Maternity Fashion Inspiration: Meet Yanira The Fashion Bump Blogger

Yanira is the style guru behind The Fashion Bump – a fantastic source of maternity fashion inspiration for pregnant women & new mamas. Living in Montreal, Yanira is a pediatric registered nurse, and started her blog as a way of helping women to stay stylish throughout pregnancy by sharing her love of all things fashion.

Yanira has featured plenty of Seraphine maternity clothes on The Fashion Bump, and is a big fan of our Seraphine ballet pumps, which are super cute and comfy whether you’re pregnant or not!


Get the look: White Maternity Jeans & Nude Ballet Pumps


1) We love The Fashion Bump – what made you start the blog? Was there a big inspiration moment?

I’ve always loved the fashion industry and liked to have the latest trends since a young age. But, I never really knew how I could be in that field. I became a nurse at 21, and thought a career in fashion would be impossible at that point. But as more of my friends and colleagues were getting pregnant I started hearing them complaining about how they didn’t know how to style themselves anymore. At that moment, I realised that I could combine my skills, sharing my tips and expertise from a nursing perspective but also creating and sharing nice maternity fashion ideas for all the mums-to-be!


Get the look: Off The Shoulder Black Maternity Dress


2) How would you describe your personal style? Do you use fashion to say something about yourself?

I don’t think I have a specific defined style. I like to try different pieces and wear what I’m comfortable in and what looks good on me. Some days, I will wear something really minimal and, other days, I will be wearing something really colourful and extravagant! I use fashion mostly to represent how I feel on a specific day, so it definitely represents my mood. But, I also love to switch my style according to the city where I am at the moment.


Get the look: Faux Leather Panel Maternity Leggings & Black Ballet Pumps


3) What are your top tips when it comes to maternity fashion?

My biggest tip would be to invest in maternity clothes that are versatile, meaning that you can wear them casually but also that you will be able to glam them up with accessories for more elegant events. Having said that, I really love silk and chiffon maternity dresses for special occasions – they’re so soft and easy to wear, which is perfect for pregnancy, and they look really elegant.


Get the look: Silver Ballet Pumps


4) We’ve spotted several Seraphine styles featured on your blog – do you have a favourite piece from our collection?

There are so many that I like! The off-the-shoulder maternity dress and the champagne silk maternity gown are two must-have maternity dresses! If we’re talking denim, the distressed jeans are my favourite. But shoe-wise, I have to say the Seraphine ballerinas are so comfortable – such a good investment! I actually love them so much i featured them on my blog – you can read my full review here.



5) We are confiscating your makeup bag! You get to keep 3 essential beauty products – what do you choose?

This question is so hard! (Haha) I have so many favourites, but if I had to choose, I would have to say my Maybelline Instant age rewind eraser dark circle treatment concealer, my mac lipstick in the shade “kinda sexy” and my new face Intensive Hydration Gel by Drunk Elephant.



6) What is your idea of happiness?

For me, happiness involves so many things! It means to feel good with myself, being able to do what I love and sharing good memories with my family and close friends!


For more maternity fashion inspiration from Yanira, check out her blog and follow her on Instagram @thefashionbump


Traveling with Baby: Meet Karen Edwards, The Travel Mad Mum

Karen Edwards is the blogging mama behind the Travel Mad Mum blog. She lives with her husband and their daughter Esme, and is expecting a new addition to the family this summer. In the 8 years she has been travelling, Karen has visited over 60 countries, and little Esme has visited over 20! In her blog Travel Mad Mum, Karen documents her growing family’s adventures and offers tips for traveling with baby & while pregnant.


1)      First off we have to say, your blog Travel Mad Mum is such an inspiration! Can you tell us a little about it? Where did the idea come from?

I was on maternity leave and had already left the UK. We spent a few months in NZ. We soon realised it was quite unusual to travel during maternity leave so I thought the blog would be a good way to document our ten month journey. It was initially set up to keep our family and friend in the loop on our movements. I never anticipated it would gather such a large audience.


A post shared by TRAVEL MAD MUM (@travelmadmum) on


2)      Little Esmé is one very well-travelled toddler! Do you know if she has a favourite destination so far? What about you? What’s been your best trip as a family of 3?

Its hard to say where her favourite destination is but she loved Bermuda and more recently Portugal.

