dresses & tops are made with discreet built-in nursing features, so you may find that you can keep wearing many of the pieces you bought for pregnancy!

5. Nursing Shawl

Nursing shawl for the fourth trimester

And last but not least, there’s nothing quite like being snuggled up with your little one in a knitted nursing shawl while you feed.

Our soft shawls are designed to keep you covered up in public & cosy at home.

Most importantly, enjoy this special time mama – the fourth trimester flies by & they grow so fast!

New Mum Gifts with Fashion Blogger Elena Sandor of Eat.Wear.Travel

Congratulations new mama! Your beautiful little bundle of joy has arrived and here at Seraphine we have a few fabulous treats lined up to help you settle into your new role as mum. That’s right – the style doesn’t stop just because baby is born!

We’ve teamed up with fashion blogger Elena Sandor and her gorgeous new daughter Emma to show you just a few of our must-have new mum gifts.


The Stylish Changing Bag

Elena had tried several other styles before settling on our Cambridge Leather Changing Bag. Ours was the only one that not only fitted her needs as a new mama, but also stood up to the style test. She was thrilled with the chic look, and even plans to use it as a smart work bag after Emma is out of nappies. She said:

“The Seraphine Bag I have been carrying for a couple of weeks now, is a dream come true. Designed to look and feel just like a designer handbag, all my friends have been admiring it since it doesn’t look at all like a changing bag. Now I don’t have to hide it under a table, but proudly place it in the center of attention.”

Check out our stylish range of designer changing bags now!


The Tummy Tuck Leggings

After struggling with post-baby body image, Elena was thrilled to find our Post Maternity Shaping Leggings. Designed to smooth and sculpt your curves, these leggings provide medium level compression to streamline your silhouette and gently realign your uterus after pregnancy.

“They are simply amazing, tucking in all the unnecessary curves, providing 360° of compression. They are very high waisted going right up to underneath the bust, giving me the confidence to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes again. The material is thick and a bit glossy, perfect to wear under tunics or dresses.”


The 3 in 1 Maternity Parka

Get the look - Elena Sandor wears the Seraphine maternity parka

Elena named our clever 3 in 1 maternity coat ‘the parka of the season’! It’s fully adjustable with a drawstring waist, designed to be worn throughout pregnancy and long after baby is born. It comes with an ingenious zip on kangaroo panel at the front that’s perfect for babywearing – it fits easily over your baby sling or front carrier. As far as new mum gifts go, this is sure to be a winner!
“Seraphine has launched the coolest parka ever. Emma really loved it, she slept through our walk in the cold Brasov (mountain town in Romania). This is going to be my go to parka throughout the entire cold season!”


Baby K’tan

Baby K'tan loved by celebrities

And the perfect partner for the 3 in 1 parka? It has to be the Baby K’tan baby carriers! Quicker & easier to put on than a traditional wrap, the Baby K’tan is the babywearing sensation that converts can’t stop talking about. Made in soft natural cotton, the Baby K’tan is a celebrity favourite – it’s the ideal sling to team with your parka.


The Diana Collection

A photo posted by Elena Sandor ( on

And it’s not just your style we’ve thought about… The Diana Collection is our stunning range of baby wear, made with your gorgeous little ones in mind. Featuring the iconic Diana Pastel Tartan in soft cotton, cashmere and pure wool, the range is adorable in shades of pink and blue.

“Baby Emma couldn’t believe her eyes when her dress from Diana collection arrived in the post. She loved wearing it for our afternoon mommy and baby quality time.”


Check online for more new mum gifts ideas, & for more from Elena, check out her stunning blog Eat Wear Travel or follow her on Instagram


Beauty Tips & Tricks for Summer: 10 Beauty Hacks to Get Back your Glow

We love dreamy summer days by the sea! It’s all about sun-kissed skin, tousled hair and perfectly pedicured toes peeping out of pretty summer sandals. But all that sun, sea and sand can be tough on your natural glow. Read on for our best summer holiday beauty tips to fight the frizz, soothe the skin and get back your glow!


Maternity dresses


1) First thing’s first: Sun cream, sun cream, sun cream! You know the drill by now; opt for a high SPF with UVA & UVB protection & reapply at every opportunity. A great way to remember, is to reapply every time you have a drink – If you feel thirsty, your skin probably does too.