My favourite destination as a family is most definitely Bali. We hope to spend some time there in the not too distant future and maybe even put Esme into school for a while. It has such vast geography for a small space and we just love the way of life.


A post shared by TRAVEL MAD MUM (@travelmadmum) on


Get Karen Edwards’ Look: buy the Green Knot Front Maternity Dress


3)      Congratulations on expecting baby number 2! What are your top tips for travelling while pregnant?

Wow what a good question, I have so many. I wrote this a to z guide to travel during pregnancy.


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Get Karen Edwards’ Look: Buy the Off the Shoulder Black Maternity Dress


4)      What about traveling with baby? How did you manage when Esmé was tiny?

Traveling with baby is much easier than travelling with a toddler. There is a common misconception that you have to bring so many things for a baby. We managed with just one bag between three of us for the most extensive part of our ten month trip.

When they are not so mobile it’s less tiresome than when they are running around full of energy. Some may argue a baby is not going to remember the experience. For us, we feel it has shaped her personality and made her an extremely sociable little girl.


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Get Karen Edwards’ Look: Buy the Halter Neck Maternity Swimsuit


5)      Do you already have baby’s first trip lined up, or will you be taking it easy for a while?

Yes of course, we are off to Canada late August. We are leaving for another family gap year. Baby will be around 8 to 10 weeks old. I am really hoping his passport comes on time. We have an extensive year of travel planned. Starting in Canada and hopefully finishing at the tip of South America. The next biggest hurdle, after the birth of course is going to be getting our house rented out.


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6)      How do you handle long haul flights? Do you have any must-have products in your hand luggage for traveling with baby?

Yes my must have product is a Plane Pal. An inflatable pillow that fills the leg room space in front of Esme’s seat. It creates a flat surface and essentially a bed in an economy seat so she can lie down or stretch out mid-flight. It has been a game changer for long haul flights with her.


A post shared by TRAVEL MAD MUM (@travelmadmum) on


7)      What about maternity clothes? What are your must-haves for dressing a bump abroad – especially in a hot climate?

Being a minimalist when it comes to packing, I need something versatile that doesn’t crease when packed and can be dressed up or down. The Seraphine knot front dress collection ticks all the boxes for me and of course it comes in lots of colours to suit everyone’s taste.


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8)      Do you have any favourites from the Seraphine collection?

I love the Seraphine maternity swimwear collection. I have got great use out of my swimming costume. It’s actually quite difficult to find maternity swimsuits that don’t make you feel frumpy so it was a great find. Many of my pregnant friends and followers ask where my Seraphine halter neck swimsuit is from.


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9)      What is your idea of happiness?

Being in a new place where all three of us are enjoying exploring and experiencing a different adventure.


For more from Karen Edwards and to find out more about traveling with baby, check out her blog at and follow her on Instagram @travelmadmum


Meet Emily Nash – Royal Correspondent at Hello! Magazine

Emily Nash is the Royal Correspondent at HELLO! Magazine. She lives in southwest London with her husband, three-year-old son and newborn daughter.


Congratulations on welcoming beautiful baby Elin! How does it feel to be a mum of 2?

Amazing and a little scary! I feel very, very lucky to have two healthy children. Now I just need to work out how to keep them both happy at the same time!


A post shared by Emily Nash (@emilynashhello) on


Can we take a sec to talk about your amazing job? … What is it like to be the royal correspondent at Hello! Magazine?

It’s a dream job. I get to witness some incredible and unique events and travel to some very interesting places all over the world, while working for Britain’s best celebrity magazine. I’m also very fortunate to have brilliant, kind and supportive colleagues.


A post shared by Emily Nash (@emilynashhello) on


Do you have any funny stories involving the royals that you can share with us?

There are so many funny moments that occur during engagements and especially on Royal Tours, but one that sticks out was last year in Palm Beach, Florida, when a canopy full of rainwater collapsed on top of me and a Palace aide during Prince Harry’s Sentebale Polo Cup match. I tried to dry off before dinner and thought I’d got away with it, only for the Prince to tease me about it as soon as he arrived at the venue!


What about best career moments? There must be so many to choose from!

Visiting places across the globe you might never normally see is an immense privilege, and something I’ve been fortunate to do throughout my career. I used to be a National Newspaper reporter and the two stories I most enjoyed covering were the London 2012 Olympics and the 2010 Chilean mine rescue operation. Now I am lucky enough to watch the Royal Family at work and see the really positive effects they have on the people they meet.


A post shared by Emily Nash (@emilynashhello) on


We see from your Instagram that you’ve met Prince Harry. What was that like?

I think everyone has a soft spot for Prince Harry – he’s a great guy and he’s doing some really important work through his charities and the brilliant Invictus Games for wounded and injured servicemen and women. I’ve been on many of his overseas tours and it’s great to see him in action. He has a really natural rapport with people and is very passionate about getting his message across.


A post shared by Emily Nash (@emilynashhello) on


Have you had the chance to meet any of the other royals? Are Prince George and Princess Charlotte really that adorable in real life?

I have been lucky enough to meet many members of the Royal Family, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Countess of Wessex. I’ve been watching Prince George and Princess Charlotte grow up since waiting outside the Lindo Wing for them both to arrive! Last year I joined them and their parents on tour for the first time as a family of four in Canada. Seeing them come down the steps of the aeroplane together was a particularly sweet moment. They are incredibly cute!


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What about The Duchess of Cambridge? Did you take any maternity styling tips from her?

I was actually expecting my son when Prince George was born – they are three months apart, so like the rest of the media, I waited outside the Lindo Wing for weeks, with my six-month bump in tow. I think I first looked up Seraphine after seeing the Duchess wear the brand. I didn’t manage to keep wearing heels for quite as long as she did though!



With such a high profile job you must have to maintain a smart working wardrobe. How did you manage through pregnancy?

I basically lived in Seraphine clothing from the point where I started to show! I stocked up on maternity dresses for daytime and evening events at the Palace or elsewhere and a few more relaxed styles for the weekend. I found the styles really flattering and easy to wear but smart enough to take me anywhere.


A post shared by Emily Nash (@emilynashhello) on

Emily wears a Seraphine maternity dress to interview famous shoe designer Jimmy Choo


Do you have any styling tips for other expectant mums?

Dresses are so easy to style up or down for work or play – I loved the black maternity dress that comes in the bump kit because it’s so versatile and flattering – just add a colourful scarf and shoes or bag and head out. If you’re planning to breastfeed, it’s worth picking up pieces that you can keep wearing afterwards too.


What were your favourite Seraphine styles?

The polka dot blouse and ¾ sleeved striped nursing top. I also loved the spotted Florette dress and Luxury black Maternity Dress, which I felt great in! I’m now planning to stock up on the nursing range, which has some great pieces for the summer.


A post shared by Emily Nash (@emilynashhello) on


We are confiscating your makeup bag! You get to keep 3 essential beauty products – what do you choose?

Only three?! It would have to be my Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, Kevin Aucoin brow pencil and my lifesaver at the moment is the Lansinoh HPA Lanolin cream, which is great as a lip balm and always in my bag. I am relying on quite a few more products than that to help disguise the lack of sleep at the moment though!


For more from Emily, follow her on Instagram @emilynashhello


Maternity Style to Transition the Seasons, with Fashion Blogger Laura Mueseler

Ah, September… It’s time to start transitioning your style for the new season! This month is all about transitional maternity style and clever layering that is ready to tackle whatever the weather can throw at you.


A post shared by Laura Mueseler (@lauramueseler) on

Gorgeous fashion blogger Laura Mueseler welcomed her beautiful new baby Miles earlier this year, but before she did, she shot these stunning transitional maternity looks for her blog Sequins at Breakfast.


Bright Whites

Get Laura’s look: Ivory Maternity Blouse & Slim Leg Over Bump White Maternity Jeans


A classic white maternity shirt is the perfect staple piece to navigate the changing seasons. Laura paired hers with white jeans and layered up with a chic gillet. The bright white provided a fantastic neutral look that kept her covered without looking too wintery.


Faux-Leather Maternity Leggings

A post shared by Laura Mueseler (@lauramueseler) on

Get Laura’s Look: Faux-Leather Maternity Leggings


Another maternity must-have for this time of year are our faux-leather leggings. Utterly chic and easy to wear, these leggings are guaranteed to bring a touch of glam to any outfit. And they’re a celebrity favourite, loved by Gwen Stefani, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard and more!

Laura said:

“I recently added these faux leather leggings to my maternity wardrobe and I’m in love! This is my first pair of faux leather leggings (why has it taken me so long to get a pair?!) and I love how they instantly dress up an outfit.”