2) Once you’re home (or back at the hotel!) after a day in the sun, make sure to exfoliate and moisturise well. This is the best way to ensure an even, long lasting tan to compliment your stunning summer maternity dresses.


3) And because sometimes even the most diligent SPF patrollers will miss a bit, keep a stash of home-made cooling after sun in the freezer. Simply freeze aloe in an ice tray & pop out a cube or two to soothe sun burn when needed.


Maternity swimsuits


4) From dried out frizzy sun damage to colour stripping chlorine, summer can be hard on your hair. One great way to minimize chlorine damage is to wet your hair before you take the plunge. If it’s already saturated with water or a hydrating product, your hair won’t take on as much of the chemicals and chlorine from the pool – this is one of our favourite summer beauty tips!


5) The sooner you can wash your hair afterwards, the better – use a clarifying shampoo asap to banish the build-up of salt, sand and chemicals.


6) A deep conditioning treatment will give you back your natural gleam. Try mixing your favourite conditioner with equal parts of pure jojoba oil and olive oil for the ultimate re-hydrating treatment; leave it on for 20 minutes then rinse well to reveal beautiful, shiny, healthy hair.


Maternity dresses


7) We all know the havoc that summer can wreak on our feet; fight dry cracked heels and rough skin with a home-made Listerine foot soak! It may sound strange, but it really can help soften up your skin. Mix 1 part Listerine mouth wash, 1 part apple cider vinegar and 2 parts warm water in a shallow bowl and soak your feet for 20 minutes.


8) After a foot soak, exfoliate and remove dead skin using a sea salt scrub. Shop bought ones are great, but home-made can be just as good; we love this sea salt and coconut oil scrub from Nicole posted on her blog Wonky Wonderful.


9) A glossy coat of your favourite summer nail varnish will put the perfect finishing touch on your home pedicure. For easy application and the ultimate smooth finish, chill your nail varnish in the fridge before you want to use it – sounds weird but it really works!

10) Once you’ve restored your natural glow, show it off with the perfect summer maternity clothes! Browse our collections & discover cute day dresses, gorgeous maternity swimwear & the stunning evening wear styles for pregnancy.



Postnatal Exercises to try with Baby | Pregnancy Yoga Video

So you’ve had your baby & are now raring to get back into your groove with some gentle postnatal exercises. It’s important to take your time with this – listen to your body and wait at least 6 weeks before you start in earnest. But once you feel ready, a little gentle exercise is a fantastic way to tone up, boost your mood and even bond with baby!

So slip into your post pregnancy leggings or Seraphine Active Kit & try these fun postnatal exercises at home with baby!


P.S. If you’re still expecting, scroll to the bottom to find a fabulous 25 minute pregnancy yoga video to follow at home…


Exercise with baby

This is just about the sweetest way we can think of to start toning your tum!

Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and feet placed firmly on the floor in a position ready to do sit ups. Sit baby half way up the slope of your thighs, holding him in place around his middle. Then simply do a set of regular sit ups, kissing baby at the top of each one! Aim for 3 sets of 12.



Front stroller squats

Who needs weights when you have a little bundle of joy to lift!

Strap baby into his front carrier, stand with your feet just over a shoulder width apart and complete a set of regular squats. Bend your knees to lower your body into an imaginary chair, keeping your weight over your heels. Aim for 3 sets of 12.



Buggy Lunges

Tone up and make baby laugh!

Put baby in the buggy facing you, then complete a set of regular lunges, stopping at the bottom to pull a funny face and make baby laugh, before slowly returning to your neutral position. This is great for toning your legs and baby will love this fun new game!



Exercise with baby

Teach baby his ABCs and tighten up your abs while you’re at it!

Lying flat on your back with baby next to you, place your arms at your sides and extend your legs straight up toward the ceiling, feet together.
Recite the alphabet slowly to baby, drawing each letter in the air with your toes. Keep the moves slow and controlled, and be sure to keep your belly button pulled in toward the floor. Aim to make it through the entire alphabet.



Exercise with baby

Lie baby down on your mat and position your hands either side of her for a set of regular press ups. This is perfect for toning up your arms, and baby will find it completely hilarious. If those delighted giggles don’t motivate you to finish the set, we don’t know what will!