Here she teamed them with boots, our ivory blouse, a cool leopard print jacket and a chic red bag for effortlessly chic everyday maternity style.


The Luxury Nursing Shawl Wrap

Get Laura’s Look: Two Tone Luxury Nursing Shawl Wrap


Our Luxury Nursing Shawl Wrap provides the perfect cosy cover-up for unpredictable weather. A fully reversible style that’s perfect for pregnancy & ideal for breastfeeding, toss it over your shoulders to layer up in style.


A post shared by Laura Mueseler (@lauramueseler) on



The Ballet Pumps

Fashion Blogger styles Seraphine ballet pumps

And last but by no means least, the Seraphine ballet pumps are the perfect flat shoes for pregnancy & they’re ideal for transitioning into spring.

For more from Laura, check out her blog Sequins at Breakfast & follow her on Instagram @lauramueseler

Fertility Expert & Grandma-to-be Zita West Talks Getting Pregnant

Zita West is a leading fertility expert, practicing midwife, acupuncturist, nutritional advisor and author of ten fertility and pregnancy books – and the founder of the Zita West Fertility Clinic. She has been involved in fertility for over 30 years, and has helped thousands of couples to get into optimum shape for all the vital stages of childbirth from pre-conception to conception, pregnancy and the months immediately after birth.



1) Tell us a bit about what you do…

At the Zita West fertility clinic, we believe that fertility is a whole body event, and many factors contribute to getting pregnant. What sets us aside from other fertility clinics is that we assess all of the factors that can impact on success, from the medical to the psychological – stress and mindset play a huge role. We believe that every couple is different – you cannot have a one-size fits all approach with fertility. The programme we have developed is highly individualised. We start with getting to know our clients, their lifestyle, their nutrition and even their mindset so we can develop the right plan of action for them.



2) Can you tell us more about your methods? How do diet and lifestyle factor in?

My approach to fertility, IVF and pregnancy has always been an holistic one. It’s about making little changes to various aspects of your life, remembering that fertility is a whole body event rather than something that just happens in the fallopian tubes. I believe that the best way to conceive is to start by looking at five key areas in your life – medical, nutrition, relationship, mindset and lifestyle. Many women trying for a baby just focus on the pregnancy and not what they can do beforehand to ensure a healthy egg and a healthier pregnancy.



Nutrition is ultimately the foundation for a healthy pregnancy. When you are pregnant, the baby doesn’t rely on what you eat in any one day, it will rely on your valuable stores of nutrients. So looking at what you’re eating and when you’re eating is vital. You both need regular meals filled with lots of protein for healthy eggs and sperm, essential fatty acids for cell membranes and hormone regulation, and micronutrients.



3) Do you have any advice along these lines for expectant mums?

My book The Pregnancy Companion is full of great tips, it’s a huge tome that took me a year to write! In the first weeks of pregnancy many women are anxious, they fear that they are going to do something that may harm the baby such as the foods they eat, their diet and exercise. They need a lot of reassurance.

I always encourage women to learn stress techniques or have treatments such as acupuncture to cope with some of the early pregnancy anxieties.



4) Tell us about your pregnancy products

I developed my pregnancy range of multivitamins and minerals 15 years ago and have tweaked them throughout the years. I have a different product for each of the 4 trimesters of pregnancy, with the fourth being the post-natal period. I believe growing a baby results in different nutritional needs throughout the pregnancy, so the supplements vary accordingly. Likewise DHA Omega 3 is so important to start taking prior to pregnancy to build up in the system so it’s available for the baby’s brain development – it is hard to get large amounts from food. The supplements are all about meeting the body’s needs at various stages.


How Much Do Londoners Know About Their Fertility?


6) It must be amazing to know that you are helping so many families. What would you say is the best part of your job?

That’s easy. It’s when women come back with their babies!



7) And the most challenging?

The fact that there are no guarantees. If you pay £10k for a hip operation, you’re going to get a new hip. With fertility treatment, we cannot ultimately, despite all that we do, guarantee a couple a baby. And seeing a woman who regrets that she left it too late to become a mother is always heart-breaking.


Luxe maternity dresses

Zita’s daughter Sophie is wearing our Luxury Black Lace Maternity Cocktail Dress and our Navy Silk & Lace Maternity Evening Gown.


8) A little bird told us that you are about to become a grandma! Congratulations – What are you looking forward to the most?

I am so excited as it has taken me a while to persuade my daughter to get on with it!!!!!  As a midwife, I take nothing for granted, so until she has had the baby I can’t relax. I’m looking forward to being in labour with her and the time after, helping her through those early days and giving her the confidence she needs.


To find out more, visit or check our her YouTube channel.

Zita West’s pregnancy products are available in her shop

New Mum Gifts with Fashion Blogger Elena Sandor of Eat.Wear.Travel

Congratulations new mama! Your beautiful little bundle of joy has arrived and here at Seraphine we have a few fabulous treats lined up to help you settle into your new role as mum. That’s right – the style doesn’t stop just because baby is born!

We’ve teamed up with fashion blogger Elena Sandor and her gorgeous new daughter Emma to show you just a few of our must-have new mum gifts.


The Stylish Changing Bag

Elena had tried several other styles before settling on our Cambridge Leather Changing Bag. Ours was the only one that not only fitted her needs as a new mama, but also stood up to the style test. She was thrilled with the chic look, and even plans to use it as a smart work bag after Emma is out of nappies. She said:

“The Seraphine Bag I have been carrying for a couple of weeks now, is a dream come true. Designed to look and feel just like a designer handbag, all my friends have been admiring it since it doesn’t look at all like a changing bag. Now I don’t have to hide it under a table, but proudly place it in the center of attention.”

Check out our stylish range of designer changing bags now!


The Tummy Tuck Leggings

After struggling with post-baby body image, Elena was thrilled to find our Post Maternity Shaping Leggings. Designed to smooth and sculpt your curves, these leggings provide medium level compression to streamline your silhouette and gently realign your uterus after pregnancy.

“They are simply amazing, tucking in all the unnecessary curves, providing 360° of compression. They are very high waisted going right up to underneath the bust, giving me the confidence to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes again. The material is thick and a bit glossy, perfect to wear under tunics or dresses.”


The 3 in 1 Maternity Parka

Get the look - Elena Sandor wears the Seraphine maternity parka

Elena named our clever 3 in 1 maternity coat ‘the parka of the season’! It’s fully adjustable with a drawstring waist, designed to be worn throughout pregnancy and long after baby is born. It comes with an ingenious zip on kangaroo panel at the front that’s perfect for babywearing – it fits easily over your baby sling or front carrier. As far as new mum gifts go, this is sure to be a winner!
“Seraphine has launched the coolest parka ever. Emma really loved it, she slept through our walk in the cold Brasov (mountain town in Romania). This is going to be my go to parka throughout the entire cold season!”


Baby K’tan

Baby K'tan loved by celebrities

And the perfect partner for the 3 in 1 parka? It has to be the Baby K’tan baby carriers! Quicker & easier to put on than a traditional wrap, the Baby K’tan is the babywearing sensation that converts can’t stop talking about. Made in soft natural cotton, the Baby K’tan is a celebrity favourite – it’s the ideal sling to team with your parka.


The Diana Collection

A photo posted by Elena Sandor ( on

And it’s not just your style we’ve thought about… The Diana Collection is our stunning range of baby wear, made with your gorgeous little ones in mind. Featuring the iconic Diana Pastel Tartan in soft cotton, cashmere and pure wool, the range is adorable in shades of pink and blue.

“Baby Emma couldn’t believe her eyes when her dress from Diana collection arrived in the post. She loved wearing it for our afternoon mommy and baby quality time.”


Check online for more new mum gifts ideas, & for more from Elena, check out her stunning blog Eat Wear Travel or follow her on Instagram


Maternity Fashion Moments: Yoga Mama Kristin McGee’s Top 7

Celebrity yoga instructor and proud mama Kristin McGee recently increased her brood of boys to three, giving toddler Timothy two brand new baby brothers, twins Robert & William, to play with. The stunning mama enjoyed a fantastically fashionable pregnancy, and flaunted her beautiful bump in style, rocking plenty of Seraphine maternity clothes along the way. Scroll to see Kristin’s top 7 maternity fashion moments, as chosen by us…


1) Pregnancy Yoga

A photo posted by Kristin McGee (@kristinmcgee) on

As a professional yoga & Pilates instructor, it was important to Kristin to find comfortable, stylish maternity sportswear. The Seraphine Active Kit fit the bill perfectly.