Keeping Fit Through Pregnancy

If you still have a while to wait before you meet your little bundle of joy, why not try some gentle pregnancy yoga! Yoga is a fantastic way to stay active through your nine months – It’s perfect for relieving tension both physically and mentally, and can even help you to prepare for labour and speed up your recovery time. With regular practice, you’ll feel energised and more connected to both your body and your baby.


A video posted by HOUSE OF VOGA (@houseofvogahq) on

Gorgeous Voga Mamas love our Seamless Over Bump Maternity Leggings


Our stunning model Danielle is much more than just a pretty face! She is an experienced yogi, and runs her own wellness and clean living blog Natually Dee, complete with healthy recipes, yoga routines and reflections on pregnancy and impending motherhood. Check out her 25 minute calming yoga routine, made in collaboration with YouTube wellness sensation Wild Dish…



When it comes to pregnancy workouts and postnatal exercises, the most important thing is to listen to your body, and only do as much as you feel comfortable with.



New Mum Style: 5 Fashion Tips for Nursing Mums

Congratulations new mama! Bringing a baby into the world is pretty high up there on the list of life altering events – but with the right nursing clothes, it certainly doesn’t have to mean that you sacrifice your style. To help you on your quest for yummy mummy style, check out our top 5 fashion tips for nursing mums:




Our first piece of advice is to hold onto those maternity clothes for just a little while longer. Your favourite comfy, stretchy styles are perfect for those first precious months with your newborn. They provide plenty of cover and a flexible fit while your body begins to settle back to normal.

At Seraphine, all of our maternity clothes are designed to fit and flatter your figure before, during and after pregnancy, and you’ll be especially pleased to have your maternity jeans to pair with new nursing tops!


nursing jumpers


The world is your oyster when it comes to nursing access these days. You can go for zips, poppers, buttons, clips, wrap dresses and even discreet double layer lift up tops and dresses – it’s all about which style suits you and your baby best.

Our Breton Cotton Blend Nursing Jumper opens at the sides with easy poppers – it’s a must-have for a new mum!



Now that baby is born it’s not just your sensitive skin you have to think about – your baby will be cuddling up against whatever you wear! Super soft natural fabrics like cotton, linen and bamboo viscose are ideal.

You’ll love our Striped Cotton Maternity & Nursing Tops, available in red, blue and pink stripes. Made in 100% pure cotton, they’re guaranteed to be kind on sensitive skin.



Of course all of your styling efforts will be in vain if you don’t have the right lingerie underpinning your outfit! Well-fitting nursing bras are a must, and a good collection of supportive post-pregnancy bodies and vests and leggings is a great way to smooth your shape.


Breastfeeding covers



There’s nothing like a stylish nursing shawl for breastfeeding on-the-go! A trendy fashion accessory and an ultra-versatile piece, these shawls pair perfectly with our designer changing bags, and make a beautiful gift for a new mum.


Check out our video guide to Nursing clothes


Karolina Kurkova Supports Your Right to Breastfeed in Public

Super model Karolina Kurkova took to Instagram this week to stand up for your right to a safe, clean and private place to breastfeed your baby!

She posted a sweet selfie, drawing attention in the comment to the work of US Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth. Tammy has been campaigning to pass a bill that would require US airports to provide a designated space for breastfeeding and pumping mothers.


Karolina said:

“As I sit here pumping, I’m thinking of how I’m so proud of US Congresswoman- Tammy Duckworth’s efforts w/ US airports.🙌🏼 She wants to require them to have spaces available for breastfeeding/pumping mothers!! 👏🏼 We need a place where we feel safe and comfortable #breastfeeding in public.”


As an international super model, Karolina frequently travels abroad for work and often brings her two sons, six year old Tobin and baby Noah. She has also been an outspoken advocate of the benefits of breastfeeding, even posting her own breastfeeding selfie to encourage and celebrate other mothers who make the choice to breastfeed.

As a frequent flyer and mother of a new baby, this issue is clearly very close to her heart.