2) Central Park Style

A photo posted by Kristin McGee (@kristinmcgee) on

She rocked our Cotton Cable Knit Nursing Dress with tights and over-the-knee boots for a chic autumnal look in New York’s iconic Central Park as she approached her due date.


3) Me Time & A Maternity Jumper

A photo posted by Kristin McGee (@kristinmcgee) on

Making the most of a quiet moment to herself, Kristin looked beautiful in our Blush Pink Cable Knit Nursing Jumper.


4) The Signature Knotted Maternity Dress

A photo posted by Kristin McGee (@kristinmcgee) on

Showcasing her natural pregnancy radiance, Kristin simply glowed in our signature Fuchsia Knot Front Maternity Dress. This style is a celebrity favourite, worn by The Duchess of Cambridge in those first beautiful pictures with Prince George.


5) Off-Duty Chic

A photo posted by Kristin McGee (@kristinmcgee) on

Kristin made sure to spend plenty of quality one on one time with big-brother-to-be Timothy throughout her pregnancy. Here she’s sharing a sweet moment with her eldest, wearing our Latte Long Line Popper Nursing Top.


6) Seasonal Style 

A photo posted by Kristin McGee (@kristinmcgee) on

Enjoying the last of the autumn sunshine, Kristin styled our Black & White Polka Dot Silk Maternity Dress with chic boots and a sweet side plait – the perfect maternity fashion look.


7) The Maternity Photo Shoot

Looking almost other-worldly in our Striped Maternity & Nursing Dress, the stylish mama rocked her maternity photo shoot.


For more maternity fashion from Kristin, check out her site and follow her on Instagram @kristinmcgee.

Maternity Clothes Haul with Fashion Blogger Michelle Quinn

Fashion blogger & Insta-star Michelle Quinn is one seriously stylish mama-to-be, and this week we were thrilled to hand over the reins of the Seraphine Instagram account to her for a fashion take over! See how she styled her Seraphine maternity clothes, and shop her looks!

Michelle is the brains & the beauty behind New England fashion blog, By Quinn. Check out her stunning wintery posts & shop her looks today.



The stunning mama-to-be started the day in style, grabbing a quick hot chocolate in our Faux-Fur Collar Short Maternity Coat. A chic coat is a must-have for your winter maternity clothes collection, & this one has it all!



Looking forward to a great morning workout! It’s important to keep moving through your nine months, and The Active Kit is the perfect partner for your pregnancy!



Keeping chic & comfy to run a few errands about town. Michelle loved our Lavender Cotton Cashmere Nursing Jumper, which she dressed down with our essential Black Ripped Maternity Skinny Jeans.



Taking a minute to relax with a copy of the Seraphine maternity clothes catalogue – Here’s to browsing for the next big buy!



Our Grey Marl Roll Neck Maternity & Nursing Top styled with jeans and boots proved the perfect choice for a casual pre-Christmas date night with her husband.



Settling in for the night in comfort & style with the Seraphine Blue Polka Dot Maternity & Nursing Pyjamas. Perfect for teaming with one of our ultra-comfy nursing bras – sweet dreams are guaranteed!


To see more from Michelle, check out her blog or follow her on Instagram @Michellemquinn

Thanks Michelle – we love your style!

Newborn Baby Care: 10 Things New Mums Wish They’d Known Sooner

Eilish Saba is the founder of The Baby Care Company, which runs the very popular 2nd baby preparation classes helping parents get ready for all the practicalities of life with 2. She also runs corporate seminars, practical private classes for those having their first baby, sleep sessions and newborn baby care parenting 101 sessions as well as surrogate classes. For more details you can visit her website or contact her directly at



1) Life as you know it changes instantly and those first few days and weeks go by in a blur so scrap the to-do list and just enjoy time getting to know your baby.


2) Everyone will have an opinion about how to parent your newborn baby. Try to not be swayed by others and make your own mind up as to what works for you.



3) You will have lochia (the post-partum period) after you’ve given birth, even if you’ve had a c-section. This is like a heavy period.


4) Babies have to be given the opportunity to learn to settle themselves to sleep and some babies cry a little when they are trying to get to sleep to create their own white noise.



5) An overtired baby can be very hard to settle, so try to ensure your baby sleeps in the daytime to encourage them to sleep better at night.


6) Breastfeeding can be tough and mums can have very different experiences. If you’re having a difficult time, don’t suffer in silence. Seek help sooner rather than later.