Karolina was a big fan of Seraphine maternity clothes while expecting Noah. She was spotted looking ultra-cool in a pair of our Seamless Maternity Leggings at New York Fashion Week. And she loved our Cropped White Maternity Jeans so much that she wore them to Cindy Crawford’s book launch and even posted a selfie wearing them in bed!



Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, proposer of the bill in question, highlights the fact that nursing mothers are all too often pointed in the direction of the bathroom when looking for a private place to feed. She believes that this is unacceptable, saying:

“We would never ask our fellow travelers to eat their meals in bathroom stalls, yet we ask new mothers to feed their children while sitting on a toilet seat.”

We’re with Tammy and Karolina on this one – no mother should be made to feel that she has to breastfeed her baby in a public bathroom.



Styled By You: Real Mamas Rock Seraphine Maternity Style

Here at Seraphine we love to see how you’ve been styling your maternity clothes. When you feel fantastic in your clothes, that confidence shines through, making for some truly brilliant photos, and some of them are just too good not to share! This week on the blog, we’re sharing a few of our favourite maternity style shots from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest


Love Denim

Real mamas wear Seraphine maternity jeans



Denim is the ultimate style to transition into spring – these gorgeous mamas have got the right idea! Flattering maternity jeans or a chic denim dress will see you through the season in style, but our star denim buy this season has got to be the Stretch Denim Maternity Jumpsuit – a favourite of fashion stylists, bloggers and real mamas alike.


Spring Style

Stylish slogan tees, spring dresses, Breton stripes, cropped jeans and a variety of chic spring jackets; we can’t get enough of these fashion mamas’ spring style! When the sun is shining but there’s still a nip in the air, take a fashion cue from these chic mamas looks.


Summer is Coming

With blue skies and sunshine just around the corner, now is the time to start prepping your summer maternity clothes closet. Chic maternity dresses and flattering maternity swimsuits are an absolute must for a stylish summer getaway – these fashion mamas show us how it’s done at the beach, on a city break and by the pool!


Special Occasion

It’s always a pleasure to see you looking stunning in Seraphine maternity style, and for an occasion that demands something extra special, The Seraphine LUXE Collection is the ideal destination. Whether it’s a silk dress for a summer party, a chic maternity gown for an evening gala or even a stunning maternity wedding dress, These mamas found their dream dresses and you will too!


For more style inspiration from fashion mamas, follow us on Pinterest!


We’d like to say a huge thank you to all you real fashion mamas for sharing your stunning pictures with us, and especially those featured in this post:

Nikki Nielsen, Diary of a Fit Mommy Official, Camille And The Bump, A Vintage Splendor, Helen Berkun, Jauraispumappelermarcel, Eat.Wear.Travel, By Angela Price, Allie Seidel, Claire Wacey, Sonya Davison, Adela Capova, Brooklyn’s Bump, Freshly Squeezed Fashionista, It’s Erin Morris, Izzy in the Attic, J.Cathell, Mum and Home




8 Celebrity Mamas Reveal Their Top Beauty Secrets

Life in the limelight isn’t always easy… Pursued by paparazzi and photographed at every opportunity, celebrity mums need to know how to look on point. Here they reveal some of the top beauty tips that help them put their best face forward every day of the week.


Gwen Stefani beauty tips


Gwen, mum to three boys Kingston (9), Zuma (7) and Apollo (2) is rarely seen without her signature red lip. She reveals that the secret to her colour’s staying power is layering! For those days when you only have 5 minutes to do your face, a splash of bright lipstick is a great way to lift your look and boost your mood.

Get Gwen’s Look: Faux Leather Maternity Leggings



For mum of two Jessica Alba, beauty comes from within. Drinking plenty of water through the day flushes toxins out of your body, which helps to clear your skin and maintain your natural glow well beyond pregnancy. Jessica’s daughters Honor & Haven are 8 and 5 now, and she is looking as radiant as ever, so she must be doing something right!

Get Jessica’s Look: Grey Luxe Skinny Maternity Jeans



Stunning actress Kate Hudson is mum to two boys, Ryder (12) and Bingham (5) and believes the secret lies in the perfect eyebrows. Many of us can identify with the quest for beautiful brows – and whether you pluck, wax, thread, brush or fill your way to perfection, there’s no denying the impact it can have on your look. A good quality eyebrow kit is a great beauty investment.