7) You spend a lot of time feeding in the early days, in fact you wonder how you managed to get so much done before you had a baby. So make sure to have a a good supply of comfy and supportive nursing bras and tops to help you along.


8) When you’re changing boys and to a lesser extend girls, exposure to air, i.e opening the nappy, can trigger a wee (more dramatic in boys!) And on a similar note, if your baby has recently done a poo, there may be another one on the way.


A photo posted by Marina (@marina_de_s) on


9) Other mums don’t always tell the truth about how amazing they’re feeling and how wonderfully their babies are sleeping.


10) Getting out of the house in the early days will be harder than you’d ever believe. Don’t worry, you’re not alone and you’ll soon become a pro.


Shop the maternity clothes featured in this post at Seraphine.

Top 5 Breastfeeding Tips with Breastfeeding Specialist Geraldine Miskin

There are some simple breastfeeding tips that can make feeding enjoyable and sustainable and it starts with how you position and latch your baby. When you get this right, breastfeeding can be pretty straightforward.

I want to let you in on some of my top breastfeeding tips and why they work so that you feel empowered and equipped from the first feed.


1) Breastfeeding Positions: Get Comfortable


Feeds typically last for 45 – 60 minutes at a time and babies like to feed often in the early days, so comfort is super important. Common breastfeeding challenges are often caused as a simple result of baby being positioned too high or too low.



As a rule, if you are using a firm feeding cushion, you want to ensure that there is 2 fingers width between the base of your breast and the cushion to allow for baby’s lower arm to wrap around you. If you already have a special cushion, try it out on your chairs or sofa before baby arrives so that you have a good idea of where you’ll feel most comfortable.

And of course, make sure to have a great selection of comfy nursing clothes to wear which allow easy access for breastfeeding – Seraphine have fantastic options.


2) The Perfect Breastfeeding Latch

Get the Look: Bamboo Maternity & Nursing Nightie


Looking at the breast, it’s easy to believe that your nipple is the most important bit to get into baby’s mouth. However, it is the areola, brown bit around your nipple that is more important. In particular, the areola close to baby’s lower lip. The more areola your baby scoops up, the more comfortable the latch is for you and the more milk your baby gets.


Breastfeeding tips: Seraphine maternity bra & robe

Browse our collection & discover more stylish Maternity Pyjamas & Nursing Nightwear


In order to get the right amount and bit of the breast into baby’s mouth, you want to line your baby’s nose up with your nipple. Try this illustration. Pretend you’re a baby and your thumbnail is a nipple. Placing your thumb in a thumbs up position, line the tip of your nose up with the nipple, and notice where your lower lip is. Keeping your thumb in place, open your mouth and pop your thumb into your mouth and give it a suck. You’ll notice that it feels quite comfortable and that your thumbnail (would be nipple) is right at the back and out of harm’s way.

When you get this right, breastfeeding is much better for you and baby.


3) Be Confident That Your Baby is Getting Enough Milk


The most satisfactory way to know that your baby is getting enough milk, especially in the first week when your breasts feel empty or like there’s nothing there, is to monitor what comes out. Yes, I’m talking about your baby’s poos and whilst they probably don’t sound exciting now, just you wait until you see what baby has in store.


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Your baby has the most fantastic poo display in the early days, moving from black (meconium), to green, to brown, orange and yellow by day 10. Allocate 3 days for black poos then 2 days for each colour thereafter. If your baby’s poos track the poo colour spectrum, baby is getting enough milk. If they are slow to change, baby needs more time on the breast/s and if they are quick to change, you know that your baby is ahead of the game and doing really well.


4) Embrace Your Uniqueness


Breastfeeding tips can be a bit stiff, especially if they are not tailored to suit you and your baby. Different feeding patterns suit different mums and babies. Whilst you are finding your feet, follow your instinct and your baby, monitor output and your baby’s weight gain as this never lies.


Nursing Bras

Discover our range of chic Nursing Bras & Lingerie


As a rule, you can expect your baby to lose 10% of birth weight by day 5 which we want baby to regain between week 2 and 3. After this, we want to see a weekly average weight gain of 210g or 7oz. If baby gains less, you need to feed more and if baby gains more, you can stick with what you are doing, or take the pressure off yourself and be confident that you and baby are doing just fine.


5) Find Your Breastfeeding Routine


It all starts with you, so decide what you’d like to achieve and find out how to do it before your baby arrives. If by nature you like routine, follow a routine loosely to start with until you and baby carve one out that works well for both of you. If you don’t like structure, don’t bother with a routine. Either way is fine provided it works for you and baby.


Geraldine Miskin is a breastfeeding specialist with years of experience helping mums and babies find what works for them. Visit her site for more breastfeeding tips, and to find out about her 1 to 1 consultations, over skype or at your home, and discover her new book Breastfeeding Made Easy – The Miskin Method.

Maternity Style Inspiration with Blogger Alexis Atarian: The Bump Kit

Every woman knows that getting dressed in the morning doesn’t always come as easily as it should – especially when it comes to maternity style. There will always be days which start with the inevitable howl of “I have NOTHING to wear!!”

Add to that a growing baby bump, and the potential for sartorial creative block begins to become a pressing issue.


Alexis Atarian styles the Seraphine The Bump Kit


This week, we teamed up with fabulous fashion blogger Alexis Atarian to offer some simple maternity style inspiration with The London Bump Kit.


The Seraphine London Bump Kit


We created this essential maternity clothes starter kit for exactly this scenario. The bump kit comes with 4 essential pieces in classic black and white, designed to kick-start your maternity style & provide the basis for hundreds of different outfits.


Alexis Atarian styles the Seraphine bump kit - tank & skirt


Alexis shows us just a few of the endless outfit options you can put together using these classic staples as your base.


Alexis Atarian styles the Seraphine bump kit - LBD & Leggings


From casual to chic and even office-ready, you can mix & match the bump kit styles with statement pieces from your wardrobe like jackets, belts & scarves to create stylish looks for every occasion.


Watch Alexis Style The Bump Kit


If you love the look, see more on Alexis’s blog and discover the Bump Kit Collection online.

Nursing Clothes: HELLO! Online Editor is Totally Taken with Seraphine

Andrea Caamano is HELLO! Online’s managing editor. She just became a first-time mum to an adorable baby boy named Ethan. Here, she shares her views on pregnancy style and why she’s totally taken with Seraphine’s nursing clothes…


Andrea Caamano wears the Seraphine Love Top


When I became pregnant I genuinely believed I could go through my whole pregnancy without buying maternity clothes. I usually favour loose styles – think oversized T-shirts and low waisted jeans – which I thought were ideal for pregnancy style…Turns out I was wrong!

As soon as my bump popped, around the six month mark, the aforementioned loose styles started to become very unflattering. There was no definition and I ended up looking bigger than I actually was. Not ideal.


BLonde model wearing a Striped Seraphine Nursing Jumper on a ladder


So it was time for a wardrobe revamp – just in time for summer!

Seraphine soon became my go-to brand. I work in the celebrity and royalty world and so I knew that I would be in good hands (I’ve written countless articles about Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine and the Duchess of Cambridge wearing their creations, not forgetting Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani!).

Seraphine designs manage to strike the balance between fashion and function – which is all-important when you’re carrying around a rather large bump! Their maternity jeans fit like a glove, the tops showed off my bump perfectly and I love the dresses – I even wore a beautiful white maxi dress to my baby shower at 38 weeks.


Seraphine Nursing Clothes Compliation


Shortly after mastering maternity wear, I was interviewing a celebrity who had recently given birth. Speaking to her, I realised it was time to start thinking about nursing clothes

This celebrity had her son with her during the interview and had to briefly stop to breastfeed. She pulled out this beautiful white shawl with poppers for fastening at the shoulder and I decided that I needed it asap (pregnancy hormones make you go crazy for the most random things!).


Stylish the Seraphine Nursing Shawls


She told me it was Seraphine’s ‘Breastfeeding Shawl‘ and I went home to search for it online. There, I uncovered their amazing world of nursing clothes – and thank goodness I did.

Honestly, it has saved my life! The first weeks are hard enough with a newborn, especially if, like me, it’s your first time round. But having the right nursing clothes – think tops, knitwear, shawls and even nightwear – which are not only practical but seriously fashionable, makes this whole new experience 100 times smoother!


Andrea’s nursing must-haves (the products I love)

Andrea Caamano's favourite nursing clothes

Winter Grey Nursing Shawl

Black Lace Nursing Nightie

Breton Cotton Blend Maternity & Nursing Jumper

Grey Marl Layered Maternity & Nursing Sweater

Love Maternity & Nursing Top

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