Get Kate’s Look: Cropped Under Bump White Maternity Jeans



Stunning singer Sophie Ellis Bextor, who recently collaborated with us on our Just For Love charity t-shirt campaign, is mum to 4 boys; Sonny (12), Kit (7), Ray (4) & Jesse (5 months). And despite being surrounded by boys, she is a huge proponent of having fun and experimenting with makeup. Trying out a new makeup look can be the perfect beauty pick me up – just what you need if you’re stuck in a rut.

Get Sophie’s Look: The Love Tee


5. All Natural

“Whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed in your body. So for my skin care, I try to use everything that’s natural.” – Karolina Kurkova

For super model Karolina Kurkova, mum to 6 year old Tobin and 5 month old Noah, natural products are essential. She explains that she spends so much of her time wearing makeup for her job, that on her down time she likes to use only natural, chemical-free products. This is a great guideline for pregnancy, when your skin may be more sensitive than usual.

Get Karolina’s Look: Black Seamless Over Bump Maternity Leggings



A great pair of eyelash curlers is the key for Super Model & former Victoria’s Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes. With an international modelling career and two young children to keep her busy, the ability to create instantly wide awake eyes must really come in handy! If you’ve had one of those nights, taking a minute to curl your lashes before you put on your mascara will really open up your eyes.

Get Doutzen’s Look: White Maternity Maxi Skirt


7. Cream Eyeliner


A photo posted by Coco Rocha (@cocorocha) on

“My thing is eyeliner, where I make a wing with a cream liner and a brush instead of using liquid eyeliner, which I find kind of bleeds everywhere. This way it’s done, easy.” – Coco Rocha

Super model Coco Rocha, mum to one year old Ioni, has another tip for opening up tired eyes. Coco creates her signature winged cat eye look using cream eye liner rather than liquid. Applying cream eyeliner with a brush gives you plenty of control, and is a great middle ground between the bold lines of liquid eyeliner and soft smudgy kohl pencil.

Get Coco’s Look: Navy Polka Dot Silk Maternity Dress


8. Solid Skin Care

“Funnily enough it was my father who taught me from a young age to look after my skin. I never go to bed with my make-up on and have monthly triple oxygen facials.” – Katherine Jenkins

Classical singer and new mum Katherine Jenkins offers two great pieces of skin care advice. First; it’s a simple rule, which makes perfect sense – always remove makeup before bed. And second, if you can manage it, a monthly facial is a great way to ensure a radiant complexion. If you can’t make it to the spa, why not treat yourself to a relaxing face mask at home. Katherine welcomed her first daughter, Aaliyah in the summer and her glow is looking as lovely as ever.

Get Katherine’s Look: Lace Detail Wrap Maternity Gown



Back to Work: Revamp Your Working Wardrobe for Pregnancy

Here at Seraphine we’re getting that new year feeling – you know the one. You wake up one morning and realise that you have literally nothing to wear to work. Sounds like it’s time for a work wear wardrobe re-vamp!

When it comes to dressing your bump for the office, the rules are basically the same as they were pre-pregnancy with just a few minor adjustments to flatter your changing figure. Read on for our top tips for professional style in pregnancy…


You Can’t Beat the Classics

Build up the basis of your working wardrobe with classic staples in black, white and grey. A comfy pair of tailored maternity trousers is a must, and you’ll never go wrong with a little black maternity dress. The Seraphine Bump Kit is a great starting point for your professional wardrobe; it offers 4 essential styles to mix, match and accessorise with key pieces from your regular wardrobe!


 Add a Pop of Colour

That being said, don’t be afraid to introduce a touch of colour into the mix! Break up your monochromes with colours and patterns for a more feminine look at the office. Pair black or grey trousers with a rich jewel tone maternity blouse, or bring a little more personality to your look with stylish patterned maternity dresses. Small repeating patterns like polka dots will always flatter a bump!


Accessorize All Areas


Complete your look & tie your pregnancy work wear ensemble together with the perfect accessories! A well placed belt will work wonders for your figure, breaking up your outfit and defining your empire waist, while a smart It bag will lend your look that perfect professional edge.

And don’t forget the shoes! When you’re expecting at the office, you need shoes that will look the part, and feel comfy and supportive all day long. Seems like a tall order, but ShoeTherapy has got your back! Their fabulous range of stylish ballerina flats and fashion forward loafers are perfect for your 9 to 5; made with ergonomically engineered soles, and designed to take the strain out of walking.


For more professional style inspiration, check out our maternity work wear selection.



Styled By You: Real Fashion Mamas Love Seraphine

Happy New Year Mamas! We love to see how you are styling your Seraphine maternity clothes, and are always excited to see your beautiful pictures.

This week we’d like to share some of our favourite snaps from the Real Fashion Mamas of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & fashion blogs, to give you a little sartorial inspiration to start the New Year in style.


Out & About

Maternity jumpers

From playing in the park to mummy daughter shopping trips and fun family days out at the farm; these mamas are making the most of their maternity leave. They’re taking bumps and babes out for adventures, and looking fabulous while doing it.


Street Style

Taking their maternity style out to the streets, these mums-to-be look simply stunning in Seraphine. Rocking the most stylish maternity dresses, jumpers and leggings, and all expertly accessorised; these mamas are worthy of the hottest street style pages the fashion press has to offer.



Capturing the perfect fashion shot is no mean feat, but these mamas have nailed their insta-style. Beautifully shot and filtered to perfection, these Instagram queens make pregnancy style look easy!


Home is Where the Heart is

As much as we love seeing you all out and about and styled to perfection, it’s almost more special to see those quiet moments at home. A lazy Sunday brunch or snuggles with baby in bed – we love to see you looking comfy, cosy and relaxed in your Seraphine maternity clothes.


Special Occasion

Of course for those occasions that demand a little something special, the Seraphine LUXE collection is always a stylish option. These mamas look absolutely stunning in Seraphine gowns, cocktail dresses and even wedding dresses for pregnancy. We are always honoured to see you looking so wonderful in Seraphine at your special occasions.


We’d like to say a huge thank you to all of our stunning real fashion mamas:

Natalie Bernadotte of Kensington Mums, Marta of MumandHome, LoveJooKim, Irina of BondGirlGlam, Joanna Johansson, Karolina Kurkova, CarmenTheModernMom, Natalia of MaNAa is a Dreamer, Nina of The HSS Feed, @rejane.t, Amaris of LovelyBlondeCloset, Carolina Man Sabel@quatre_pommes, Lauren Mills of the SundayBeachBlog, @LauraLacquer 


Keep sharing your gorgeous pictures in Seraphine!



New Year’s Resolutions for Mums: Super Foods & Maternity Fashion

Making New Year’s Resolutions can be the perfect opportunity to shake things up, and blow away the cobwebs of last year’s routine. With a baby on the way, this year’s list is bound to look a little different – after all, you’ve already cut out alcohol and you certainly won’t be wanting to lose any weight! So what are the best New Year’s Resolutions for mums? Whether it’s keeping fit, making sure you get your full 5 a day, or even just prioritising your beauty sleep, here are a few of our favourites…


Exercise ideas for pregnancy

A little gentle exercise is a great way to boost your mood and keep fit through pregnancy. Staying active through your trimesters can help to ease labour and can even make slimming down after baby a little easier. We’ve turned to a few of our favourite celebrity mums & mums-to-be for a little inspiration and motivation for getting moving through your nine months.


Top 5 pregnancy superfoods

Pregnancy super foods


When it comes to the healthiest foods to eat through pregnancy, getting the right vitamins and minerals becomes a top priority. Folate, fibre and iron are the holy trinity of pregnancy minerals, but there’s a whole host of other vitamins to consider too! Working healthy eating into your New Year’s Resolutions List is a great idea; here are 5 of the more unexpected pregnancy super foods…


1) Figs – fibre, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, vitamin K

Just 1 serving of figs contains a whopping 5 grams of fibre and a quarter of your daily calcium requirement – not to mention all the other wonderful nutrients that come along with it! Try keeping fresh juicy figs in the fruit bowl or add some dried figs into a bag of trail mix.


2) Chives – folate, iron, fibre, vitamin C, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium

Folate is the most important nutrient for your baby’s development – especially in the first trimester. Mix a handful of fresh chopped chives into soups or dips, or sprinkle on top of salads or creamy mashed potatoes for an instant vitamin boost.


Follow Seraphine Maternity’s board BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS on Pinterest.


3) Leeks – folate, vitamin B6, calcium, vitamin K, iron

Leeks are the vegetable equivalent of a turbo-charged multi-vitamin power up. They are a fantastic non-dairy source of calcium – essential for baby’s healthy bone development, and one serving contains almost 60 micrograms of folate. These unassuming veggies are perfect in stews – throw in some shitake mushrooms and fresh chopped ginger for the ultimate morning sickness buster.


4) Fresh Basil – protein, vitamin E, riboflavin, iron, calcium, folate

Fresh basil is jam-packed with iron to keep your energy levels up, calcium for strong bones and teeth, and that all important folate to help with baby’s healthy development. So it’s a good thing that this aromatic herb is so darn delicious! Why not treat yourself to a fresh Caprese salad; alternating slices of ripe tomato, creamy buffalo mozzarella and fresh whole basil leaves, topping off with a healthy glug of olive oil and just a sprinkling of sea salt.


5) Molasses – magnesium manganese, vitamin B6, potassium

Magnesium found in sweet, sticky molasses (or black treacle) is essential for baby’s healthy bone development, and getting the proper amount of vitamin B6 and potassium may help to balance out your water retention, hopefully shrinking down those swollen ankles! Try stirring a spoonful of molasses into oatmeal or ginger tea as a vitamin-rich sweetener.


Stylish New Maternity Clothes

Seraphine maternity clothes - new year new you



When you know that you look good, you feel good, you smile more and you become instantly more confident. Your new pregnancy curves provide the perfect opportunity to have a little fun with your fashion choices. Even something as simple as choosing a few stylish new maternity dresses or a flattering pair of pregnancy jeans can provide a huge boost to your confidence. If you’re working on becoming a brand new you this New Year, why not treat yourself to a few stylish new additions to your maternity fashion repertoire from the Seraphine Sale


Wishing you all the best for a happy, healthy New Year!



Mummy at Work – Top 5 Maternity & Nursing Styles for Working Mamas

We had a welcome blast from the past this week, as a set of inspirational photos resurfaced. Meet Italian MEP Licia Ronzulli.

From 2010 to 2013, Licia attended sessions of the European Parliament with her little daughter Vittoria in tow! Baby Vittoria made her first appearance in parliament at just 44 days old, and was a regular visitor over the next three years, sitting and voting along with her mother.

Licia Ronzulli

Here at Seraphine we love working mamas and are always excited to see trail blazing role models like Licia doing their bit to raise awareness and support more rights and flexible working for women trying to reconcile work and family life.

Here are our top 5 maternity work wear styles for professional working mamas:


1) The Little Black Dress

Black nursing dress

This little black dress is perfect for the office. A classic style, the Black Nursing Shift Dress is made in soft stretch jersey for a flexible fit and all day comfort. While easy lift-up access at the front is ideal for nursing or expressing. This stylish LBD is a must-have for a working mama before, during and after pregnancy.


2) A Crisp White Shirt

Maternity shirt












A beautifully cut white shirt is another workplace essential. Put a modern twist on a work wear classic with our Printed Crepe Maternity Blouse. Sure to be an invaluable addition to your wardrobe for workdays and weekends, the simple button down design allows easy access for breastfeeding.


3) Smart Black Trousers

Our Slim Fit Black Maternity Trousers will quickly become your new favourite pair. Made with a soft jersey over bump band, they are designed to grow with you through pregnancy, and provide the perfect support around your middle after baby is born.

Maternity work wear essentials












4) The Chic Blazer

Finish off your look with the perfect stylish blazer. Our Sparkle Tweed Maternity Jacket will bring a glamorous touch of glitter to your working week, and is guaranteed to add the perfect professional polish at every stage of pregnancy and beyond.


5) The Perfect Nursing Bra 

Maternity lingerie

And don’t forget to underpin your professional style with the perfect maternity or nursing lingerie. The signature Seraphine Nursing Bras come in soft pink and mocha, or sexy black, and are designed to provide a comfy adjustable fit throughout pregnancy & easy access for nursing afterwards.


Rock on working mamas – we think you are amazing!



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